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February 11, 2002
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Wonderful Answers

9:40 pm: Jet was up every hour last night, and when John opened him up to changes his diaper this morning, Jet was completely covered in the rash that started showing itself in the bath last night. John called Dr. Turner and we got an appointment for 11.

Both of us were completely trashed, eventhough we did switch off and slept in chunks of two hours at a time. Jet was pretty trashed, too, but he was mildly cheerful as we took him over to Joan's and he happily played with Alex and Haley for an hour before we headed into the doctor's.

We had no idea what was going on with him, there were so many symptoms from the last few days. A couple of days of fever from the shots, then another couple days of high fever, and with the Motrin, it got under control. There was also the runny nose, slight cough, the mild diarrhea, the fact that Jet was irritable, sleeping badly, and really low appetite spread out over those days. Dr. Turner peered at Jet, looked in his ears, his mouth, and listened to his lungs, all of which were clear, and said, "It could be Roseola, since the rash for that appears when it's just about over, after the fever's gone. It's an indication that the virus is just about completely gone."

When we went home and looked up the disease in the pediatrics' book, there they all were. Every single symptom, pretty much as Jet had them, and the fact that the rash comes afterwards. There was also a warning about the possibility of convulsions during the fever that would have scared the begeezus out of me, and I don't really know if I could have traced the symptoms back to the disease by reading the book. John only recalled it after Dr. Turner had mentioned it.

When we got home Jet was asleep, so I went and napped with him for an hour. He woke up, protesting, so I fed him, and he went back to sleep. This time for two hours. I worked then, and had some later lunch. Then we took Jet back to Joan's for another hour's worth of work since she'd only had him for an hour this morning.

It was useful to have the nap and the quiet time. I also set up the chicken to roast while we went and got Jet. My crown surprised me by not hurting much at all when I ate.

I got a letter today from my old high school friend, Sharon!! I'd written her a few weeks ago, just on the off-chance she'd want to write again, and she wrote back! I was amazed. She has two boys now 8 and 5, so she must have had them soon after we stopped writing. They're so big! She and her husband look really happy. She got her own solo dentist practice, and her husband got tired of high tech engineering work and now is her office manager! Wow... what a cool way to be. They only work three days a week and get home in time to welcome their kids home! Nice.

So they're a bit like us, part-time work and time for the kid(s).

She wrote me back immediately, and it's just so nice to hear from her again. She's so busy and they have lots of pets and lots of things to do and it's just so neat to hear from her again. Good, in some ways, to recover the old tie. She said she was going to look me up, as she'd dreamed of John and I. Now that is a cool coincidence

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