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December 16, 2002
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Napping, Shopping, and Swimming

Bad, bad, awful night. Jet was up four hours. He had a 103 degree temp last night and we gave him Tylenol to get it down, but then he was up four hours. I was ready to just break down and lock him in his room, but he was so happy just to be with me.... and I was having problem sleeping anyway.

By the time morning came, I took the two hours Joan gave me and did one task completely. When I got Jet, we napped together. I felt much better after that and we lunched together, and I got in an hour meeting in very comfortably. I felt so good that I called Joan and said that I actually was going to go swimming with her.

After the meeting, I went out with Jet and shopped for John's Christmas gifts. I'd called "What's Cooking" and found that they had both of the things I was looking for, so I put them on hold and Jet and I went to pick them up. Jet wanted to pick up everything in the store. I finally had to just pick him up and got my stuff and get out of there.

He and I walked up and down the strip mall, so he'd have some stretching and exercise before having to get back into the car. So we walked. We went around the corner and there was a little Caribbean restaurant playing Jimmy Buffet on their speakers. Jet headed in after two guys, so I picked up a to go menu and looked it over just to know what they made. Jet greeted the proprietor, who greeted him back and Jet grinned up at him and started dancing, quite happily, to the Jimmy Buffet song. They entertained each other for a while, and I found the menu pretty good, other than the five dollar kid menu. It's a ridiculously high price for grilled cheese and baby burgers.

We may eat there sometime. They do have crab cakes and spicy items.

But not now. We headed to KFC, and got dinner and then headed home. I put the dinner in front of Jet, and he ate some mashed and some coleslaw before hitting the chicken. He ate about half a strip, while I munched one he'd picked up and discarded. We shared the dinner, and both of us ate something. Then I packed my swimming bags and waited for John. He had a church meeting after work, and was supposed to get home at 6:30, but he didn't make it until five 'til seven. Whew. Just in time.

Joan picked me up five minutes later, and we had a good time swimming as the pool was pretty empty of other kids. The class was very small, too, which was nice, as it was close, easy to hear Sherry, and it was fun to talk with the other folks. I really enjoyed the class and I was sore all over afterwards. I'd also brought my regular showering stuff, and felt much better after using it. The shampoo and conditioner in one gives me dandruff. The dove body wash still dries me out too much. I have to add lotion when I get home. So I thought it was much better to just use all my Lush items, smell good, and get it all.

When I got home, I nursed Jet, cleaned his nose out during the changeover, and he refused to go to sleep after the second side. Ugh. I was so mad, in many ways, that he seemed destined for another bad night. So I just went to sleep and let John take care of him. I drank some chamomile tea and took a couple Motrin and I should sleep well. I hope. I only hope Jet might sleep better than last night

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