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December 17, 2002
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Santa And His Helper

9:28 pm: We had a minor miracle last night, and Jet actually slept well. He only got up twice, compared to the four or five or even six times for the last month. John and I each got up once and the big block of uninterrupted sleep time was utterly wonderful. I was so grateful, especially since we were so busy today.

I had a very intense morning at work, including a meeting where two very smart people thanked me for making a fundamental connection between two systems that were being designed by two completely different, but related groups. The groups can work together, and probably should have been; but they'd gotten pretty much equivalent solutions to the same problem, and there were enough possibilities for bad differences that it was good that it got caught early.

So I'm glad I thought to have the two people talk to each other. maybe that's really what project management is about. Getting people to talk that really should be talking. It surprised me a bit to have them thank me for making the observation, as it seems to me to be so obvious; however, it was very nice that they did thank me as it made me feel good all day.

We had a mild adventure with a mis-addressed package, but with the tracking number UPS was able to correct the address even as the guy was out delivering it. So it's arrived safely. Yay!

I went home early to make sure that Jet got his nap in and found John getting him to sleep. The I found out that my afternoon meeting was cancelled. It was a good thing, too, as we wouldn't have had enough time if we'd had to get in before my meeting as well. I nursed Jet when he got up, and then we headed into Longmont and got John's Santa suit with a fat suit as well to go underneath it. Then we headed to work and John got himself into the suit.

He couldn't see around the fat suit, so the belly on the thing was hanging way out. Oops. Jet watched wide-eyed, as I pulled the pants up and out around the belly and then got the suit closed around all that, and finally tugged the belt into place. Yow. A belly that jiggled like a bowlful of jelly...

I don't really like fat Santas; but that's me. Kids loved John, though. Jet wouldn't get close to him for a while, though, and it was a good thing as it took me a while to get all our stuff together and then get Jet to the party. I was carrying far too many things, but it worked, finally. I had a camera, water for John, food for the sack potluck and Jet as well. Jet, of course, wanted to stop everywhere, look at everything, and try to get stuff out of various people's cubicles, and draw on every cubicle door as they're all made out of white board. Jet loves white boards.

I then spent the next three hours chasing Jet everywhere. Not only did I have to do that, but he ate two large candy canes. The first I'd broken up for him, and gave it to him in small pieces and he could just stuff them whole into his mouth. It was neat that way. But I left to put his coat and a few things back with the other stuff while getting our Toys for Tots check. John watched him then, and Jet started getting big handfuls of candy canes and handing them out to the other kids. That, in and of itself, was very cool.

But when all the other kids had one, he took one for himself, broke the curve and managed to break the plastic using the jagged edges. He the proceeded to eat the whole thing by hanging onto it, sucking on it, and getting it *everywhere*. Peppermint goo on my jeans, my shirt, his shirt, every chair he touched, every table, toy, and surface he brushed his hands on were smeared with pink, sticky goo. I went nuts chasing him around. He was pretty good about not touching other things most of the time, so I couldn't quite bring myself to just take it away from him. I probably should have. I think I ground my teeth while chasing him around and my jaw and teeth are really unhappy at the moment.

He visited with a lot of people while eating that second cane. He made circuits of the showing of Shreck, the cake walk for the other kids, the snack room, and then ran around the great room during the auction and raffle. He visited with so many people it just amazed me. He got so many people sticky that that amazed me, too, and most everyone took it very well.

When he finally finished it I rinsed him off in the sink there and he immediately headed back for another candy cane. I couldn't take it any more, so I didn't let him have one this time. It took a few times of hauling him away, yelling; but he finally realized that I meant it and that was that. He started just running all over the place, smiling at all the other kids, and bumping into big people. Since there was music playing, he'd stop and dance and whirl and fall over and giggle. He would flirt with all the girls, and play-bounce at all the boys. He got into running around chases with some of the other kids, and the he'd suddenly stop to watch the movie for a bit.

By then it was nearly time for everyone to go and John was finishing up with the last of the kids. He was great with them all. He asked them questions, got them to tell him their wish lists, and so many of them loved him. One kid told him that he was the best Santa ever! Several other ones gave him hugs, and he had a great time. I'm glad.

Jet got to the point where he realized it was Dad, and when John would pick him up, he would just settle in John's lap, comfortably. I was glad of that. I think I got a pretty good picture of the two of them. We'll see.

Jet was pretty wound up by the sugar, and by the time we were leaving and we got John out of the Santa suit, he was flagging. We got him out to the car, and got him to Souper Salad and John found that Jet's eyes were just closed when we got there. They opened again as soon as he got out of the car and was walking over to the restaurant. To our surprise, we saw Bob, Mei and Andrew in there! John ran up with Jet, and they banged on the window and I saw Bob throw his head back in laughter. How very cool!

So we got to talk with them for a bit, and they took care of Jet while we got our food. I was thankful. I was so tired. We had some food and Jet surprised the heck out of me by eating, hand over fist. He ate pepperoni, pasta, peas, carrots, goldfish, and bit and spit out a lot of cantaloupe. I guess it wasn't ripe enough for him. He drank huge amounts of water, after refusing all water and dousing himself with an orange pop during the party. He drank a bunch of the orange pop, so that compounded the sugar high. But here he was eating stuff that would counteract all that sugar, and drinking a lot of water to boot. Wow.

I was so glad.

He also got far steadier, happier, and stayed pretty energetic. The food helped. Bob, Mei and Andrew didn't stay long. They had Christmas shopping still to do. So they headed out to do it.

When John was done, Jet took the high chair for a roll around and around and around the restaurant. When I was done, we hit Wal-Mart for another sleeper for Jet, as he's grown out of one of the ones that was in the regular rotation. He has just enough sleepers for having enough clean ones for a normal week, so lacking one was a bad thing. So we got him a 3T, just to see how well it works on him as some of the smaller 2T's are getting a little tight. It was nice to get a Blues Clues sleeper for cheap. He took one look at it and cried out, "Poopy!" Which I think was his attempt at 'puppy', but I'm not entirely sure.

From there we headed home, and John was Jet's entertainment all the way home. I was glad he was doing it as I didn't have the energy. He managed to get Jet home awake, and we occupied him with a bath to get orange pop, peppermint candy, and bits of pepperoni off of him. Clean, happy, hungry, sleepy baby. We got him some milk and then he nursed and fell completely asleep. Yay!

Time for me to hit the sack and hope for another good night.

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