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December 4, 2002
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Substance, Burritos, and a Lucky Find

It was nice having a group meeting that had a lot of substance today. Bill presented a big old plan from another part of the company that had to do with software organization wide changes. I made a link to some of the things my new design group is working on and asked Bill if he'd talked with the lady in charge of the new stuff. This stuff may tie in really well, and it would be cool to be able to reuse stuff across the company.

I liked that. It's just nice knowing more of what's going on elsewhere and maybe finding a tie in in thought.

Lunch today was at work! There's a local burrito place that's selling burritos in the lunch area every day at noon. So we all piled in there and cleared her out completely. Folks were bidding on the last burrito. Hee. She said that she'd have more tomorrow, but, sadly, we won't be there. It was good enough for a burrito, but not a real substitute for the 'real' lunches we usually have.

The cool thing was getting to talk with quite a few more people than we usually see at lunch. There were just a lot of folks that could make it today, since we weren't driving anywhere, and they could get back to their meetings relatively quickly.

John and I, however, because of all the talking, were late getting out of there. I said sorry to Joan and she asked for what? She didn't notice, at all. I'm glad.

I had a terrible afternoon. Since we're leaving tomorrow, I'm completely unmotivated.

John and Jet went downstairs to bike and then came up and announced that the hot water heater was leaking, badly. Oops. Like before we left for Colorado, I'm glad that he found it before we left, but there was a mad scramble to find a plumber that could come in the morning and change it out. The good news is that John found the documentation on the heater, and it's still under warrantee. So they're just going to come in and swap it out tomorrow morning.

I made nachos with sprouts for diner, cleaning out most of the last of the fresh things out of the fridge. We did laundry and the all the dishes and finally turned off the hot water when we were done with it all.

There were piles of stuff everywhere, including all the Christmas presents we wanted to take with us so we could skip shipping them. Jet ran wild among the piles, resorting them at will, and I ran around trying to resort them 'correctly'. I also had to make sure that we brought everything I really wanted to bring along. It was hard on the brain and when I tried to go to sleep it was just really hard to try and drop all the things that were in my brain. Just too much.

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