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December 23, 2002
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Sleep Deprivation and Cookies

A very busy day, today. I am terribly glad that John is feeling much better today, after getting to rest all of yesterday and he had quite a good sleep last night, otherwise I would have been completely hosed.

Jet was up every hour, last night. I was ready to just fall over and die, but John took him for a while and from 3-6, he actually slept on Jet's futon. The two of them slept pretty well, and Jet would just wake up, find John there, and fall against John to go to sleep. He wasn't that hungry, not the way he was the night before, but there's some serious separation anxiety going on with Jet, we think. There might also be more teething things happening, as he's drooling today and chewing on things. So I didn't get much luck last night, but John stepped in when I really needed it the most, eventhough he was still ill. I'm just lucky that John was feeling better simply for the sleep he got early in the night.

But it was hard. I thought about napping today when Jet was napping, but I had so much to do, that I decided to just go ahead and blast away at it.

Later in the afternoon, John gave up after 4 hours of work. It was far more than he'd expected to be able to do today, so that was pretty cool. Then he made a nice batch of oatmeal cookies. I gave up on work for a while and Jet and I put ribbon on nine bags of dark chocolate pecan clusters. Jet happily pulled and pulled and pulled ribbon from the spools of ribbon and twirled the curled ribbon between his fingers. He also helped by pulling bags out of the box for me to put ribbons on, and when they were done, he hauled the nearly pound heavy bags back into the box. He really liked helping. I need to take advantage of that desire and his abilities more often.

John asked if I wanted to just go to Deli Cioso's for dinner, so I said sure. And we did. Jet ate lots of rice, drank a bit of apple juice, and had a great time getting candy out of a crane machine. He got just a single roll of Smarties, which he munched away at industriously on the way home. That and the interior light on the car kept him awake enough all the way home to play and then get a bath while I made a batch of chocolate chip with pecan cookies.

So we ended up with chocolate chip, oatmeal, and the molasses spice cookies and when Jet had gone to sleep, I made up three plates of them, with clementines as center pieces and wrapped them in Holiday Saran Wrap. Hee. Added some of the ribbon from the ribbon ball that Jet had made, and they were pretty enough for giving. I get to play Santa, tomorrow, in some ways, and just hand stuff out at work. There's plenty to do.

John stayed up pretty late helping me finish all this. One of the plates is for the cleaning folks tomorrow. They're coming while John's working, as their schedule is kind of crazy given the holidays. So we should have something for them, as they gave us a nice, huge Italian sweet bread for our Christmas. I've been eating it for breakfasts as it's not too sweet, and the fruit gives it enough substance to last me for a bit.

But I am really tired, having done all this for tomorrow. I pray Jet sleeps some tonight

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