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November 30, 2002
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Mad Shopping Day

11:01 pm: Today was mad shopping day. We had to get everything bought so that we wouldn't have to do it next weekend, while we were in San Diego. There was a lot of stuff to get and to do and we really had to work at it to get it all under our belts today.

Jet was a trooper. He had two naps, one early and one late, and had a pretty rough night as well, so he needed it. I'm still not quite sure why he wakes up so much at night, but we'll get through it, too.

Both John and I were so full from dinner last night and the dessert, that we both skipped breakfast and only had lunch when Jet woke up from his first nap hungry for ramen. He ate a good half a package. I ate the last of the enchiladas, and John polished off the pizza leftovers, so we've cleaned up a few more items. It was brought home to me that we'd have to clear the fridge before next Thursday, so we wouldn't come back to nasty things.

Once we'd all had our lunch we headed out. We did the recycling, mailed more stuff, found a hidden coffee shop that was underground, and then went to the Flower Bin. It's a Longmont garden and landscaping place. a very local business and I had a few things I wanted from there. For every ten dollars I spent I got a coupon good for a dollar off anything I bought in January. Not many things get bought for the lawn and garden in January out here. Middle of the winter. Still, I could see trying a few things if I got that much off.

From there we hit Target, Hobby Lobby, and then Gart Sports. We finally found everything we could get locally. Once home, I did a Web rampage and got stuff from Lush Canada, Upton Tea Imports, Harry and David's, and Sunnyland Farms. Yi. It'll all get there in time, that's all I'm thankful for and it wasn't the rage inducing chaos of chasing Jet around a store while trying to decide what to get. Target was a real hell on wheels with Jet wanting to go in all directions and protesting whenever he couldn't.

He was fast asleep by the time we got home, and stayed that way for an hour and a half while John napped as well. I had a huge headache, so I journaled, did the web buys, and generally settled down.

Dinner was another turkey dinner, and we finished all the fridged turkey, which was a good thing. One excellent thing this morning was Kathryn calling to tell me that her friends believed that she'd invoked the Black Arts to get her turkey so perfect. She's stuffed it and followed my guesses about how it should be cooked, and turned out with perfectly moist breast meat, cooked dark meat, and safe stuffing, all at once. Wow. That was really cool to hear. I loved knowing how it turned out in such a direct fashion.

Dinner was good to the pumpkin pie. Jet ate a bit of everything, but had chicken nuggets instead of turkey. He actually ate three nuggets!! Surprised the heck out of me. He also loved the pumpkin pie, and if it's that easy to get vitamin A and fiber into him, I'm probably going to make a few more pies in the near future. I'm glad that he's getting his orange vegetable somehow.

Jet seems so big, now. He's tall and slender and strong. It amazes me.

He calls everything bugger, now. I think he really likes the reactions he's getting. His favorite color to say is, "Yellow!" and he calls every color that, at the moment. It's kind of the all-purpose color the way "up" used to be the all purpose direction. He now uses off, open, out, up, down, and repeats things when we ask him.

As part of the list frenzy, I finally got my act together, had John take a bunch of pictures of me with the digital camera and finally printed my passport photos. They're now stapled to the renewal form and going by registered mail on Monday. I think the best thing about digital photography is printing my own ID photos, and being able to PICK the smile I like best. Wow. That's the best usage of digital photography I've come up with yet.

Jet loved the extra photos and has been playing with them steadily. He studies them closely and then hugs them. Hee. What a sweetie!

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