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December 11, 2002
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Trashed But Swimming

11:00 pm: Today was nuts. It started with last night being completely nuts. John had a bad case of insomnia because of work problems, and Jet had a bad case of baby awakening. He'd go to sleep just fine, it was just that he'd wake up every hour, half hour, or two hours for a very long time. He just kept waking up, over and over again and want reassurance, nursing, or milk to get back to sleep. Ugh.

So both John and I were pretty trashed this morning, though John got to sleep in until 8:45, and Jet actually slept his final sleep until nearly 7:30. That was really nice after the rough night. We got Jet over to Joan's and then headed over to Cafe de Luna and got espresso drinks. It was really funny having John do a series of forgetting things. He forgot where the lid to his cup was, forgot the scone that he'd bought, and ended up forgetting the pound of coffee he'd bought and left it on the counter. When he went back in to get the coffee, the counter lady, who was giggling as we'd all been giggling at the counter, met him. Hee. That was pretty cool.

John took it quite gracefully.

We got to work. Did stuff. Went to the Hidden Cafe for lunch. It was a serviceable diner, nothing fancy, nothing special. Just plain food done fairly well. It was a lot like the diner we would sometimes hit for comfort food in Boulder, by all the car dealers; however, this one allowed smoking, so we're not likely to be back.

Ah well.

Home again home again, and I had a 2, John had a 3, and then I had a 4 'o'clock meeting. So we had our series of meetings while Jet played, drew, and did other stuff. John took him down into the basement to ride the exercise bike while I got a bit more work in. Then I started debated whether or not I really wanted to go swimming or not. John put the casserole into the oven before going down to bike, and had another twenty minutes after he'd come up as it had come right out of the refrigerator. Jet and I played in the bathroom while John showered, and then made Texas Toast while John made salad. It all was a very good meal.

Jet fell asleep in my arms while I was eating. He crawled into my arms and lap, lay there, and went to sleep. I guess last night caught up to him, finally. He'd played really hard, today, at the Longmont mall. He also ate fish sticks, a bread stick, crackers, and snacks for Joan. So he'd had a fair sized mid-day meal. But he was very tired.

I am just so tired. I was just as tired before swimming, so I had absolutely no incentive to go. Joan wasn't going today, as she's swapped to Mondays, and I had missed that this week. I did have to get Jet signed up for swimming lessons; but I could do that any time. Finally, when it was nearly too late, I hauled my butt into the Range Rover, and took off for Fredrick. I got there a little late, but managed to get Jet signed up to be in a class with Alex and Haley and then hit the cold, empty locker room.

The kids all have this time off, as there are no lessons during the holidays. After Thanksgiving, that's it. So there were no little kids and their parents thronging about. There were also just one other lady that had made it to the water aerobics class, so the pool was nigh on empty. The two lifeguards took turns just doing lazy laps through the pool, diving, and riding the slide. So they were having a quiet day off as well. That was pretty fun. It doesn't happen very often that things are that quiet in that pool. It was fun to just talk with Sherry and the other lady. And swimming, itself, felt very good to do. I haven't swum hard for a while and since we started in the shallow end, I did it all without any floats whatsoever. It made some of the arms-only exercises kind of grim. Still, I survived it, and had a far harder workout than I have for a while.

I got home again and found Jet up and running around. He'd slept forty five minutes and then gotten up and refused to eat anything. John and I finally resorted to a smoothie and he drank a good five ounces of bananas, peaches, brown rice, yogurt, and strawberry white cranberry juice. A good combination, and he spilled a good deal of it as well, which I wasn't nearly as happy with as I couldn't quite deal with the mess. Ah well. It was something.

I took a long, slow shower and got to use my new Banana Moon soap. It smells wonderful, more perfumy than bananay; but it's a very nice, mellow perfume that doesn't clog my nose up. I liked it a lot and the nicest thing was actually smelling a bit like the soap after the shower, too.

John went right to sleep after making sure that I'd done everything that I wanted to do with someone else watching Jet. Smart man. I stayed up, played with Jet some, and when he was finally tired enough to go to sleep, I nursed him and put him down on a pad in the livingroom. We're doing the experiment of putting him in a place where he can get to us, like at my parents, and we'll see if he sleeps any better this way than in a room he obviously doesn't find fun to be in. We'll work on making his bedroom more fun in the long term, but for the moment, we'll see if this works. Nothing else seems to be working. Even making him so tired that he just falls over asleep in my arms hasn't been working. And at my parents' house, he had gotten to the point where he was only getting up once a night, which, right now, seems like a slice of heaven.

I needed to write this before yet another day gets by without a journal entry, so I just used John's lap top and emailed the entry to myself. I can get it onto the Visor in the morning. Jet doesn't seem to be at all bothered by the small noises of my writing. So that's a very good thing indeed. I may have to start some fiction this way.

Now, to bed

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