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February 14, 2002
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A Pleasant Day and Valentine's Dinner

8:52 pm: Uh oh, Jet likes cheesecake. He really likes the lime cheesecake I made, he got a little taste of it tonight and is begging for bits from both John and I.

Jet also got a chance to feed himself some today, with me. He got a hold of a spoon and started putting it into the jar of food and, occasionally, sucking the food off the bowl of the spoon. I cheered wildly every time he actually sucked on the right end of the spoon. He grinned big every time I did that, and happily did more. Right at this moment, John gave Jet both the spoon and the bowl the cheesecake was in and Jet's banging the bottom of the bowl with the spoon. He's lifting the bowl up to his mouth and nose, but not really eating off the spoon at all.

Jet had a great day. He got up at 1:30, and then at 5:30. He slept for two hours in the afternoon, ate three jars' worth of food today, and basically played all the other times.

I am really glad to have my kid back from the roseola.

Joan actually took Jet from 9-12 today, as I'd asked her. I had some things I absolutely had to get done, and it was just really good to have the time to think and do things. With the mildly early drop-off on Tuesday, I felt that it was good to have a little extra time. And it was very productive.

Last night, when Joan showed up, she admired the flowers that I'd gotten John and he proudly said that they were his. I really like giving John flowers. I also thought that it would be fun to make a special dinner tonight since we weren't going out.

So when John got home, I defrosted two filet mignons, cut up a cauliflower, and cut up potatoes. I made cauliflower gratin from a really good recipe in the last Cooks Illustrated, did pan-seared steaks and a garlic pan sauce, and mashed potatoes. We had a packaged spinach salad, and that was a very nice dinner. The cauliflower gratin was really yummy and Jet ate big swathes out of it as well. He loved getting little flowerets for himself and he munched them down happily.

John and I really enjoyed the meal. The steaks were nicely medium rare, the garlic sauce really flavored the leaned mashed potatoes, and the cauliflower gratin was perfectly cooked, creamy from the milk/cheese sauce, and crunchy from the fresh breadcrumb topping. Yay!

John then gave me a card that told me to close my eyes, and when he told me to open them again, there was an Epson C-80 printer! HOORAH! On top of it was a high speed cable, and a package with a 2-year warrantee for the printer, mail-in rebates for a bunch of stuff, a stack of good paper, lots of interesting extras, and a sample package of five kinds of media for the printer so we can experiment. I'm *really* glad to have the whole thing, so that we can get lots of prints of the various pictures without having to spend a dollar a print. Given how many thousands of pictures we have, the hundred plus dollars we paid for this will be made back in no time.

Yes. Jet's page has less than ten percent of all the pictures we've taken. Hmm... possibly less than five, now that we're several months behind again.

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