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February 1, 2002
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Busy, Productive Day

8:30 pm: Today was mostly a busy work day. I got three major things finished, most of them were started before the vacation and I finally had enough brain to just finish them off. There wasn't all that much to any of them, but it required knowing what it was that had to be done. That's all.

Jet slept better last night than the night before. He was only up three times. He had a great time at Joan's and actually climbed the ladder to their slide by himself, with no help at all. Joan called us to tell us he was doing it, as she'd been helping him keep his foot in place because he'd been putting his foot between the rungs instead of against the rungs. He figured that out.

His play style has really changed just in the last day or two. Now Jet stands up and just plays with things without having to clutch them for balance. He'll just suddenly start clapping and bouncing about. It's pretty cool. It does, however, mean that he can open pretty much and cabinet at anytime, now. We're going to really have to watch him when he can get to the kitchen.

Jet got a couple of presents today. Boxes arrived with both the mailman and a UPS truck and they're just being saved for tomorrow. I still can't believe it's only a day away from a year since Jet was born. Our lives seem totally changed from when I was cleaning up code for my 'nesting instinct' or when we were caring for Fezzik in his last stages of cancer. I know it's all connected, but sometimes it's hard to remember how it could be. Day by day, I guess.

John and I worked pretty hard today. Both of us took advantage of not only the half hour nap after Jet came home but also a two hour nap he started a bit before 3. John ordered the cake first thing in the morning. He also took Jet while he exercised and the maids cleaned the house up. The Merry Maids finally made it here, they'd been scheduled for 2:15, but didn't arrive until about 5. Still, they made it and they did their magic.

We followed up by mopping the heck out of Jet's splat mat. It was really nice, though, to have everything vacuumed and dusted. They even did the office while I was still working. That was good.

I didn't even start dinner until 7. John was showering after his workout and Jet and I made dinner. Jet was fascinated by the boiling water, the simmering sauce, and the sounds of the garlic toast sizzling in the toaster oven. He was reaching out towards the pots and pans and liquids, but when I said, "Owie, *hot*," he kept his hand well back and watched carefully. I think he's learned what 'hot' means, but is still figuring out all the permutations of what can be painful.

Jet seems to be taking interest in books, and, maybe, in words. I am still not entirely sure, but he's nearly a year old and the Baby Signs book had said that it was possible to start at 8 months. They'd also said, however, that it was better to start when the baby seemed to be interested in books for the words rather than just in chewing on them to tearing them apart. I think he's getting there, now, but it's sometimes hard to tell. It would be good to know that he knew what the word 'hot' meant, but that would take some way for him to feed the information back to me.

Dinner was easy and quick and we ate after I made it. Jet had been stealing the giant Velvet Dinner Grapes all evening, and eating the huge things with a voracious appetite. The grapes are part of Carl's gift subscription and they're bigger than John's thumb, deep, dark purple, and really juicy and sweet. After eating half a dozen of them, he started spitting out the rather thick, purple peels. When we sat down for dinner, he was playing in his pan cupboard, but when he came over, I piled some cut-up spaghetti and meatball into his bowl and he dove in with both hands and fed himself pretty thoroughly.

Wow, it's *nice* having him be able to feed himself.

He's crawling around now in just his diaper and he and John are having a blast. Since he can stand without having to support himself with his hands, he's been able to pull papers out of the recycle bin with both hands and throw them over his shoulder. He's also been able to grab CDs and tapes off the shelves and pull them off with both hands and throw them over his shoulder, too.

Jet now wiggles like crazy no matter what we're doing when we lay him on his back. He just goes at it happily. He also, finally, blew his own nose. The judicious application of a tissue helped him find the air pressure to work it all out and with his drippy nose it's a very good thing indeed.

After much wrestling he seems tired, now, so it's pumpkin time

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