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December 22, 2002
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Sleep and Bread

6:42 pm: Last night, John got up with Jet and Jet threw up twice with him. Once was just a small heave, but after John gave him milk, he threw it all up nearly immediately.


John took care of it all, and didn't wake me, but I got up at five and then at six thirty and finally just ended up staying up with Jet until 8:30, when John got up. Jet went back to sleep, then, and I made John and I some breakfast. Both of us felt mildly queasy, but both of us were so tired, it made some sense.

I made a German apple pancake. I cooked apples with cinnamon and brown sugar, and then poured the baked pancake batter over the cooked apples. It turned out beautifully. Crisp on the edges, soft in the center, and with cooked apples all through it. Unfortunately, the moment the buzzer went off on the pancake, Jet had a huge bout of diarrhea. Nasty. I had to even use a plastic bag to contain the whole thing just to get it to the trash pail. We contained the situation in the sleeper, and wiped most of it off into the sleeper. I just stripped right there and took a stinky little boy into the shower.

Jet liked the shower. Once it was warm enough and not to hot, he just stood in the spray and seemed to relax into it. There is something comforting about pouring a great amount of hot water over ones head. I washed him down with one of my Lush shower gels and he seemed to perk up at the scent of Happy for S.A.D. He like using the shower puff on himself, and he rubbed himself with the soapy puff happily. He got out of my way when I washed down and rinsed, and obediently stayed in the hot spray while I got out into the cold to dry myself off before getting him a dry towel and drying him off thoroughly.

John arrived with clean clothes, diaper, and the news that he'd saved the pancake and Jet's oatmeal. Yay! It was good to smell okay again.

We ate breakfast. By the time we had finished it was far too late to get to church at a reasonable time. Given that Jet's been feeling pretty good in the evenings, we'll likely make the Christmas Eve service, but that'll probably be it. The local forecasters are predicting snow for Monday through Wednesday, we'll get to see if they rely do deliver a white Christmas. It's not going to stick, but it'll be welcome.

The mountains are getting a good deal of snow, but the plains haven't gotten a drop for all of December. It doesn't look good for the coming year in terms of precipitation.

John and Jet went out shopping while I went to sleep. I didn't even think of doing anything else. I was feeling bad. I was mildly queasy, tired, and lagging. I was very glad I did. They were away for two whole hours and I slept the whole time. When I got up, it was because John tried to put Jet into our bedroom, as he thought he was asleep, but Jet woke up.

So I got up, nursed Jet on one side, and he went right to sleep. He napped for three hours. John, on the other hand, is probably down with Jet's virus. Bad stuff. He had the shakes, the fever, and lots of other stuff going on. Given how little sleep he's gotten in the last month, it's not a surprise, but I was sad. He lay on the couch all day, watched football, napped, and ate soupy rice.

I worked on my journal for a good log time, got all of November up, and have a plan for December. There's a bunch of days that are just lists that I should fill in. But at least it's all in one place, now, and I can probably catch up over the holidays.

I'm so glad that this week is going to not only be broken up, but a good half of my meetings are just gone. Whew.

I also took some time to finish my bread experiment. Cooks Illustrated had an Italian loaf recipe in it, and I wanted to see if I could make it. I started the started yesterday and took some time today to make the rest of it. It's a very simple recipe, just flour, yeast, salt, and water, so I figured that John and Jet could eat it if it turned out okay. What's easier to digest than white bread?

Jet helped me for some of it, spreading flour everywhere, and patting the loaf carefully as I shaped it. He really liked helping me with that, and I need to figure out more recipes where he can do what he wants with some of the ingredients and it won't affect the outcome. He had a blast, though, just getting his hands thoroughly washed before working the dough.

He had some terrible diarrhea during the day, too, but he seems to be feeling better and better as whatever it is gets out of his system. I'm glad of that. He also seemed much happier with the nap. John was in really bad shape and I made him rehydrating drink and also made him the soupy rice, and I tried to make Jet some fruit juice gelatin, but I think my Knox gelatin may be more than a decade old. Whew. So it's not jelling very well.

Jet found the cereal in the pantry and ate some of that, instead. He drank white cranberry juice, some water, and when the bread did come out and could actually be sliced, I had him help me slice it. Then he took the plateful of bread and sat in my lap and ate the crusts. We gave John one piece, which he enjoyed. Jet ate the crusts and I ate the centers, and between us we cleaned the plate off. The crust was really chewy, and Jet would growl and rip bites off a little at a time, chew them thoroughly, and then swallow them when they'd broken up enough. He ate all the crusts off one and a half slices. I got the rest.

It was good bread. Chewy, moist, and it had great body without being too bubbly. I really enjoyed it and am always amazed at what four simple ingredients can make. I froze half of it, and we have a small hunk in the bread box for Jet tomorrow. We'll see if he eats it twice in a row.

He and I played while John went to sleep, and we read books, wrestled with blankets, and after one last bout of diarrhea (which I half expected after all the bread he ate), I cleaned him up, changed him, and we nursed and he went right to sleep.

I really hope that being careful about what he ate today (no chocolate, cow's milk, fried chicken pieces, or instant hot chocolate and just clear liquids, simple starches, and not too much sugar at a shot) will make a difference for tonight. I don't think I mind the diarrhea so much, as it's kind of contained. Vomit's so much harder to deal with, and I get to deal with all of Jet's risings tonight by myself, since John's just completely out of it. I just hope that he makes his usual quick recovery with rest and I'll have his help again soon enough.

I wonder if it's just that John takes the brunt of Jet care on a normal basis, which is why I don't get these things and he does. Or, maybe, it's just my habit of being anally retentive about how thoroughly I wash my hands every time I deal with any and all kinds of biological matter. Or maybe both.

Anyway. I will need a bit of luck tonight.

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