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February 3, 2003
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Class, Jet's Checkup, and Jet's Book

9:40 pm: Today started with a two hour class on writing self-evaluations for reviews. It was okay. The really hard part was getting there. It had snowed for much of the night, and the roads weren't terrible, but many of them did have hard packed snow on them, and weren't at all dry or clear.

John had offered to drive me in this morning, but when we saw that some of the roads were already thawed, I decided to just be brave and take the Eurovan into work. But my jaw aches terribly tonight, and I'm totally sure that it's because I've been grinding my teeth all day, with all the driving and rushing around I had to do. I have to admit that it's o days like this that I really miss CeLena's massages.

The class was okay, but not terribly exciting. There were some good moments, but a lot of more boring moments as well. The best part of it is realizing what kind of commitment there is at the top of the organizations that I belong to to try and improve communication at all levels. That's cool.

Getting home was far less hairy than getting out. The roads were all clear and wet and the sun was just beating down and melting everything. When I got home, I found George in the garage digging out the new case of bird seed in anticipation of filling the bird feeder. He asked me a few questions that I was glad to answer and I left him to it.

Jet was awake, and mildly cranky, so I nursed him and he went right down to sleep. I then took the opportunity to cook myself a serving of the freezer ramen, and it was good. It was just as good as I remembered it, if not even better for being relatively fresh from the store. I'll definitely have to feed everyone with the stuff some cold evening.

I then worked, frantically, until 2:30, and at exactly that moment, I thundered downstairs and said we had to leave for Jet's check-up. We got there exactly two minutes early, and John was waiting at the front, so Isabel and George took Jet in and I parked two lots over, and walked back, forgetting Jet's diaper bag. John went and got it while I stood in line to pay the co-pay.

It was a good thing, too, as when the doctor peeled open Jet's diaper, he needed changing. So we changed him.

Good news is that he's catching up on weight, after the last time, when he's slid a bit. He's now back in his percentile and gaining. It's something of a relief. We also talked with her about what he does eat, and she was very pleased with the variety of foods that Jet is eating, and getting exposed to. She thought it was very cool that he could and would use chopsticks. She said that no pediatrician would EVER recommend a particular volume of food at this ate, as all kids have different metabolisms and at this age they should only eat when they want to eat.

Wow. That was very good to hear, direct.

So Jet's doing well on his growth, and she said that while he probably could eat a whole vitamin tab, given the variety of foods he's getting, he probably only needs half a tab a day. He seemed really healthy, coordinated, and happy to her. She also talked a bit about potty training, and that it's easy to do the urination, but that it's perfectly okay to diaper for bowel movements, and then just do bladder control to start, and then work on the bowel movements when the kid's ready to. Forcing the later only makes for constipation, terror, and failure on all parts. And to only start when he's really interested in it. So we have a plan.

From there we hit Target for a few things, and then we went to the cheese importers and sampled lots of stuff, and I bought an armload of things including, of all things, a wheel of Wallace and Grommet Wenslydale cheese. Hee.

On coming home, I checked the mail and found a box and several letters in it. The box, of course, was addressed to Jet, and when we got inside, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Jet, and he happily accepted the box and ripped it open with some help.

It was a book! Not only was it a book, when Jet opened it, his eyes got big and he pointed and said, "Me!!"

It was, indeed, him.

It's one of those iMac publication books. Kathy had put it together from her photos and wrote all the text, and it described Jet's second day at the beach. It had cool, whimsical shots (including all our shoes lined up next to the diaper bag on the sea wall), and lots of good shots of John, Jet, Kathy, and distance shots of me. *grin* The story was fun, too, and Jet listened, raptly, as John read it to him.

He loved it.


I went back to work, as Isabel made black bean soup and cornbread for dinner, along with a nice salad. It was good for a very cold day.

Jet pulled me from the dinner table to play choo-choos with him, and we had a good time with that for a while. Kathy called about then, and talked with John for a while, and he handed her off to me, and Kathy and I talked for a couple of hours. I went into the bedroom to not disturb Jet's sleeping ritual. It was a good conversation. It was nice to hear about what was going on with her, good and bad. When I came out I had a bit of tea and went to sleep.

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