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January 1, 2003
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The Two Towers

A week ago Ashley said that she could actually take Jet today. When we'd been told that we had to meet the Eurovan guy a few days ago, we'd originally planned, with her, to take that day and go to a movie. But with that meeting, we had to give that up, and she let us move it to today.

I was really glad of that.

I needed to see The Two Tower. The previews that had Gandalf on white Snowmane charging down the ravine was enough to bring me in. It was exactly as I'd envisioned that charge. Sadly, I was more disappointed with the second movie than I was with the first. If you want to skip my rants and possible spoilers, click this link. But I swear I was the last of my friends to actually see this movie.

What disappointed me was in a mildy odd insistence by the movie makers to make the King of the Rohan an idiot, when, in the books, he is nothing of the sort. They also made Gimili the brunt of a lot of stupid jokes. I didn't like the dwarf being made the main source of comic relief when he's nearly as old as Legolas and far older than most of the other people involved. Ah well.

So I was mildly sad.

The highlights were that Frodo's venture was very true to the books. I was sad to see Tom Bombadil completely left out, but I could see why. I also didn't like their treatment of the Ents' discourse and lack of initial 'wisdom' without being lectured by the hobbits. That was sad. I guess, on the most part, I was saddened by the movie producers/directors selling various folks short in terms of intelligence, wisdom, courage, or, in the case of the Evenstar and Strider, a lack of love.

That rankled. In the books they're true to each other, period. Why they had to throw in a twist that only appears in a footnote. Elrond's displeasure at it was true, but he never tried to poison them against each other. And he never drew back from what needed to be done.

That made me mildly mad. Plus the whole falling over the cliff side trip was just... unnecessary, especially if they'd followed the plot in the books. Sending the women and children into the mountains, Helm's Deep was where all the warriors were that had gone to defend the farmers, and they'd done the Right Thing rather than shrugging at responsibility.

I also hated that Faramir was presented as if he'd failed the same test his brother, Boromir, had failed. In the movie, he was going to give them to his father, too. In the books, he never even thought of it. In the books it was important that Captain Faramir succeeded where his brother failed so direly.


Anyway. Other than that most of the characters were pretty true. I really enjoyed Sam's characterization and that of Gandalf, as he's so important to the whole thing.

There, that's off my chest.

John and I went back to the Goodell's and watched some of the Rose Bowl with them, and then took Jet home with us. He'd eaten all his ramen, got a good nap, and basically had a good time while he was there. Happy, good kid. He had fun.

I was glad.

We had a quiet evening.

What was *really* great is that Jet's nights are getting much better. He was only up twice last night, and the second time was because his nose was so stuffed he was having problems breathing. What surprised and pleased the heck out of me was that I was able to use the Little Noses on him and then use the aspirator on him, gently, without him fighting it. He really knew what I was trying to do! That was great!

He then went back to sleep really easily. I was so happy with that. The improvement is wonderful for both John's and my sleep

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