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February 27, 2002
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Swimming, Working, and The Water Slide

Swimming tonight as really good, though, for once, it didn't snow when Joan and I went swimming. It was supposed to, and John and Ray were both disappointed that it hadn't snowed the way the weather forecasters had been saying it was going to. I was glad it didn't. I had no desire to have my short, short hair freeze in this weather.

Jennifer, at work, asked me if my hair was growing shorter instead of longer. The last time she saw me was a few weeks after a cut. This time it was only a day. Since my hair grows about an inch a month, it gets shaggy quickly after these short cuts, and, for once, it was crisp and neat.

Work was good, though it's review time and I'm mildly apprehensive about it all as last year, while I was on maternity leave, we didn't really set good annual expectations given what I ended up doing. Things changed a lot since we set up the things for the review. So I'm mildly apprehensive since my job changed completely and while people have said that I've done a good job and helped this release immensely I am still uncertain about whether or not I did well or not.

The meetings went okay. The one on one was productive, as ever, and lunch was fun, though Cary didn't show up, so he couldn't try the extra-hot ribs at Efrain's. I got a taco, which seemed prosaic enough, and got something entirely unexpected. I got a huge lettuce leaf that had a single fried corn tortilla in the bottom and then a thick layer of spiced chicken, a really spicy hot taco sauce, a thick layer of fresh lettuce, and then a good layer of jack and Cheddar cheeses. It was a taco that looked an awful lot like a tostada, without the crunch to the 'shell'. The taco sauce was so hot it made me sniffle a lot, cleared out my sinuses, and made my nose run. It wasn't so hot it made me cry, but it wasn't quite the experience I was expecting out of what I thought was a 'simple' taco.

I was very glad of the sugar-based Mexican Coke. The sugar really helped me deal with the heat.

Chad, Lynn, and Bob were at lunch, too and it was the usual mishmash of conversation. Bob was sad that we weren't doing a Jet hand-off as he really likes seeing Jet. We'll have to visit with them sometime and bring Jet along. He'd love chasing Andrew, now.

Jet slept at Joan's, after a really early morning. So he didn't sleep right after getting home. I played with him after I fed him. I had a meeting at 2, so John took over from there, and kept him the rest of the afternoon. I was very glad of that, as I had a lot to catch up on.

I'll be glad when this is all over. Of course, I'll have to start the next release, then.

I made a quick dinner at 6. I'd been seeing those Campbell's commercials about using a cream soup on browned chicken breasts, and we have a sack of the chicken breasts. I cooked a pre-packaged risotto mix, while defrosting the chicken, and I browned the chicken, like in the recipe, and added some thinly sliced onions and mushrooms and let them all brown up nicely. I then used my dry Marsala to deglaze the pan and then poured half a can of cream of mushroom soup into the pan along with a bunch of water, popped a lid on and let it simmer while nursing Jet. It almost seemed a crime to do the cream of mushroom soup with the other 'real' ingredients. I guess I could have just used milk or cream or a slurry to thicken things, and, actually, the Marsala was reducing to a nice, thick sauce.... next time I might just add garlic and parsley to the saute time, and then add just water to let the chicken cook through and see if the Marsala, alone, was good enough to make a nice chicken Marsala.

It was good, though, especially with the rice and some nuked peas. Simple, fast, and yummy. I ate in a hurry, to get it down as quickly as possible to allow some time to digest before swimming. I got fifteen minutes until Joan came, and the half an hour to get there, get dressed and showered were good digestion time, too, I guess. I didn't have any problems with my digestion.

Joan and I were ready a little early for the class, which is a first for us. We got our floats, got in the water, and there were kids still coming down the slide. Joan laughed and said that I really ought to go and try the slide. She had done it because Alex was afraid of it, so she did it to show him that it was okay. He had gone after she did. So she told me that I should, too.

So I did! There were two little girls in front of me, and they gave me curious looks, but grinned at me shyly when I smiled at them. The girl in front of me was very careful to not go until the other girl had already reached the side of the pool. So I was careful to give her that space as well. Both of the girls were small enough to fit into the tube of the slide while sitting straight up.

I, however, had to lie down. At the top of the tube were the sprayers that sent a constant stream of water down the slide to keep it frictionless and *fast*. The water being sprayed was ice cold compared to the 89 degree pool. I yelled just on contact with that icy spray and then I trusted myself to the tube. I leaned back, but didn't lie down flat enough, I think, as when I went off the end, I got a bit jolt along my low back as I bumped off the end with my butt and then hit the end again with the floats. Wow. It spanged just a little.

It's funny, but eventhough I know that the floats are what keep me from panicking in the really deep end, there is still some part of my brain that says I'm a patsy for wearing them. Luckily, all the women in the class wear the floats, too, so I keep wearing them, and I'm safe eventhough I have that foolish whisper in the back of my head. Patsy. You should be able to do this without them, see the teacher doesn't have any floats! Okay, so the teacher has a really useful fat layer around her, and when she breathes out during the relaxation exercises she doesn't go under the surface even *with* floats on. Plus, well, she's the *teacher* darnit...


It was a fun class. My back didn't bother me too much except when I was fighting to keep my head out of the water while doing front strokes. I ended up, during the extra swim time afterwards, just floating on my back and flutter kicking back and forth across the pool. It was a great leg workout, and it kept my back happy. Joan went to sign both Haley and Alex up for the next swim class as the teacher said that she was willing to take kids all the way down to 10-months. Joan asked me if Jet wouldn't like to do it, too, and I said I'd talk with John about it.

John and I may just take Jet to the pool more often, and just play with him there. Though sometimes it would probably be cool to have a teacher to show us what to *do* with him in there, for now it's enough to just have it be fun and interesting.

I got home and Jet was just going a mile a minutes. John was re-recording some of our videos for his Mom and Dad and for Kathy, and Alex and Haley were on the tapes, happy as can be during Jet's birthday party. Jet was standing to watch them play in the screen, and he was just going like crazy in reality. He kept trying to get to the VCR to play with the wires an the cool lights that were flickering from it and from the video camera. We kept him from it by just bodily taking him away from that and playing with him with other things.

I tried nursing him and he was so hyper he was tugging and pulling and even biting. Eek. So I gave up. At one point we tucked him in the exer-saucer, and Jet just started jumping up and down and up and down and up and down, endlessly. Burning off energy boy.

Finally, at 10, I was so tired, I just picked Jet up, got him changed into his pajamas and night diaper, and took him up into his room and sat down with him in the rocking chair, in the twilight of his darkened room, with the humidifier on to provide some soothing white noise. He fell deeply asleep, fairly quickly. I was even able to tuck him into his crib, and he slept there for a good two hours before waking up and demanding his infant seat.

I just have to believe that hearing Alex and Haley is something that keeps him awake. Most mornings while at Joan's he doesn't sleep at all until he's strapped into his seat and driven home. Then he sleeps. So he must do his darndest to stay awake when they're around. A good trick, someday, if we need him to stay awake

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