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February 13, 2002
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Egoboo and Water Aerobics

10:18 pm: A good day today, all in all, with a lot of work getting done, a good lunch, a very happy little boy, a great session of water aerobics, and Alton Brown's The Heart of Darkness II, and good recipes for cocoa. Jet only got up every two hours last night, which was way, way, way better than every hour, and the extra sleep felt really, really good.

It's the busy day when I go in and get a meeting with everyone else and then get my one on one with Bill. The development meeting is always fun, I always learn more about what other people are doing, and I get a lot more communication in the one day than I used ever do in a day. The one on one, as usual, was intense, and Bill was, as always, well prepared with what had to be figured out.

I really enjoy the one on ones. They're always really productive and I always get my questions about priorities answered and he does much better when I just ask him stuff than if I assume he'll just say what I need. He never takes exception to my asking stuff, and it always is good to communicate things, especially when I'm having a problem.

It didn't hurt to have him say that we were much better off this release than we were last release because of my efforts. Sudipto, during lunch, also said that the specifications that I wrote were much, much tighter than anything the flows folks had ever put together before. That made me feel really good, especially since he also said that it made his and Fei's jobs much easier.

I am really glad of that.

Lunch was at KT's, and I rode there in Cary's cute little, new white car along with Chad and Sudipto as well. It was warm enough, today, that we actually ate outside! I was amazed it was warm enough in the sunshine. There was a pretty brisk breeze blowing, but with a coat and the spicy BBQ, it was warm enough to do well out there. I got the large pork sandwich with coleslaw and a brownie and ate them happily with my hands. Sudipto bought the ribs, and was eating them with a knife and fork until John noticed and Cary and John said that he should use his hands. So he did, relieved that this was the way you were supposed to eat them. Much easier.

We all talked about everything and anything again. Cars, computers, baby woes while ill, Jet's taking so nicely to the saline spray, Chinese food, cooking, post- move unpacking (as Sudipto had moved into his first house just last December), and how trucks are built for the long-haulers. It was just relaxing and fun. We might have to go to the bowling alley next week, the one with Caddy Shack, the BBQ place, built into it. Just to try it out.

Afterwards, John and I picked Jet up. He was playing with Joan, and he was pretty tired, but really happy. He got home and nursed to sleep and stayed asleep for another two hours, so we got plenty done, and I got my meeting in with no interruptions whatsoever from Jet.

I got stuff done, too.

I like listening to meetings from home, I can either work on something else or play with Jet, usually, if I really want to, as most meetings I don't have to be deeply involved in, so long as I know what's going on. I really like being able to listen to a meeting and play with Jet at the same time, yay for parallel processing brains!

When Jet woke up, I changed, him and fed him some solids. He's eating far more today than he has for the last week and a half. He already had several ounces of oatmeal for breakfast, a whole jar of food at Joan's, and then he ate another three ounces at 3pm. He got another three ounces of 'stinky vegetables' with John at dinner, too. So he's really doing much better. And I am not getting nursed on as much. Whew. I liked that I could offer him comfort when he was feeling badly, but sometimes it's nice to have that be over, too.

We had dinner at 6, just leftover lasagna, and Joan came right at 7 and we went to the water aerobics. Both of us felt it a lot after missing last week. I'm pretty tired, now.

On the way home, we were talking about kids, and Joan was saying that while it was probably hard while we were trying to get Jet, it was kind of nice to have him later, so we could be pretty well established financially. Which is very true. I added that the additional good thing was with that time we found out that we *really* wanted a kid. She grinned and said that she always knew that she really wanted kids, but she appreciated that we really did love and want and really took good care of Jet.

She then went on to tell me about a little girl at the day care she used to work at where it was pretty clear that the Mom didn't care that much. The girl would go unbathed for weeks, would have her hair done up by one of the caregivers and she'd come back the next day with the hair still done up the way it was the day before but all messed up so they knew the parents hadn't even bothered to undo the hair for sleeping, her parents wouldn't bring enough food for her during the day, and they never really talked to the little girl herself. The Mom said that the girl had been an unplanned pregnancy, and had actually cut into the Mom's earning ability which they felt pretty sharply.

That was just really sad to hear about.... Joan was like, "Well, if you don't want her, I'll take her!!" but... she really couldn't say that to them. There are definitely times when I think people just shouldn't be able to have kids until they figure out they really want them and have to go through *something* to get them. This was, very strongly, one of them.

I am so glad, in some ways, of the difficulties that John and I went through to have Jet. It was how I finally got through to John that he *had* to take an active role, that he had to want it badly enough to do things he normally would not have just done without being asked, and I had to do things that took effort, pain, and were pretty scary and they proved to me that I wanted a kid badly enough. Having the surgery was really hard, and I'm glad, in some ways, that I had to do it to get a kid, now, because I value him so much more.

I came home to a rather cranky little guy. He was pretty sleepy, but still fighting sleep or just unhappy with being awake. I don't know which, but he nursed like he was angry and at one point closed his teeth on the nipple and just pulled off. I said, "Ouch!" pretty loudly, and Jet took one look at me, saw I was pretty angry and discomforted, and started crying. Poor little guy. I cuddled him and comforted him, and after swapping, the other proved a bit more productive, and he nursed enough to be satisfied and went to sleep.

He's really tired. I think he'll do better tonight. We cleared his nose completely earlier in the evening, and he got a squirt of saline to show Joan how he took it so bravely. We applauded his effort and he smiled. He seems pretty well cleared out, so he should sleep well. He is getting another tooth in, it seems, and we'll probably have to dose him with Tylenol sometime, as he's a little warm and it's probably bothering him some.

I got to watch the Alton Brown episode on cocoa while nursing Jet, and it's very keen. It had recipes for chocolate sauce, brownies, and, surprise of surprises, instant cocoa! I tried the last and it's actually quite good, especially when I use the Valhrona cocoa I bought from Donnelly's in Santa Cruz for the cocoa base. Wow, it's *good* stuff. I still have two boxes of Van Houten John bought in France, a tin of Van Houten from Seattle, and a box of Hershey's John bought not knowing about all the other cocoa in the kitchen. So I have plenty to use. The recipe also uses powdered sugar and powdered milk, both of which I have lots of really old stock in stock, and it's better to get that stuff cleared out than to let it sit even longer. Yay for good uses for old staples

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