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February 16, 2002
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Out and About

9:24 pm: A busy day, we went out twice and got a lot done and had pretty much all our meals out in restaurants and Jet did fine at both.

It started last night, a little, as John said that the neighborhood home owners' meeting was this morning at 8:30. I said, "Well, I guess we aren't going to sleep in, then." He laughed and was amused that I hadn't just blown off the meeting.

Jet had a great night, despite having gone to sleep early. He went to sleep at 9 instead of 9:30, and, instead of getting up earlier, he got up at midnight and at 4, and then slept in until 8 am. We actually don't know if he slept all the way until 8, I didn't get up until 8, and when I went upstairs to talk with John, Jet must have heard my voice and on hearing my voice, he squawked. Loudly. It got John and I to laugh and I scooped Jet up cheerfully and he grinned back.

Jet may well have been awake for a while, but he hadn't made a sound that John had been able to hear on the monitor, and John had been up since 7, working.

While I was nursing Jet, John found out about his mistake. So, to take advantage of the time, we went into Longmont and had breakfast at Lucille's, the Cajun restaurant. Jet got to play with some toys in a basket in the front lobby after we'd ordered and before the food arrived. A little 19 month old boy and his dad came over as well, and the boy was very enamored of an ambulance that was in the box, but he was very shy about playing with it in front of Jet and I.

Jet went halfway over to them, and then stopped and reached one hand back to me. I waved back, but Jet didn't go any further forward. So I went over to him, picked him up and took him back to our breakfast. He didn't protest at all, and settled to devour biscuit pieces.

Next thing I know the boy and his dad comeback to their table, with the ambulance hanging from the boy's hands. His mom decided he couldn't play with the truck at the table and removed it from him. He started just screaming. Eep.

I am so glad Jet plays at the Goodell's because when he heard the other boy start screaming, he simply looked over there curiously. Jet's gotten enough experience with other children crying to know that it wasn't something to be alarmed about in and of itself, and he simply was curious. Jet ate cheerfully the whole time the other boy had a complete tantrum, and was finally dragged off by his father. They came back a little while later and the boy was quiet until he saw his seat and the truck again and so he started crying again. They did it a few times more and the mom finally just packed all their food up to go and they left.

We enjoyed our breakfast. Jet peered at all the other kids that arrived, and was distracted enough to not eat a whole lot. So when John was done with his breakfast, he tried feeding Jet some pears and winter squash. Jet ate well enough, but was so distracted by all the people that were wandering through the restaurant that he got food all over him simply from him turning his head so quickly to see things. I remember Joan saying that he was doing that to her, too, when she was feeding him baby food.

I really enjoyed my Cajun breakfast of red beans with meat, with two poached eggs with Hollandaise next to a nice pool of thick grits. Jet ate a little of everything off my plate, but he liked the biscuits much better than anything else I had. The textures weren't to his liking, though he did try everything.

After breakfast we walked down Main and found that the kitchen store we'd seen before was closed until 10. So we headed north and hit the Albertson's up there to recycle the bags and do a little shopping. Albertson's is a chain that doesn't use the ID cards with shopping tracking, and I'd been thinking about shopping there more often. They do give you and equivalent idea of how much you're 'saving' with their sale prices, and they don't take a card and don't track buying habits, so it's kind of nice to know.

They also have hormone-free milk with a longer due date than the organic milk at Safeway. Plus they have really good whole wheat flat bread that's tender and yummy. Flat bread is one of those things that I find rarely enough that I almost always buy it when I can. I don't know exactly why it appeals to me so much, but it does. Toasted with a little honey and I have breakfast. It wraps well around any meat, vegetables, and cheese. It is tasty with a bunch of dishes for dinner, especially as a sort of nan with curries. It's odd enough that Safeway just never provides it, and it's often difficult to find fresh and tender and not dried out from sitting on the shelves for too long.

So I was glad. Besides, Albertson's recycles plastic bags, and we had an enormous number of bags from all the other grocery stores that give them but don't take them back.

From there we went back to the kitchen store and I found 2 eight ounce ramekins for some individual souffles that I'd found recipes for in the issues of Real Simple I have. I wanted to try them, sometime, and I use the four ounce ramekins so often I was pretty sure I'd use the eights for things other than just souffles. I also got another one quart sized mixing bowl, the smaller size has proven so useful that it didn't hurt to have another. I also found the restaurant plastic squirt bottle for a buck. I wanted to make AB's chocolate sauce sometime, and while I might have reused the Hershey's syrup bottle, I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a bottle for other things as well. I even have had thoughts about replacing my oil can with a bottle, as the can keeps dripping in bad ways, leaving rings and getting all sticky.

After getting that, we went home, and on the way home, Jet fell asleep. John went to bed when we got home, and they napped together while I tried to finish off January. I still have a few entries from the San Diego visit that weren't finished. So I have to finish those before posting the rest of them. I got a slew of them downloaded and spell checked, but didn't have enough time to write more than one of the three that needed finishing before I heard John's voice downstairs going, "He woke up."

So I went down and got a squirmy Jet, who had slept a good two hours. I changed him, nursed him, and played with him for a good long while. Then, he started grazing from the dropped crackers around his high chair, so I tucked him into his chair and fed him a whole jar of broccoli and chicken. He ate whole wheat Ritz crackers in between bites, and just chowed down. He was a hungry boy. Near the end of the jar, he kept trying to grab the spoon, so I gave it to him, and he started just banging around with the spoon and the jar, and grinning at me. He got the spoon bowl into his mouth, maybe, twice, and eventually the jar ended up flung five feet away. That's when I took the jar and the spoon and gave him another cracker, and he ate that as well.

I cleaned stuff up and then changed him and we played a while longer. I got my Visor from upstairs and got to write a little while watching Jet play.

When John got up, we all went upstairs and surveyed the office. I'd been thinking of just putting my new printer in the place of the old one, but John had bigger plans. He wanted to move the home machine further from my machine so that there'd be more room if we both had to use them at the same time. He wanted to keep the black and white on my machine, and put the color printer on the home machine. He also wanted to get a side table for the new printer to keep it out of the way of everything else.

We needed cable, an end table, and a few other things before the plans could be realized. By the time we had all this set up, Jet was hungry again, so I nursed him and off we went to Boulder.

Target, then CompUSA, and finally we hit an Office Depot and it was 6:30 by the time we'd gotten what we wanted. We had ended up across the street from Casa Alverez. We didn't have baby food with us and we didn't have crackers, but we decided to brave another restaurant anyway.

Jet did wonderfully. He loves tamales. He ate about a third of my tamale. He also ate lots of Spanish rice, drank water and Sprite from my straw, and really enjoyed flirting with our waitress, who asked if she could take him home with her. John said, "Sure!" She looked nonplussed, Jet smiled angelically at her, and then started to, methodically, fling rice over the side of his high chair.

When John got a refill on his iced tea, Jet saw the lemon slice on the side and started making exactly the same sound, expression and gestures he makes when he sees us sitting down with grapefruit halves! That surprised us, but he stopped the moment we handed him the lemon slice. Amusingly enough, Jet pulled an awful face when he tried to eat the pulp. He then started biting and eating the zest off the rind. He didn't eat the pith, at all, just biting off the colored zest and leaving the bitter white.

Strange boy.

Home again, home again, and Jet talked the whole way home. I had thought that when I nursed him before we left, that he was going to fall asleep and stay that way. I'm glad we hadn't counted on it, and had decided to do the adventure. We all had a great time.

Once home we watched Olympics. The short track racing is a real gas. I'm very impressed by the reality of it. At quarter after 8, we took Jet up and gave him a thorough bath, and he fell asleep easily when I nursed him afterwards. John and I are watching a bit of the US vrs Russia men's hockey game. I'm going to go to sleep soon and we might even make it to church tomorrow. Woohoo

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