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February 2, 2003
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Jet's Birthday and Baptism

10:11 pm: Jet had a great night last night, and, even better, he didn't get up until about 8! That was really cool. When all the adults were up, we all just ate cereal and had a very quick breakfast before heading into church. We were a good half an hour early, but it was good, as we got to talk with Michael about how it was all going to go, and John's parents got their cues as to what was going to happen with the baptism. The time was useful.

The kids' message is early on in the service, and the baptism basically took the place of it. Given that it was also communion Sunday, it's good to have everything be short and sweet. Jet did great, and he was kind of shy being held up before all the kids (who were all seated on the steps below the chancel). He was very, very shy about being held up before all the adults in the pews, too. He wiggled his way from John's arms to mine for the actual baptism and his eyes got very wide when he was touched on the forehead by both Michael and Anne and the water on their hands.

He just blinked as the water ran over his face, and snuggled in closer to me. Anne then did her best to take him out into the crowd to introduce him to the congregation, but as she took him further and further from me, Jet's face crumpled and he started crying. Poor tyke. Everyone took it in stride. It was Jet, after all, and when he ran back to me, I picked him up and everyone waved at him and he, shyly, waved back. That was good.

In fact, when all the kids were dismissed to their Children's Worship or the Quiet room, Jet manfully marched himself back. And all the along the way people waved at him and he waved back, this time he was smiling. That was really neat to see. During the coffee hour afterwards, everyone wished him Happy Birthday and Congratulations on the baptism and he'd smile at everyone that did so. Cool kid. I'm was surprised, and... touched, by how many people wished us well with it all.

Jet, though, was really, really tired. He actually started crying for milk, which he only does when he's so tired, he's about to fall over for a nap. They only had orange juice, so I gave him that, and he tasted it and liked it enough that he actually cheered up some. When he was done drinking it, we talked a bit with Michael before we left.

It turns out that Michael had been given a flask of water from the River Jordan by his mother-in-law. He'd been given it quite some time ago, and had lost it. Just this past weekend he'd found it and remembered what it was, so the water he used for Jet's baptism was actually water from the River Jordan. The river the Israelites crossed when the reached their Promised Land, the river with the water that John baptized Jesus with, and the river of a thousand stories. So Jet was baptized with the same water Jesus had been baptized with.


Jet, of course, fell asleep nearly as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot, and we went home and tucked him into the bedroom.

Lunch was the Morningstar burgers on old, frozen buns. The burgers, themselves, were quite good when baked in the toaster oven. They were crisp around the edges, good and chewy in the center and with mayo, condiments, lettuce, and fresh tomatoes, they were very good indeed. Everyone enjoyed them with a few potato chips. Yum.

After lunch, the wind picked up and started tossing everything around. We all then went to the Longmont Rec. Center, and went swimming. There's supposed to be a storm blowing in tonight, and it's best to just get the swimming done first, and get home before the big freeze. So we did.

George came and took pictures, as he still wasn't feeling all that well. Jet had a blast on the slide, the current, and everything. Though, at one point, in the current pool, he started crying as it carried him away from Isabel! When it brought him back to her, though he calmed, and he was laughing when she jumped in and swam next to him. The place was a zoo, though, as there were a lot of people there because of the bad weather.

When we came out, there was horizontal snow blowing outside. Jet went "Ooo!" when he saw, and we all piled into the van and closed it up tight before buckling everyone in. We went to Deli Ciosos, and I got menus, and John got the food while everyone sat in the van, sang to Jet's tunes, and basically had a small party.

We then went home and had dinner. There was a box from Cathie and Walt, so Jet got another birthday! So he grinned ear to ear as we sang him the Happy Birthday song, and he got to attack the package. In it was a big, plush panda along with a train engineer's outfit! Woowooo!! Jet loved the panda, gave it a huge hug and snuggled in happily. He also likes the outfit, but it's something for him to grow into, a bit, first.

After dinner, we had the last of his cake, and he ate it happily. We all also got hot tea with it to counteract the chill. It's SNOWING outside, and it's really cold. The stuff is blowing horizontal and it's covering things up. It'll make tomorrow morning quite interesting, I think.

Jet took the tent that Haley gave him and he's putting it on his head and then running, blindly, in all directions. He crashes into things, giggles, and gets up and does it again. And again...

I am pretty sure Jet's a boy. *grin*

By 10 it was sleep for all. Mmmm.... quite the busy day

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