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March 1, 2001
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Sick Again

  • was fussy til midnight. I slept in big chunks after that til 1:00pm.
  • 2:41 am: Wet. Bottle feed.
  • 6:08 am: Wet. Bottle feed after a small breast feed
  • 6:45 am: Wet & poopy
  • 10:00 am: Wet. Ate. I had breakfast first.
  • 11:27 am: Wet.
  • 1:15 pm: Wet. I'm eating lunch
  • 1:20 pm: big poop
  • 1:30 pm: napped on mr chest til 3
  • 3:36 pm: Wet & peed all over. Yelled some than ate. Is eating. Then slept.
  • 5:23 pm: Eating.
  • 6:12 pm: Big poopy a little wet.
  • 7:35 pm: Poopy, wet boy after going out grocery shopping.
  • 8:00 pm: Eating. My sore throat is back.
  • 8:15 pm: Poopy between courses
  • 8:56 pm: Wet and poopy
  • 10:01 pm: Wet and feeding
  • 10:51 pm: Poopy

A quieter day in some ways, John did a really good job of taking things over for the first half of the day and then helping me figure out how to go to the grocery store, finally. The list has been growing for three days, but we only got to it today.

I am sick. I should just own up to it and do what I have to do to keep it small and not let it take over again. Slept a lot today. Even after John left for work, I napped with Jet on the couch for a few hours, that was pretty nice, too. I slept for nearly all the morning, other than having to get up to feed Jet.

John and I discovered that I was sick last night when, for the first night feeding, John thought he'd woken me up and I never showed up and by the time I got out into the livingroom he had already finished feeding Jet. It made me feel really misearable. There really isn't any way to make the sedonf feeding work quickly without the two of us working in parallel, though it mght be possible to have it be just as quick with me breatfeeding Jet. Maybe. This way is much easier and we know the volumes he gets. I should probably note the volumes when we do the night bottle feedings, just to get a gauge for how much he's getting in those feedings.

Keeping track of the day feedings and diapers is really useful for my peace of mind. The daily journal feature of this thing really does lend itself well to getting all that stuff down.

I feel useless in some ways. Feeding Jet and myself is about all I manage to do. And even when that's all I do, I still get sick. I can't take care of myself, too, it seems. I can't even really get through all the email that I'm getting that I used to just whisk through. What use would it be to call Bill and talk with him about working when I don't have enough brain to even take care of myself properly?

But the afternoon was nice today with Jet and I sleeping on the couch for a while and then Jet napped against me for a long time after the later afternoon feeding. When John did get back I finished feeding Jet while John finished a few things upstairs on the computer. Then the three of us when to Safeway and Jet was actaully awake for part of the shopping! That was pretty neat.

One of the folks from work was there and she admired Jet a lot, but she was sick and she was smart and didn't ask to hold Jet. She said that folks at work were all sick and there was a pneumonia thing going about. I really hope that I didn't pick that up from someone at the shower last Saturday. That would really suck.

Good thing is that we got a lot of good groceries and I even got to act on a couple of cooking ideas I had. Hoepfully I'll have the time to set some of it up the next few days. It would be fun and I think John is more aware of my needing some time and activities more complex than feeding and diapering Jet.

I think it'll happen, as we figure out, better, how this all really works and how I can make some of it work faster and more predictably. Or the kid will have to eat less often and will eat more or something. He's definitely eating less frequently today, this afternoon was less frequent than I was expecting and he might actually be getting as much given the number of diapers he went through.

Yeah, diapers really still occupies most of my brain space. Which I have no idea if it's good or bad. I treat it mostly as just reality.

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