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February 23, 2002
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Spring-like Day

9:34 pm: It was 76 degrees here, today. It was actually warmer outside than it was inside the house!!

Jet kept looking out the door while we had the door open and the screen door closed. He could hear the chimes, the wind blowing outside, and every truck, car, and vehicle that drove by. He looked at all of them. I realized that the last time we probably had the door open was in September, which meant that Jet wasn't even really crawling, yet, and still getting sitting up to work out well. He didn't have the motor coordination to investigate the door or the sounds outside.

We took advantage of the warm weather by going out. We went to The Magic Toy Box, a really nice toy store and bought Jet a toy with a suction cup so it can stick to any surface near him. It has lots of spinning things. There was a table completely filled with cogs that interlocked, and he loved those, but he started throwing cogs and handles everywhere, so we thought he might not really be old enough for it.

It was so warm we had Jet in shorts, and we were in t-shirts and shorts. We had fun wandering about the strip mall that the toy store was in and then we did a really long walk at Costco, going up and down all the aisles and getting a few things that we really needed.

One of the inherited swim suits I had from Jennifer had elastic that was going out in the butt. It was really loose. Costco had nice Speedo suits for a pretty good price, so I bought one of those. It's really bright pink with a flower design on it, so it should be pretty distracting. I thought about getting a black suit but it seemed silly to try and hide behind the plain black, finally. John found shorts that were of the cut and cloth he's used to and really likes, so he bought a couple pairs. Yes, this is how we get clothing, what's a good deal at Costco that works for what we want them to do.

We got the usual staples of toilet paper, spaghetti sauce, chips, pretzels and various food items. We also got some video tape for John's video camera and he found some glossy Epson paper, 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, a 100 of them for 20 dollars, which is 20 cents a sheet, but a sheet will print four good-sized photos, or two really large ones, so I think it's well worth it. I really like pictures on glossy paper. They also had some extra special glossy Kodak paper, but I decided to try the less expensive stuff, first, and see how well we liked printing on the larger sheets.

Jet got hungry part way through the walk, luckily there were all the samplers out in force on a weekend. Jet got to eat bagels, pizza, vegetables in sour cream, calzone, meatball pockets, fruit juice, trail mix bars, and, of all things, Japanese sticky rice that was frozen and microwavable! Quick short grain rice that was actually of a nice enough texture it might actually be really good for fast sushi. Wow.

I didn't buy any of the rice. I might regret that, though.

Home again home again... both John and I were tired from the long walk. Jet was just wired. He hadn't had too much activity. He was cranky and seemed to be really tired, so we tried to put him to sleep for a few hours, but he completely refused to go to sleep. By 6 we completely gave up and after nursing he was actually pretty content for a while. He spent a lot of the evening complaining, though, and had diarrhea that indicated that he was teething pretty badly.

Dinner was just leftovers, and Jet ate bits of lasagna that he could steal off anyone's plates, and ended up grabbing a fork that he wielded cheerfully while eating gobs of chicken and broccoli baby food. I think he doesn't really like the Heinz baby foods as well as he likes the Gerber ones as it's far more of a conflict getting him to eat the Heinz foods, even when the contents are supposed to be the same as in the Gerber foods.

After we fed him some Motrin, he had a great bath. As usual, he calmed down for the bath and played happily in the water. He got good and clean. He'd had a blow out diaper, and it was good to get him completely clean and not worry about any possible residues. He liked getting clean and he ate happily and calmly afterwards and went to sleep in his crib for the second time in two nights. I can hope that he'll get used to the crib again.

We have a pretty busy day tomorrow. I can hope that he'll have a night as good as the night he had last night, where he didn't get up until 3 and then slept in until 7:30. It'll give us a chance to catch up some more.

John made banana pancakes this morning, so we'll probably not have a big breakfast tomorrow. He also bought our tickets to Tom's wedding, so we can finally RSVP. I'm very glad that they set up a not too expensive hotel and I should try and find a Trader Joe's in the area, if that's at all possible to get to, I want to.

I made a stab at getting my journal stuff up, but got a couple of letters and that kind of blew that intent out of the water. It's not as intense as it was yesterday, so that's good, and I really need to finish the setup I was doing. I managed to get some scripts in place to setup my files properly (i.e. in Unix format) and ftp them over instead of hand copying each one into a vi window in a telnet session. So that's a bit faster. I still have to do the setting of each entry into its tables for the format I have here.

It is enough extra work that it's just hard finding the time and motivation occasionally. Still, if I did it more often than once every month, it would probably be much easier. <grin>

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