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February 18, 2002
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Pile of Pictures

9:42 pm: I did a pile of pictures today. We had a couple cartridges of Polaroid film left from Geoff's gift of a digital picture printer for my birthday in 2000. The printer only has drivers for Windows 95 and 98, and Polaroid didn't write new drivers for Windows 2000, NT, or XP, so none of our computers can drive the printer any more.

We did have an old hard disk with Windows 98 still on it, so John unplugged our home machine's hard drive, put in the old one, and I put all the pictures I wanted to print on Polaroids on a Zip disk and I printed the twenty two pictures that I wanted to print while Jet napped from 10-12.

Jet got up at 5:30, and I nursed him, but he wouldn't go back to sleep, so John got up at 6 and stayed up with him. They played up a storm, and Jet was a really happy camper. He even ate a whole bowl of baby oatmeal for breakfast. I didn't get up until nearly 9, and had a shower. John and I had a baked pancake, and when we were all done with breakfast Jet let me know, in no uncertain terms, that he wanted to nurse.

So he got to nurse and he fell asleep and let John work on the will while I did pictures and wrote some stuff.

Jet refused solids when he woke up, too, and I nursed him while John made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. We had lunch and then headed out to look for a printer stand. The folding table we used, yesterday, while John restructured everything, actually shakes every time the printer head moves suddenly. We didn't really want a table in the office that Jet could knock over, so we wanted something sturdier.

The first place we hit was American Warehouse. John had asked me what I wanted to haul Jet around in if we walked a lot there, and I'd said that I wanted to use the sling. Jet loved it. He bounced the whole way into the store and he was able to look around at everything, and lean out to touch things that I walked up to, like two ceramic tiger statutes that were nearly four feet tall.

We didn't find a plain printer stand there. Everything there was pretty fancy, and while the prices were probably good for the fancy things they were, they were still too expensive for a small end table we wanted to just tuck into a corner of a room no one else was going to really see.

So we headed to Oak Express, and found exactly what we wanted, a really sturdy printer end table made of solid oak. It had the top surface and one shelf inside that could be moved. It fit in the back seat next to Jet when we moved his car seat to the side seat. It took a little while to figure out how to get the shoulder belt to lock onto the seat, but it was a good thing to learn, and it worked like a charm. It was also much easier to put Jet in and take him out as he was much closer to the door.

We hit Biggs on the way home, to get some produce as a lot of the vegetables in our fridge was very sad. I wanted to get just a few things like mushrooms, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, and onions. I liked the quick cassoulet from Real Simple, and I wanted to make it again. It's mostly vegetables and beans, and it tastes really good, especially in this cold weather.

Though, today was really warm, it as in the high 50's and low 60's and we were wandering around, outside, in our shirt sleeves. I was pretty amazed. John had his T-shirt and shorts, and Jet was in short sleeves. It was really nice.

It was about 4 when we headed home, and Jet fell asleep again. I had a 4:30 appointment with CeLena, and I made it there in plenty of time and it was actually a really pleasant massage session. The only really truly tight bits were my forearms from all the typing I did Saturday getting my journal caught up. My neck and shoulders seem to really like the buckwheat hull pillow and having a massage every two weeks instead of every three, and I hadn't traveled in the interim, either.


I got home and John told me that Jet woke up at 4:30 and he was just *mad*. John tried feeding him solids, and Jet actually pushed things away, threw them on the floor, or turned his head away. John ended up giving Jet two ounces of formula, and Jet drained that and was still cranky, so John gave Jet two more ounces and Jet became all sweetness and light. After the full four ounces, Jet was happy, laughing, and played with John on the floor.

They tumbled, tickled, laughed, tossed blocks, and Jet even started walking two steps at a time, instead of just one. When I was home, I saw Jet pick up one of my shoes, stagger two steps toward me and then drop abruptly. I was amazed.

Since dinner, yesterday, was so good, and the turkey wasn't getting any better, I made turkey dinner again. Stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and, this time, I remembered to put the leftover cauliflower gratin into the oven, and it heated up beautifully and the crumb topping even got good and crisp. I made the turkey servings smaller, and it was really good dinner.

We got a call from Joan and she said that not only did Alex have a cold, but Haley came down with it as well, so we're probably going to keep Jet home tomorrow and see how they go. I am just tired of being sick and of having Jet be sick, and Joan understood completely, as they just completed a two week hell week of upper respiratory infections and then the stomach flu, both of which we were lucky enough to miss, though Jet did pick up the roseola from somewhere. So we'll take active steps to avoid it.

With the Polaroid prints, I got to write Sharon back, and actually send her pictures from the past year. There are some prints for other friends of our, and even one or two for Kathy. I think she'll like them. Mom and Dad sent us pictures from our last visit, and some pictures that Kathy had taken and given us and we'd forgotten them there. I was glad to get them back, as there were a few really nice ones. Since I'm the one that's behind our digital camera most of the time, it's really nice to get pictures that include me in them.

I'll be glad when I actually know how to print pictures with the Epson printer and I can print them on good glossy paper with ink that lasts longer than the Polaroids do. I have a Polaroid print from the first few weeks of Jet's existence, and it has already faded in just the last year. Of course, it's on my desk at home, and out in the light all the time. There are some prints that I put in a picture book that still look about as crisp as when I printed them.

Jet went to sleep easily tonight. He's been good about getting up about every four hours, and then only really staying awake after at least eight hours. My nose has been feeling weird the last few nights, and I hope that it's feeling so dried out only because I've been something like sick. It's been harder to sleep well with that. I hope I sleep as well tonight as Jet usually sleeps

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