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February 6, 2003
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Frozen Ramen, Artichoke Casserole, and Schoolhouse Rock

9:14 pm: I had a very intense work day today. I got to work for nearly all of it, other than getting Jet to nap around 11:30 and a half hour lunch break at 2. I got a lot done, resolved a lot of questions I had, and enjoyed being able to stay home while it was snowing this morning.

Lunch was kind of funny. I made some of the frozen ramen, with a single chicken thigh and a bunch of frozen peas. Jet took interest in my bowl, and he WANTED it. Badly. I got him a bowl and a fork and put noodles in it and he completely ignored it. He grabbed my chopsticks and started pulling noodles to his mouth. He ended up eating half my noodles. He studiously avoided the peas, but did manage to eat a few chunks of chicken by accident. I was amused.

We had a noodle eating contest and he mostly won. He even drank most of the soup, too. He really enjoyed it, so I'll have to make him his own sometime. But it was actually fun sharing it with him and I guess that's another good way for him to be stealing calories from me. Hee.

I then talked over dinner plans with Isabel, and she cheerfully made dinner while I worked all the way until it was done. I needed to make up for last Friday and Monday, and my boss said that it'd be fine to use comp time for the two days I'm taking off next week. I'm glad of that. I'm having to push hard for one last set of things to complete and then I'll be freed up for other things, hopefully.

I can hope.

Dinner was great. There was an artichoke heart casserole for everyone with plenty of leftovers for lunches, tomorrow, and lots of good salad to go with it. Jet picked at the salad, refused the casserole, and cried when I wouldn't leave the table to go play with him. Poor baby. John gave him a box of chess pieces, and Jet got so intrigued by them that he stopped crying and started playing with them, instead. Whew.

Afterwards, I made more granola, as I'd been dreaming about it last night. I finally used the last of the rolled oats from Costco, maybe I should get another huge box from them, as I've now found the way to use them pretty quickly in a way that I'll eat easily. It's also a great way to go through the yogurt from growing Sudipto's wife's yogurt. It grows so quickly, too, that it's good to just get through.

Jet got to watch Schoolhouse Rock, and when the numbers sequence was over, he asked, "Again? Again?" So he got it again, and he was so tied from dancing, that when John got him ready for bed, John didn't have to read a single book before Jet was just fast asleep. Yay!

Amusingly, George went to sleep even before Jet. They'd tired each other out all day. Isabel had felt bad about not being able to take Jet outside for a while, but they'd kept him so busy during the day he was good and tired tonight. Yay!

He'd actually had a great night, getting up at 2 and then at 4, and John took the first, and I the second and both times Jet just lay back down when we crawled onto the futon with him. He got up around 6:20 and nursed and went with John to the basement, and I got to sleep until 8. John had already left for work.

That was pretty cool. I needed the extra sleep pretty badly. I ached pretty badly from the swimming and all the clenching from driving in the snow. I felt better after the sleep

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