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December 2, 2002
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Going to the Post Office

Jet napped well today. I also tried something with him that I haven't tried in a long time, and we went to the Erie Post Office together. I had the passport application to mail, and I wanted delivery confirmation. So I went and sent it Priority Mail and got a delivery confirmation slip. Jet walked in with me and got completely distracted by three little kids, one a girl that was significantly smaller than he was.

That was quite the novelty for Jet. He really liked watching her in particular. Finally, I gave him a chunk of candy from the candy dish on the counter, and he raptly contemplated it and ate it while I did my business. I now see how some stay-at-home moms can do it. If there are just enough distractions in the right places at the right times, it just works.

So we actually got that done, today.

I am terribly and terrifically unmotivated today. The only thing I absolutely have to get done is the stuff necessary to run the meeting tomorrow, and the lady that normally provides me the information for the things that I have to do didn't provide it today.

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