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March 1, 2002
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Snow Day and Stomach Flu

We woke to a world covered in white. It wasn't even coverage, with the wind blowing all the snow down, the coverage was in drifts and shallows. Some areas were even completely clear, oddly enough the area just next to the garage door that the Baby Buggy comes in and out of its garage was totally clear.

We managed to get Jet off to Joan's, no problem. John had a three hour meeting, so I had to go get him, on icy roads. The plows had been through, but with the snow coming down constantly during the day, the snow was still drifting in and the more often traveled roads were icy and packed snow. I went and got Jet myself, and I was pretty proud of myself for going and doing it eventhough it scared me a little to drive in the stuff.

It was easy enough, though, with momentum in mind. Just don't go too fast for control, and slow down early enough for the turns. It's so flat out here there isn't any slope to worry about. I was glad of that.

When I got there, Jet was happy and playing and didn't really want to go. I also brought Joan eight pictures from Alex's test on Monday. She really liked them and talked about making copies of them for her mom. It was kind of slow of me, but I didn't really think about the fact that I could just print her another set of pictures until I got home. I then called to offer them to her, but she was off collecting Alex from pre-school.

Jet was all bundled up for the trip home, so it didn't surprise me at all that he fell asleep on the way home. He was all in his coat, his fur hat, and blanket, so I tucked him into his room with the humidifier going and pulled the fur cap off his head so he wouldn't get too hot, and he slept for nearly two hours while John finished his meeting and we got to eat lunch. I got quite a few things done, but not everything I wanted to do.

Jet woke up at 1, and John fed him, and then Jet and I played for a while. Jet was walking and talking and doing all kinds of things. He ended up pulling at his exersaucer, so I put him in it and he bounced happily in it. He was kind of tired and seemed like he might be hungry. I wanted one of my mango apple sauce things, so I ate one, and shared it with him. He demanded nearly half of it, and when I ran out, he pitched a fit.

So I got a jar of chicken and pears, and tried to feed that to him, but he kept wanting the spoon and when he got the spoon he'd start throwing food everywhere. Not for fun, he was more upset and mad than fun, and when I put him in his high chair to let him play with the spoon and some food, he got really mad. The really odd part of it was that he was eating like crazy. Even when he was crying really hard, I could put a full spoon of food to his mouth and he'd just eat it.

He ate nearly half a jar, before he started going "mama-mum-mum-mum..." which is one of his nursing sounds. He also clamped closed his mouth and started reaching for me. So I cleaned everything up and nursed him and he surprised me by falling asleep. It was only 3:30, and he'd been only awake since 1.

I had had enough of everything, including work today. So I went to sleep at the same time. I am very, very glad, now, that I did take that nap. I was really tired, and as soon as I had my tooth guard in and my head hit my buckwheat hull pillow I was dead asleep. I woke up to a querulous noise from Jet, and as soon as he saw me awake, he was going 'mama-mum-mum-mum' again, so I nursed him again, and he was very content to be held.

At 5, I turned him back over to John, finished the last bit of work I had to do and then made dinner. Penzey's had had a nice recipe for pork chops and potatoes with slivered onions, and I really wanted to make it with the country style pork ribs that we had. So I cut up stuff, browned the 'ribs' and the onions and then added the potatoes. Lots of spices and herbs were added as well, and a half a cup of water. It needed some time to cook, and John was having trouble keeping Jet happy.

I took Jet from John while the dinner was cooking. Jet really wanted me, and he seemed to want to nurse, so I let him, but he was kind of restless. We swapped after only five minutes and he dropped off the second nipple only five minutes into it. I just held him as it seemed to make him happier, and then suddenly he was vomiting up everything.

Poor kid. He soaked me and himself, and I managed to angle him so that we didn't get the couch at all. He was really unhappy with the action itself, but afterwards, he leaned against me, exhausted but more at peace, and he snuggled into me when I cuddled him. Poor little guy. I helped John change and clean up Jet, and then I went and cleaned myself up, took a shower, while our dinner simmered away happily.

John fed Jet water while I was in the shower, to help combat any dehydration. When I got out, Jet scrambled right for me, and then up came the water. He couldn't even hold water down, which worried me slightly, until we pulled on the pediatricians book and read up on it. No worries until he's been doing this for 24 hours, but in the meantime we're so doomed.

If it was the same thing Haley had a month ago, it would last for at least eight hours. We called Joan to ask her about symptoms, and it turns out that they were actually able to keep Tylenol and water down. Jet couldn't.

We did manage to eat dinner. Jet was okay for that, and I thought I might as well enjoy eating while I can. The pork was tender and flavorful, the potatoes were cooked through and were nicely caramelized by the onions, and it was all very good together. I added frozen peas and we had a spinach salad as well.

Jet had another vomiting episode, which John helped me with and we cleaned Jet up, and John was so beat from all this and the last several nights, that he went to sleep at 8:30. I stayed up and nursed Jet to sleep and tucked him into his infant seat, which we'd lined with towels. We even put a towel on him as a cover for the blankets.

It's supposed to be down to -12 tonight. I've never been so glad of modern insulation and modern heating techniques. We also did Jet's laundry this evening. He's already gone through three sleepers. We'll see what the night brings

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