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December 18, 2002
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Royal Bengal, Rec., and Mike O'Shea's

10:02 pm: Work was pretty good this morning. I got to talk about random stuff during the development meeting. I remembered to ask Fei about questions before he came to talk to me, and we went and talked with Karen about a few things and actually resolved a bunch of them. I really liked that. I enjoyed being able to do something about what it was that needed to get done.

I'm still not going to make my deadline for the new development work that I'm supposed to be doing, but I've got a handle on the old stuff that I really need to get done, sometime.

For lunch, Bob and a number of other folks had seen ads in the local paper for an Indian restaurant that was opening yesterday. So we all went there for lunch. It was serving lunch buffet style, and it was really good. There were dishes in the buffet that we'd never seen before. A mustard fish rich with coconut that was tender, juicy, and firm. There was tandoori chicken that was very uniquely spiced. There were five kinds of chutneys. There were fried eggplant chips.

Turns out Sudipto, in our group, is from the Bengal area, and the restaurant was called the Royal Bengal Restaurant. It turns out that the mustard fish and the eggplant were very much Bengal style dishes. Sudipto was very happy to find such familiar food here, as most Indian restaurants in the U.S. serve exactly the same kind of stuff, since that's what their customers expect and demand. It was very nice to find a place, though it was newly opened, that served what were really authentic dishes.

Halfway through the meal, the lady proprietor and a white guy started taking this huge, metal bucket around the restaurant. The guy banged the bucket with a metal spoon and announced that they were handing out homegrown yogurt. Smitha and Sudipto whispered to each other and then spoke of how the Bengalese had extraordinary dairy-based sweets. This was 'just' yogurt, with a particular culture, and when the lady went around our table, she gave huge, cup-sized spoonfuls of the yogurt to everyone in a near-solid mass on each plate.

I dipped into it and tasted it. It was thick, creamy, and the taste was extraordinary. It was tart and tangy, almost as if there were lemon flavors in it and far sweeter than even the vanilla yogurt that I buy at the store. When we asked what was in it, they said that there was just milk and the Bengalese culture! Wow. I commented that I was very tempted to take my cup of yogurt home and culture it myself at home. Sudipto looked delighted and told me that he could get the culture for me! That would be convenient! I said, "Wow! I'd love that!"

After growing our home yogurt while George and Isabel were here, I am fairly confident that I can grow a culture pretty easily.

After everyone had finished, the lady came around again, and we all talked for a while. Ended up making a promise to come back after the holiday season and she promised us a "Jumping hot vindaloo" when we arrived. *grin* I might just eat the yogurt.

The afternoon was filled with the usual meetings. Fr. Dave never really told us what he wanted to do with us, so we never got together. John and Jet and I went to Longmont and played at the pool. I needed the exercise, and it felt so good to just swim for a while. The water felt good, too, just to float and paddle about. Jet got to zoom around the whirlpool area. I got to go down the really zoomy slide and enjoyed it immensely this time. I feel skinny again. I don't think I weigh any less, but with the regular exercise of the last two weeks, and doing what I can to watch what I eat since the trip to San Diego, I just feel much better, even when I'm tired.

Jet had fun finding a pillar and running around it. He kept almost slipping, but he'd regular his speed just enough to not fall flat on his face. I was glad of that. But it was kind of scary watching him sliding around.

He also had a great time just climbing up and down the stairs from the slide area. There are so many waves there from all the people coming down the slides, that he really has to fight to keep his balance. He liked that a lot. He would sit down or throw himself forward, with his float, into the water. He had a great time just fighting all the currents and keeping his feet. He thought it was really funny when he did get swept off his feet, too, which was good, better to think it's funny and do something about it than to panic and flail.

Showering, afterwards, was good to do, and the boys got done well before I did, so they hung out outside while I finished up. Jet ended up dragging one of the bags behind him as we left. He likes helping and carrying things, so we encourage him to help as much as he can or wants to. He's capable of quite a lot, now, and it's good for his self-esteem and his learning how to do things to allow him to do what he can. Even if he goes wandering off and stomping all the lights that are laid into the concrete in front of the building. He liked that.

We got to Mike O'shea's soon after and there was a parking spot right in front. So we got the best parking space we could find. Jet marched right in and headed for the back as the matre'd looked for a table to seat us at. I had to scramble back to the car to get some crayons as they gave him a coloring sheet but no crayons to color with. He happily occupied himself with that until he got a glimpse of my root beer, and he drank a good deal of that. Thirsty boy. He ate sweet potato fries and ketchup and that was pretty much all he'd touch.

I had those with my buffalo burger, and John had a regular burger, and they were both pretty awesome. I love simple food made well, and these were really made well. Jet got kind of impatient by the end of dinner, so John chased him around the place. Luckily Jet picked a couple of lady customers to crawl under their table. They loved him, and he liked them well enough, so it was a good match.

I managed to keep him awake the whole way home by drawing pictures for him on his magnetic drawing board. He'd ask for a choo-choo and I'd try. Then I'd draw a dog and he'd flatter me by saying "Puppy!!". When I drew a cat, he actually said, "Meow!" with the Mandarin inflection for "cat". That amused me. I drew houses, bubbles, clouds, balls, and all kinds of things that I could think of drawing. I was very glad that I watch Blue's Clues often enough to remember some of the simpler line drawings for some easily recognizable items. That was cool.

Once home, John got ice cream for him and I, like usual, but this time Jet demanded my spoon and wanted to eat the ice cream himself. He didn't want me spooning it into him. He wanted to do it himself. We finally gave him a bowl, and had to spread plastic down, but he got to eat it himself. He was very proud of being able to do that. I predict that we're headed into the "I can do that!!" phase, where he'll want to feed himself, want to walk places, and want to do things himself, no matter how much time or effort it might take on our part. It'll be good for him to learn stuff, I think, but it'll also be hard as he learns what he should or shouldn't do, like sticking with us when we're walking some store or mall or something. We'll see.

He's so tired, I hope he sleeps well tonight

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