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February 28, 2002
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Snow Storm

9:45 pm: It's snowing like crazy right now. It sure made up for yesterday, and with the snow advisories and all the weather predictions being somewhere between five to over a foot, we'll actually get to see what tomorrow brings. They say that it's going to not only snow through the night but through tomorrow as well.

I'm really happy that we're not having to get into work tomorrow, and even happier that Joan is so close, so she'll still be able to watch Jet tomorrow while we *do* work. Joan said that it was sad that we had to work as probably everyone else would get a day off because of the huge snow.

I have so many things to do for work that there isn't any way I'd want to be forced to take the day off.

I worked six hours today. Joan had Jet nearly until 1 and when he came home he was so tuckered out he slept for two and a half hours. He got up at 5 this morning, and John tried getting him back to sleep for a while, I finally fed him and then just lay down with him on the couch and together we snoozed while John rode the exercise bike and then showered. When John was done with his shower, he took Jet off my chest, and put Jet into his infant seat (which now doubles as his bed, he's still unhappy with sleeping in the crib) and Jet and I both slept another hour.

Jet was then *so* happy he ate a jar of oatmeal, ate three-quarters of a jar of food at Joan's, and cheerfully played the entire time with Alex and Haley and didn't nap at all while he was there. When he came home, he ate off me, fell dead asleep and slept another two and a half hours, so I got time for my lunch and my work.

While at Joan's Haley fell off the inside slide they have, it's a little thing that Jet learned, yesterday, how to slide down. He's been climbing up it for the last month, I think, but only yesterday got enough coordination to get his legs over so that he could slide down it, sideways. He'll get straightened out eventually, but for now he has a blast getting himself situated well enough to slide down sideways.

Anyway, Haley was on the slide, Jet was actually a good ways away when Haley started to lose her balance. Of course, Jet went towards her at exactly that moment, and Haley fell and landed all her weight on Jet's left hand. Jet cried, but Joan moved his hand around and while he did cry at that, he didn't act like he was terribly wounded; and, later, he crawled to Alex without favoring that hand at all, so it's not likely any serious damage was done. Joan felt bad about it, though she couldn't have done anything about it.

Jet seemed to be using the hand just fine, and I watched him the whole late afternoon and evening and it didn't seem to be bothering him any more than anything else. So I think he's just fine.

John stayed late to do a few things, so he brought home dinner from Hunan Garden. We had pot-stickers, lo mein, and Mongolian Beef and all of them suffered a little from being shut up in boxes for a good long time, but they were good on a cold night and it was far better than having to cook. Jet ate a whole jar of food. I have a feeling we should probably be feeding him more, as after dinner, he stuffed lots of popcorn in along with some of the lo mein, bits of the potstickers, and a few crackers as well.

Jet demanded a chopstick, just like what we had, and he poked his rice, John's hand, and his tray with the stick vigorously. Better to let him have the utensils so he can get used to them and, perhaps, play with them enough to actually use them eventually. He enjoyed that a lot. He also enjoyed digging around in my popcorn can while John and I were doing pictures. We have another four weeks setup, but we're probably going to go through all of them before we post them.

I was somewhat disappointed to find that the video camera's pictures are far lower resolution than my digital camera. Somewhat as I now have more motivation to still try and take pictures with my old digital camera. It does really nice pictures that come out really nicely when printed. I got a few good shots of Alex during the karate test, so I should make prints of those for Joan.

Joan told us a really cool story. On the way to karate the other day Alex said to Joan, "If Joan and Phyllis call me and they have bad guys in the house, you have to drive me over there so I can use my karate on the bad guys!" What a cool kid to think of us that way. It was just really neat to know that he was willing to do his best for us.

Jet's walking a lot. He's just up and toddling around. He seems to be standing up more just to look at things, like the TV. He stood up in the office and started playing with all the cool lights on the one computer that's not behind the baby fencing. We had to put up a box in front of the control panel because as he was poking at the lights, he was poking at the power switch and the reset switch as well. That was kind of scary for a bit.

Jet turned into a pumpkin at 8:15, which was early, so John took him downstairs, and introduced Jet to the snow. John opened the door and let Jet touch the snow. Jet got really quiet and he looked at his hands and wiggled his fingers and then touched the strange stuff some more. Discovery and curiosity and new things never seem to fail to distract Jet. He was fascinated enough by the experience that after John brought him in and closed the door Jet hung out around the door watching the snow blowing down.

By the time I came down the snow was just gusting down. It doesn't just fall, it gusts in billows and clouds. The wind is just enormous and in just an evening, there's already two inches, and the weather guys say that it's relatively warm right now (28 is warm...) and by 2 am it should be in the single digits outside and the snow that falls then should be really fluffy and light and accumulate rapidly. So they're saying anything from four to twelve inches!


I am so glad of my boots that are good to forty below. I'm a little scared of having to go to Joan's tomorrow in the snow and getting Jet, as John has a three hour meeting, but we'll see how it goes. The plows here are actually really good about getting the roads around here, and it's all side streets and nothing really big or busy at that time of day, so I should be okay in the Baby Buggy.

It is, however, going to be a cold one tonight. Friday's *high* is going to be 9 and the low is supposed to be 7, Saturday's low is supposed to be -12, and the high, however, might be 12. I moved all the soda pop we've been keeping cool in the garage into our laundry room. I have no intention of cleaning up exploded pop bottles and cans after the cold snap. This is the first deep snow we've had since we've moved here. It's going to be a doozy, it seems.

I guess it's another reason to use Jet's snow suit.

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