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February 26, 2002
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Jet's First Haircut

Tonight was hair cut night. John got both us an appointment with Linda Hill in Longmont for 7 pm. We arrived at 7 to find that she was running late with the previous customer. Jet was hungry, so I fed him, but he was also very intrigued by all the things that were going on in the shop. So he only ate for five minutes a side, and then got up to look around.

He got to see John get his head buzzed, and Jet craned his head to watch more closely. So I took him around to see John from all angles, and it was a pretty quick cut. Linda then washed John's head to get rid o all the little bits of hair. John then took Jet and they watched me get my hair washed before Linda went ahead and cut mine as well. It took her a while, as she was a little ambivalent about cutting off all the length in back and I didn't care either way until I remembered that the really short hair is very nice for taking baths with as it just doesn't get in the way at all. So I asked her to cut the back off and she reshaped the whole back. So it took a while.

Jet, in the meantime, drank a lot of water from his emergency bottle, and played with John, the magazines in the waiting area, and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. So by the time it was his turn, he was a little tired. Tired enough to cry when we tried to put him on his own seat across the barber's chair. So I took him into my lap and Linda cut his hair around me.

I was pretty impressed with both Linda and Jet. Jet for having the patience to sit fairly still through the whole procedure, eventhough she was doing things to him that he'd never had done before. Linda for having the skill to move with Jet whenever he turned his head. She didn't cut him or poke him at all, even with a few pretty rapid head whips to catch some action out of the corner of his eye. She did talk a lot, and was also really good about getting lots of locks of his baby curls onto the back of a mirror for us to save. We actually brought along a Zip-loc to take all of those home.

She gave him a little boy's cut, straight across the front, up over the sideburns, and a neat line across the back. She feathered everything so that it fell neatly, and Jet looks really, really different than when he had his fuzzy baby hair. He acted the same, but it all looked different with his little boy's hair cut.

We had, originally, thought about eating at the Japanese restaurant after the cuts, because it's been a while since we were there, and we were already on Longmont. But by the time she had finished our cuts it was already after 8, and we were all tired. We thought about Deli Ciosos, too, but the kitchen there closes at 7:30, though the bar goes 'til late. On the way home, I remembered Woody's Wood Fired Pizzas, which the Gibbons liked a lot. So we went there.

All during dinner we were staring at Jet. He was his usual, messy, happy self, tossing goldfish, salad, straws, pizza crusts, and even his baby food spoon around. He bounced, squawked and ate whatever he really wanted to eat and both John and I did double-takes the whole time. It was pretty funny as he looks so totally different, and now all his actions are definitely *boy* like. It's so strange. He looks so much older.

Jet's Haircut

Woody's was pretty good. Fresh, hot, brick oven pizza, all lined up under heat lamps, and you could pick from a dozen different pies and, if you couldn't see what you wanted, you could order it at the pizza bar. Salad bar and a drink come with the meal, and it's basically all-you-can-eat. We both had a salad and waded into the pizza. I ordered a sausage and mushroom pizza and they called it out when it came out of their brick ovens. It was bubbling, hot, and the crust was the perfect combination of crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside and the sausage was really, really spicy.

I wasn't expecting that, but it was really good. I enjoyed the heat eventhough it made me sweat a bit. I really enjoy that combination.

It made for a good ending to a pretty busy and longer than expected day. Jet was an instant pumpkin and when we got home, he nursed and went right to sleep. Whew

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