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February 8, 2002
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Opening Winter Olympic Ceremonies

We got to see the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics tonight. It always seems mildly cheesy, with all the athletes that get interviewed all bubbling and joyful about being able to be involved and how marvelous it is. Then I remember what it was like to even just touch the edges of the Olympics and I believe them, really. To have been there in 1984, and been truly involved in this endeavor that, so obviously, brings together people all over the world not only in one place but with one purpose was exhilarating even in the single venue I was involved in.

So I could see why being involved in an arena that has *everyone* in it could be so amazing. The look on Steven Spielburg's face, who should have been used to gala events, really said it better than anything that could be written. He was grinning so hugely and looking everywhere. I think anyone would have done that.

I envied them, mildly. There will be other Olympics, but probably none right in our backyard, so to speak. We aren't going to anything, and I don't know if I would feel any more as just a spectator than I would watching on the TV in my warm house. It was being *involved* that mattered when I volunteered, to get hooked in that way, through effort and sweat and time that seemed to make it, for me, something to remember.

The Positive Discipline book said that it was very important for kids to do some kind of social work, that that was the best discipline, getting hooked into other people's viewpoints, being empowered by filling other people's needs, and doing something for something that's bigger than just one individual. It's a good anti-depressant, a good builder of self-esteem, and an even better way to find connection with other human beings. I really do believe that.

I want to do something with Erie's food bank, just to start something simple and close to home. Between that and going to a church sometimes and volunteering some time and work with them, we might get more of what we need in that vein.

I just have to do it.

Anyway, just remembering made me feel better.

Joan took Jet for four hours this morning, and then Jet slept another two hours after he got home and nursed. So both John and I got caught up pretty thoroughly. I had a lot of last details that killed off hopes of finishing several things, so I only managed to finish one thing rather than the half a dozen that were all looking closer to being done than not-done.

Jet still has his fever, which is probably why he slept so well. The Motrin brought it down nicely and when he was cool he slept well.

One cool thing is that Alex asked to go to McDonald's so Joan took all three of the kids to McDonald's and Jet got pieces of about half a cheeseburger! He was really amazed that he got the pieces and he ate them happily and managed to finish off half a cheeseburger and a handful of fries. I'm glad that Joan tries these things just so that I know that Jet can do these things.

It's funny realizing that I feel like Jet's growing up with that ability to eat something as kid like as a McDonald's cheeseburger. He's not just a baby anymore.

One funny thing was that while we were watching the opening ceremonies Jet found his walker in the corner of the room, boxed in by his box of toys, the play table, and his box of blocks. He crawled in there and started shoving things in all directions trying to get his walker free. He is *strong* and when he's determined, he moves things that are bigger than he is, like his toy chest. He just dug in his feet and pushed. John went in and helped him and soon Jet was walking around proudly with the walker. He no longer walks like Frankenstein's monster, he's actually bending his knees and instead of swinging his legs around, he's bending them and moving them straighter forward.

Jet was also intrigued by the skaters in the ceremonies, and he got up close and stood up to peer even more closely at the television just to see what they were and how they were moving. So he really watches TV, now, though it was only for a few minutes. He then went and played some more.

Dinner was leftover stovies. We have about two or three meals' worth of leftovers at the moment. Yay! Plenty if we get busy. Jet was intrigued by the peas and potatoes and the meat bits. So he got his own helping for dinner. He was hot by then, and didn't eat much. We're almost out of ibuprofen, so we'll have to get some when we stock up tomorrow.

I think I'd be more worried about the fever if he seemed to feel any worse for any other reason. He does have a stuffy nose, but his breathing is fine when his nose is clear. He's happy and playful when he's not hot, so I think I'll wait a few more days and see

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