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February 19, 2002
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Walking Outside Again

8:39 pm: Alex came up with stomach flu last night, but by morning, he was ready to go to school, but Joan decided to keep him at home, as much for her to rest as for him. So I kept Jet at home this morning. Jet didn't make me regret it.

He had, however, woken up at 5:30 am and refused to go to sleep after he nursed on me. So at 6:30, I turned him over to John, who took him and they played happily. John hadn't had to get up during the night, so he was in good shape, especially after a shower. I slept in until 8, made the eggy, thin British pancakes Genista had recommended for John, Jet and I, and we ate them very happily before I nursed Jet, and John went in to work.

Jet fell asleep while nursing and stayed asleep until a quarter 'til noon! I was astonished. He was asleep for nearly three hours, and at 3:30 in the afternoon, he slept another hour. So I worked the three hours he was asleep, and when he woke we had lunch together. Then we went out for a nice walk in 55+ degree weather. There were four kids out roller blading and running around. Jet loved watching them, and he craned his neck all the way around to see how they were doing.

So I even walked part of the walk backwards so that he could watch them some more. He also enjoyed just looking around outside. We don't just get outside all that often when it's snowing and cold, so it was good to have some time just outside and looking longer distances than are possible in the house. We got some good sunshine, and Jet took his own hood off to see better.

That was very enjoyable.

I fed him some solids, we went upstairs and I worked for about half an hour, getting in a letter or two before Jet got impatient, so we went back downstairs to play. When I nursed him again he went back to sleep and I got a bit more time in, and John called to ask how I was doing. I told him that I might be coming down with a cold, but that work-wise, I was doing just fine. So he took his time getting some errands done and then came home.

He made dinner and took care of Jet while I got another hour of work done. I needed to finish a few more things for a deadline on Thursday. He reheated lasagna, toasted really good bread that he bought from Whole Foods and made a couple of really nice salads with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, and a honey mustard dressing. Yum. It's very nice having someone make dinner for me. Yay!

Jet was perfectly happy for the whole evening. He ate a jar and a half of food, played really hard, and had a great time. He had a wonderful time hunting John's toes, he has a game where he tries to bite John's toes and he hunts them down and pounces on them and sticks with it even when John's thrashing a bit and lifts him accidentally with his feet. Jet just hangs on, chortling and intent.

Jet also played with his LeapFrog drum quite a lot, some of it with a big spoon that he had stolen from my lunch of ramen. I'd found frozen fish balls in the freezer that were pretty old, and I broke them up enough to be able to pop four of them into the water when I boiled the water for the noodles. I have some Penzey's seafood soup base that is very tasty and not too salty, and I put a teaspoon full of it into the two cups of water after the noodles were mostly done. I added a handful of frozen peas, a squirt of soy and a splash of rice wine, and it smelled wonderful. The fish balls were hot, savory, and chewy. The soup was really good with the additions, and the noodles were very satisfying. Jet enjoyed the noodles and peas with me.

After his busy evening, Jet fell asleep pretty easily. We talked with Joan and she's set to take him tomorrow. Alex is feeling much better and Haley is starting to recover, so they're likely to be less contagious, now. I also really need the time tomorrow, so we'll try it and see how it goes

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