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December 12, 2002
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ListPro, Workout at Longmont Rec.

8:42 pm: I found ListPro, and I'm going to see how it works for a diary entry, as it's supposed to have no limit on the size of the note, and it would be very interesting to be able to do a journal entry without having to split it up into 4k chunks by accident. Sudipto actually pointed me at it, and I think it may well do what I need it to do, though I'll have to by the PC and handheld version if I want to access this after this 30-day trial offer runs out.

Jet had a mildly strange night. He was up a lot, but of the five times he was up, two were related to getting thoroughly nursed once and the other three had Jet up only for a few minutes before going back to sleep. This made it much easier to get back to sleep, and it was even nicer when Jet slept until 7 before coming into our room and asking to nurse.

John had already left by then. He went to get the Passat from the dealership with Ray. Ray goes in at 7:15, so they left here at 7, and got to work no problem.

So I had Jet to myself for the morning, but Joan helped out a lot and not only kept Jet for four hours but kept him awake for the whole four hours! Woohoo! So as soon as Jet got home, he went to sleep. So I got another hour and a half of work and finally felt a little bit like I was above water. This week has been pretty painful, not just because of the vacation, but because of a few fires that sprung up.

The pain was just magnified by my full-blown period; but I'll admit that I far prefer a day or two of sheer bloody hell to two weeks of uncertainty. But I felt pretty good when Jet got up, ate some ramen, chicken nugget, peas, and French fry. It was 4:30 when he finished, and John and I got in contact with each other and managed to coordinate when we'd get to the Longmont Rec. Center.

I packed up Jet's diaper bag with his swim diaper, lotion, and cleanser. I packed up his float. I packed two towels into our swim bag. I felt my swimsuit from last night and found that it was dry. I packed up all the nasty blood things, and made sure that all the bags got into the car before I bundled Jet into his car seat and got everything out to the car and out the door.

We got there before John did, but a rather significant margin. Jet got to explore the entry area, so long as he was within my line of sight. John came about ten minutes later. I guess he was held up by traffic. We got everything together and headed to the locker rooms. John and Jet got ready and headed for the pool ad left me the dressing room. That's when I realized that while I'd tested my swimsuit, I'd forgotten to put it into the bag. Damnit. I was so mad. There wasn't, however, anything I could do about the situation. There wasn't a neat little shop selling swim suits right there. It was a good half hour there and back and by the time I did that Jet would be tired from swimming anyway.

So I went out to the pool, told John about my bad luck. He said that he was sorry. Jet was grinning from ear to ear, as usual and paddling around in his float with complete abandon. Happy boy. John said, "Well, you can do the workout you were thinking about. Go do the workout!"

So I did.

I went upstairs to check out the rather extensive weight room and aerobics machines setup. There were half a dozen stationary bikes, with another half a dozen of them setup in a wood floored studio with a DJ cranking tunage at riders. There were three or four treadmills, and five elliptical machines. I'd never worked out on an elliptical machine, so I stepped on one and went at it. I only had my Birkies, so folks in the weight room were looking at me askance; but when I stepped on the elliptical, they all ignored me again. No lifting with bare toes, nosirree.

It was very different than anything I've done on a machine. If anything, it was more like cross-country skiing, in body movement, than anything else I've ever tried, and it was hugely like x-try skiing in that the knees are pretty much locked, there's nearly no impact, and the motions are back and forth as well as an up and down loading. I really liked it. I think that if I'm going to go cross-country skiing sometime this winter, it would be a very good idea to do a lot of elliptical work before hand and get those muscles back into shape.

And it was a good workout. Twenty minutes at a level two with a random load pattern had me sweating about as much as the five level on my exercise bike for thirty minutes. I was a bit wobbly in the legs, afterwards, too. I had to sit and stretch for a while and get things warmed down a bit. So I took a walk around the indoor track. It's on the second floor, above the basketball/volleyball/boot camp training court. It's just one huge, wooden floored gym that can be split into three areas and each area was being used for a different thing. That was really cool to be able to see everyone down there. The track was cushioned as well, nice on the knees. Best of all, around the track were more aerobics machines, mostly bikes and treadmills, but there was one rowing machine and two hidden ellipticals. Yay! It's a better place to workout without being on display.

I'll have to try those next time. The babysitting here is only two dollars an hour, and it would be a crime not to take advantage of that.

So I walked for a while. I then went back to the pool and found that Jet and John weren't in the kid pool anymore. Instead, they were most of the way up the stairs to the top of the slides! John had one of the double-cushions and was gently shepherding a very playful Jet up the stairs. Jet loved the stairs. He especially loved leaning against the glass sides and peering down at the pool below. John got them placed in the tube and launched. I saw the two of them hit the water. There was a huge splash, but they didn't capsize, and Jet had this huge grin on his face.

He then kicked his way free of the cushion, and with his float he started floating through the stream pool. It's to the side of the slide outlets, an oval pool with a wall down the middle, but open at both ends, so it makes a bit oval track. There's a jet of water along one long side, so there's a constant current and the cushions and, in this case, Jet, floated along with the current with the greatest of ease. He loved it. He would grin especially wide when he got into the jet, and started accelerating along. Little guy in a little float. He tipped coming along one of the walls and effectively flailed legs and arms to stay upright. Yay! John was right there the whole time, too, so Jet was entirely safe, but it's very good to know that he can take care of himself, too and that he knows, instinctively, that tipping is a bad thing in his ring.

I went back to the walking track and wandered through a couple of times, but the guy on the rowing machine showed no sign of being done. The boot camp was pretty amusing to watch for a while; but I ended up in a chair by the cafe with a view of the pools and when John and Jet left, they waved to me, and I went and met them in the locker room.

Jet wasn't able to do his usual dunk in the hot tub, as the lifeguard on duty tonight said that he shouldn't go in past his legs as it can overheat little ones. It's something we'd known about, so we'd never had him in there for very long. Deirdre and Paul let their little girl hot tub with them, so we knew about the things to watch for, still, John wasn't about to balk the lifeguard. He rushed Jet into a hot shower and Jet got cleaned off, dried, lotioned, diapered, and dressed while John showered, too. I hadn't brought any showering materials for John or I, so I just stayed a bit sticky (I don't think anyone actually sweats in Colorado) and we headed to Deli Ciosos.

Mmm... Mexican food. Lots. Jet ate most of a side of rice and stole the shell off my taco and ate the corn with his rice. He drank a whole box of apple juice, and wanted more. So I gave him some of my orange pop, too. Calories.

We went back to the Rec. Center to pick up the Passat and headed home. Yay! Home!

Jet didn't fall asleep, what with his late nap. He and John played downstairs, set up the Christmas tree, and listened to Christmas carols. It was fun listening to them. I went upstairs and played with my lists. I am putting so much work into some of these that I may as well buy the real thing, and keep constant access to this stuff.

It amuses me that I have deleted Quickword and Quicksheet off my Visor, since I just don't use them on here. I'll have to see if my work stuff can be done in lists, and maybe I can put my templates into something that can transfer to HTML pretty quickly. We'll see. I may well get tired of this, too; but it sure is nice to be able to write a whole entry as just one entity.

Jet went to sleep at 9:30 and is asleep on the couch in the livingroom. John's working out there. I made tea and ate a light snack to go with my vitamins. He didn't even stir. He loves sleeping on the couch and as much as I wish we had a ranch house, where he could actually get to us, I don't begrudge him his 'strange' bed in the least. Especially if he can sleep well on it.

This is just one more day in the string towards the day when Jet will sleep through the night. I figure he is going to be able to sleep through the night on his own, some day. And each day is one day closer to that day. I should be glad

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