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February 10, 2002
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Feverish Weekend

9:35 pm: Jet has not slept well all weekend, and John and I haven't slept well either, as a result. He's just had some terrible nights and both John and I are mildly trashed. We also ran out of Motrin Friday night, so we headed into town early on Saturday so that we could get the anti-fever stuff early while stocking up at Safeway.

Turned out we didn't need it as Jet wasn't too feverish the rest of the weekend, instead, he had some terrible gas and diarrhea today, so he is getting through some gut thing that has him mildly miserable. I would not be surprised if it was the stomach flu in his form. He just wouldn't eat much of anything all weekend, either, though he was doing better than last week, he actually ate half or a third of a jar at a time instead of one or two spoonfuls and clamping his lips shut.

Yesterday was just stocking up and then watching the Olympics and catching up on sleep. This morning we thought about going to the UCC church, but then Jet got the diarrhea, and we decided to just stay home and deal with that. We did do a short trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a bath mat for Jet's bath tonight, and I also got something I'd been thinking of getting for some time.

The last time I was at Carl's in California, he had a really weird guest pillow. It was like a lump of sand that was kind of lost in a regular pillowcase. I had seen the little Bucky pillows, that are collar pillows filled with buckwheat hulls. I hadn't known that there were 'full-sized' buckwheat pillows, but there it was, and I was sure I wouldn't be able to sleep on it, but I tried it the first night just to see. And I woke up with a happier neck than I'd had for months. Ever since that visit, I thought about getting one for myself.

My shoulders and neck, lately, have been a real playground for CeLena. She's bemused by how much work I need there, and some of it has been because I've been clenching my teeth, but getting anything to help with the whole area would be a useful thing. So, today, we saw those buckwheat hull pillows at B,B & B and despite the rather expensive price, I bought one and used it for my nap when we got home.

Admittedly, I could probably have slept on a brick and been happy, as sleep deprived as I was. Like those nights at Carl's, it was a bit like sleeping on a sand dune, I could heap the hulls up under my head until it was high enough to support my head nicely, and it would gently slide away when I moved, but there would be a 'solid' mound where it counted the most, supporting my head and neck neatly without pushing back the way pillows that are too hard do.

I slept well.

So most of the time we weren't sleeping, eating, or cooking (I made Mallen's cheesecake with lime instead of lemon on Saturday and it was good even with low-fat cream cheese and low-fat sour cream) we were watching the Olympics.

I just want to say this: NBC's coverage is infinitely, utterly, totally, amazingly, beautifully, wonderfully better than their coverage of the summer Olympics.

They're actually covering the *events*. Imagine that.

I just railed two years ago, as they were so stupid, so vapid, and so utterly without redemptive abilities in their so-called coverage. I know that part of it was because I so sorely missed the Canadian channel we used to get that had excellent alternative coverage, too. NBC, this year, is doing great, and since we also get MSNBC, we're getting alternative coverage as well, of the things that you don't get to see the whole of on the network broadcast. They're actually showing *all* the hockey games from start to finish. That is impressive.

So I'm much happier with the coverage this year, and happier to be watching it.

Still, it was in the mid-50's today, and gorgeous out, so we bundled Jet up and tucked him in the stroller and took a good, long walk around the neighborhood, first down to the box to deliver our homeowner's fees, and then around the various streets that T into our street. We got to see a plane take off, and Jet just lay back and watched everything. He fell asleep part of the way through, and was woken, rather rudely by Sparticus, who decided to bark at us a lot. He wouldn't do anything to us, but he was protecting his people and his house. I had John go on, so that Sparticus wouldn't chase the stroller, and then the owner came out to take Sparticus in.

Of course, when we went down the next street, Sparticus was there to greet us, but he was quiet there. It wasn't his territory anymore, and he knew it and was very quiet. I was glad of that.

But it was a gorgeous day, and Jet enjoyed the walk, and he really enjoyed both outings, despite his cold. His poor nose was just a mess this morning, we finally just cleaned it out and gave him Dimetapp regularly after that so that he could breath. A good thing, breathing. There were just times when he'd just get really frustrated with his nose, but whenever we touched it with the aspirator, he'd just scream. Poor tyke.

He got a bath and the steam helped to loosen things up. After that we dosed him and hopefully he'll have a better night. This has been going on for nearly a week. These things pass, eventually, with him, so I'll keep hoping. Usually it does get worse before it gets better, so I can hope

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