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February 21, 2002
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Food Fun

10:09 pm: Jet got to experiment with food today, not always on purpose on my part, but he certainly enjoyed himself. He had an odd night, though, getting up at 3:30 and staying up until 5:30 and then sleeping until nearly 7:30. John took the brunt of it, as I'm still not feeling 100 percent, but at least my cold symptoms did go away after swimming last night.

I enjoyed swimming. I actually had a good day yesterday. John came home with me, after we had lunch with everyone at the Caddy Shack. The food there, for lunch, was just as good as what we had for dinner. Bob, Cary and Lynn joined us and everyone enjoyed their food. Lynn had several good stories about the owners, who were actually from Memphis.

Jet actually slept for part of the afternoon, and at 4, he and I made dinner, yesterday. After I cut up the carrots and parsnips, he helped me cook pretty much everything else. He even got to put his hand with mine while I was breaking up the sausage in the pot, and then we stirred in the onions and garlic. When they were tender we added the root vegetables and when they were fragrant, we added chicken broth, tomatoes, thyme, beans, salt, and pepper. Jet just hung out in the sling, watching everything while I did that. When I put the beans in he reached in and pulled two out. He ate one and smashed the other, and didn't burn himself on the edge of the pot.

I was glad. He was so fascinated with the whole cooking process. He did great with John while Joan and I went swimming and then had the very odd night.

Joan took Jet for an extra couple of hours today, and I needed it to get some things done. Jet napped at Joan's, so I didn't expect him to nap for me, and it was a good thing, too, as the maids arrived about twenty minutes after Jet got home. He got to nurse, but he was too intrigued by the vacuums and the strange voices to sleep. He played with me downstairs while they finished the upstairs and then I took him upstairs and he watched them from behind the railing, upstairs, while they worked in the kitchen. They waved hi to him and he waved back, and they happily talked with each other.

My lunch was some of the leftovers of the cassoulet from last night. I got a bowl full of it, heated it up, and Jet was in the sling with me while I was eating. He just reached out, grabbed a handful of carrots and parsnip and ate them. From then on, about every other spoonful got robbed by Jet. He'd pull out whatever choice bit caught his eye and he'd eat it. When I got down to the end of the bowl, he was demanding that I put the spoon in *his* mouth instead of mine. So he ate the last of what was in my bowl. I was still a little hungry, so I heated more and we shared that, too. He really enjoyed the meal.

More play time and work time for me, and when the maids left, we had some time to ourselves, before Jet got cranky and needed to nurse and nap. So he did and I got time well over and above my usual work time, so I spent some time with my new printer. We had set it up, but I had to figure out how to do the kinds of things I really wanted to do, like print 4x6 pictures, print fancy envelope return addresses, and figure out what the colors really looked like on paper. I also loaded a slew of fonts that I'd bought various places on the Internet, and got them all on the home machine so that I could play with them and use them for envelopes and other things.

I really love how smoothly it prints the art fonts that I didn't think anything but a laser printer could do. These inkjets do some astonishingly good work, now.

I did run into some problems with the IBM ultra glossy paper and the Epson printer. The ink bloomed badly. The sample package I got was all IBM papers, which might not be that compatible with the Epson inks. I may have to get an Epson sample pack, which is cheap enough anyway. I did get some really, really nice pictures on plain paper, though. I was very impressed with the high quality prints on plain paper, even. I really enjoyed printing some of my favorite pictures from Jet's web page. I also got to print some of the last few months' worth of pictures that aren't even up yet.

We still have to do that, we know.

Heck, I have to get this journal caught up, too.

John made dinner, which I was very grateful for. Jet was happy as a clam. John made tamale casserole, and Jet had a little for his dinner, along with a jar and a half of food beforehand. After dinner, I popped an old packet of Orville Redenbacher's caramel corn and dumped a bunch of peanuts in there as well. Jet loves caramel corn. He got some of mine, and when he was allowed near the cooling pan, he grabbed a kernel in each fist and munched away joyfully.

He'd definitely eaten his dinner, so he got to enjoy his snack, too. No peanuts for him, but he wasn't interested in them anyway. He got two-fisted eating down to a science with the caramel corn and was even prompted to walk a few steps because he would not let go of his caramel corn. Hee.

He went to sleep just fine. I don't think anything he ate should disturb him tonight. We'll see

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