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December 5, 2002
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Capable Jet Going to San Diego

It was an ugly night. But then the night before trips usually are, and given that Jet's been up four or five times a night on a regular basis for the previous month, it actually wasn't quite so bad that he got up six times last night. I can't help but say it was painful, though.

By 7 I can't sleep anymore. John goes back to sleep while I take over Jet-duty, until the water heater folks come. They knock o the door at 8, and he's up and showing them where everything is.

Jet wants to go downstairs and watch the Erie plumber, but he doesn't get to. Instead, we occupy him with all the stuff going on as we pack like mad. My 10 year reward comes in, very handy. It's a set of luggage, two interlocking rolling bags that are easy to check, easy to haul (unlike my unrolling suitcase from college), and very light. They don't weigh much at all and with their capacity the stuff in them is most of the weight. I liked that.

We had no problems getting to the airport. Jet slept on the way there, I guess making up for his terrible night. But he woke up while I was doing the curb-side check-in, and he watched quietly as we went through all that. Then he stayed quietly in his seat while we waited for John. Of course, as soon as he saw John, he wanted out of his seat and he was running on his own. So we unleash the little guy and he immediately climbs the platform for a Japanese temple model. Oops.

It took us a while to get him down from there; but he then went in the general direction we wanted him to, towards all the walkways heading towards Concourse A. He did great walking on the walkways.

John would say, "Big step!" and Jet would lift his leg really high and then step on or off the walkways. He even stepped onto and off of escalators with no problem. I was pretty impressed by that. Also, when we got out to the concourse, ordered ourselves some food, Jet sat right down on a regular chair and started feeding himself from the arrangement of food we set before him. Once he realized that there was chocolate milk in his sippy cup (we actually had to open it up, show it to him, and let him sip from the open cup before he was convinced), he actually drank out of his own cup, too.

This is vastly different from our last trip with him. He's capable of so much more, and I'm very glad of it, now. It's way, way easier than hauling him around and having to hold him, his car seat, and his bag all at the same time. Joan said that by two, she was checking the car seats as well, so there's one less thing to haul around, as the lap belts in the planes are good enough for the times when the kid's not walking around the plane.

While we were waiting for the plain, John and Jet ran off and played with twin two-year-olds. They sat by the windows, watching the planes and the baggage carts. The moment Jet saw a train of baggage carts snaking around, he started yelling, excitedly, "Choo choo! Choo choo!" They also ran and ran and ran and ran and ran around and around the chairs together. They just had a blast chasing each other around. So by the time it was time to get on the plane, Jet was pretty mellow and happy.

He mostly just sat, snacked, drank, and since we used his car seat, he was so high up that his tray wouldn't work for him. So he started just kicking it. We finally had to put it up so that he wouldn't be kicking the guy in front of him. This was another good argument for not using the car seat on planes, anymore. It would just be infinitely less annoying for the person sitting in front of him AND he could have stuff to put his food, crayons, and drawing stuff.

Finally, he got bored enough that John took him to run up and down the aisle. He got five rounds under his belt before the seat belt light went on, and he was much, much happier. He settled into his seat and watched the world whirl by underneath us for a while.

When I saw that we were making our approach, I took him out of his seat and we nursed. He finally settled enough, after all that running around, and went to sleep on the second side. I was very glad of that. I was able to put him in his car seat and strap him in before we touched down. He then stayed asleep solidly as the rest of the plane debarked. We headed out last, to stay out of people's way, and when we got out into the concourse, and very nice man with an electric cart asked if he could help us get somewhere.

So we loaded ourselves, the carry-ons and Jet onto the cart, and whizzed over to the baggage claim. Jet would have loved it. I was also very glad that we didn't have to carry him the whole way. There was just and escalator and Kathy, Mom and Dad saw us, no problem, and met us when we got down to the baggage claim. Yay!

Jet slept all the way home and a bit more besides. Tired kid. He woke up as we were puttering about the house. He got up and explored happily.

Mom was making a seven course Chinese dinner, and when it was done, everyone sat down and dug in. Jet surprised me, happily, by eating a bunch of rice, and a bit of several things that Mom had made. He was just trying stuff, right and left. It was pretty cool. He rejected a few things, but he did several vegetables, tried some of the meats, and enjoyed some of the sauces on his rice. It worried Mom that he wasn't eating nearly enough for her, but... well, that's her worry.

I always remember the quote from the Baby Book where the doctor says, "No grandchild will ever eat enough to satisfy their grandmother. Ever. And it's far healthier for them that they don't."

So. Mom can worry all she likes. It's her prerogative. I'm just mildly sad that she can't take some joy in the fact that her grandchild is actually eating strange food in a strange place with strange people. Most toddlers wouldn't be able to eat a thing after traveling, but she had other expectations. I was pretty proud of Jet. He was happy enough and secure enough in this new place to try things and actually settle down enough to eat.

He loved playing with all the new toys, enjoyed the attention of these new people, and seemed to settle in quite comfortably. He also really enjoyed their TV. Kathy brought a huge amount of DVD for him and for us to watch, so it should make it easier in the evenings if he's interested in the TV set. He also liked the cabinets and all the cool equipment, and started pushing buttons until we asked him to stop. He seems confident enough to know that this is his place, for now, and is happy here. I am glad of that. Gives me a little hope for tonight. We'll have to see how he sleeps. I actually am expecting to be up a lot, but I can hope.

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