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February 12, 2002
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Playing With Jet

8:19 pm: Jet was up six times last night, most of it before 2 am. By the end of the night, he was only up every three hours, which was very nice, and this afternoon, he slept for four hours straight, so I have more hope for tonight.

Haley had an appointment at 11, so Joan dropped Jet off at 10:40. He nursed, but didn't fall asleep. So I had my lunch and let Jet nibble on my meatloaf. He enjoyed a little of it and urped up a little of it. Not bad. We then played for a while.

I am finding, more and more, that I have to keep my schedule flexible. I need to play with him when I can and when he wants the attention. I can always work when he does sleep. So we played down in the livingroom. He was in my lap a lot, banging his head on my chest for a while, before finding other things to do and pay attention to. He is walking more and more, now, while holding onto anything he can.

We played for a while, he needed a change and he stuck his hand right into the mess. I got him clean again with some wet wipes, but afterwards, he was so tired and cranky, he didn't want to leave me, so I put him in the sling and when I washed my hands, I washed his with mine. He loved playing with the water, was totally intrigued by the mechanisms of hand washing. He giggled at the feeling of soap on his hands, of getting them rubbed thoroughly and then rinsed. He even chortled at getting his hands dried off, and when I put the heavy duty Eucerin cream on my hands, he touched my hands gently and then rubbed them to feel how different they felt. So I put a little of the cream on his tiny hands, too and he smiled.

I hope he'll keep loving getting his hands washed. He really likes it when I rub his teeth with a cloth, too, as we're supposed to clean his teeth every night.

He seems to get that when I sign 'change' that all I'm going to do is change his diaper and I'm not going to use the aspirator on him. He hates getting his nose mucked with and had started to cry every time I put him down on the changing table. But now when I sign 'change' and stick to *only* changing him when I sign that, he's stopped crying when I lay him down with the sign. I've also kept the promise of not signing when I do got at him nose, and he does fuss some when I don't sign or when John lays him down without the distinction. John, I think, just forgets to sign.

The saline spray gave unexpected results today. I had to really fight to get the sprayer in his nose the first time; but while he was surprised by the spray, he wasn't discomforted. So, today, when I offered the spray bottle, Jet squinted up his face, but leaned forward a little to offer his nose and even settled a nostril over the tip! When I sprayed, he would squint his face up tighter, but then offer the other nostril! So I guess it really does feel better when he gets sprayed, and he knows it well enough to help. That amazed me.

He got pretty tired, but didn't want to sleep, still. So I put him in the sling and kept on carrying him. I finally decided to go out for a little bit, as there wasn't that much to do in the house, and I put on the cloak that Tigger made me and it was big enough to wrap around both of us while Jet was in the sling. He just squinted against the wind and the sunlight and leaned into my warmth, but looked at everything. The bright sunlight, the dry trees, grass, and dust colored earth and sky. Just a moment away from the close confines of the house. We both liked that, eventhough it was 36 outside, it was a good thing to go out for a little while. We should probably just do that every day.

Eventually, he got tired enough to nurse and go to sleep at about 1;30. So I worked from then until he woke up at 5:30. That was an unexpected four hours of work after the short morning. I hadn't expected him to do that, and when I went to check on him, a couple of times, he was fast asleep.

Finally, at 5:30, John called to say that he was going to go and pick a few things up at the grocery store, and wondered if I wanted dinner. I said fine. Jet must have heard me because he started talking in the bedroom. I guess he was already awake, just sitting happily in his car seat in the bedroom, looking at things from the seat.

So I changed him, fed him and John arrived with our dinner from Swanky Frank's Coney Island Diner in downtown Erie. I got a 'loose' hot dog and a regular hot dog, both smothered in chili and onions and a smudge of mustard. They were lovely, messy, and very tasty, and I ate them up happily and shared a bit of the 'loose' hamburger with Jet. He loved it and some of the bun that I gave him.


John and Jet played happily afterwards while I went upstairs and cleaned up my machine and finished sending the results of all my work to the people involved with it, and came back down.

Jet was sitting on John's stomach and pounding on John's chest with both hands. Then John would do the same to Jet, and Jet would vocalize and let the pounding modulate his voice and he'd giggle at the result. They were happily playing together. Eventually Jet rambled about, climbing new configurations of his toys that John thought up, and they became more interesting for seeming to be new.

Jet liked watching a bit of the men's figure skating, but there was lots else that he was interested in as well.

We had fun playing while the TV meandered on with the Olympics, with 24, and then with the news and weather. It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow morning, and then get up to the 50's. Then it's supposed to rollercoaster down again the next day. It'll be an interesting weather week.

I managed to get a lot of work done while Jet was asleep. I also managed to get Word and Excel on my Visor. I want to see if I can actually write something long, in one piece... We also have to finish our will, now that Jet's born and we figured out all the hard stuff and wrote most of the information down. I just have to type it all in and we'll get witnesses in the next couple of weeks. Then we'll have made things much more settled for Jet if something should ever happen. Better to be sure than to leave it to chance and the courts, which can be chance as well

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