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January 31, 2002
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Catching Up

Jet slept really well today. He had nearly three hour's worth of naps, and both John and I got really caught up on work. There was so much extra time that it just really made it easy to concentrate and I think I got more done today than I did in the whole two weeks before the vacation to San Diego. I am mildly amazed.

Jet did have a mild cold. Joan noticed it as she found that, today, Jet mostly played by himself, quietly, instead of making himself a complete pest for Haley.

After his second nap, he and I went to meet John at Safeway to order Jet's cake for his birthday party on Saturday. It's just going to be the Goodells and the O'Nutts at 2, a small party and possibly fairly short. But we wanted a cake and it should be a nice one for his very first birthday. I could make a cake, but it wouldn't be as nice as I wanted it to be for a first.

So we went to Safeway, got some things, forgot to order the cake, and went to Proto's for pizza. It's a chain, and someone had recommended the one in Longmont, so we thought we'd try this one. It's good, but really expensive for the medium good quality. Nice crust, tasty pesto, real cheeses, interesting but sparse toppings, and some really excellent salads. It was better quality than Big Chain pizza, but not enough better for the prices they were charging.

There was a table right next to us with a Mom and Dad with four daughters and Jet was just infatuated with the four girls. He kept twisting all the way around in his seat to look at them and watch everything they did and said. One of the little girls was just as infatuated with him, and actually came over to say hi to him. He gave her his biggest, most winning smile.

After dinner we went back to Safeway and found that we couldn't have ordered the cake anyway as the bakery opens at 6 in the morning and closes right after the pre-dinner rush. So we'll have to call in the morning.

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