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February 7, 2003
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Parents' Night Out

4:25 pm: I wonder if yesterday wore me out. I have absolutely no desire to work today, and two and a half hours of meetings only bares that out even more. I don't like talking things out with people, it gives me a headache, especially with headphones. I was, however, very glad of all the progress I made with all the things that I wanted to get done by the end of this week.

Okay, actually before I leave next week.

But it's all done.

I slept very badly last night. Partially because I last nursed Jet at 11, and I had a terrible time getting to sleep with unempty milk sacs, and then because Isabel and George have given John and I tonight 'off'. They'll be taking care of Jet all night, and I was thinking too much about all the things I wanted to bring to the hotel and what we really wanted or even needed to get done.


I'm just tired, and my period is about to start, too. So I'm mildly depressed. Funniest thing is that I kind of miss having Jet to myself, too, during the week. It's mildly odd to share him all the time. But it's not bad for just a week. He'll do okay, and we'll do okay. It's so nice having the help, being able to work six hour days, and not have to make dinner that I won't complain. It's just a feeling.

Jet had a great night last night, only got up once, and then rose at 6, after going to sleep at 9:15 by just getting rocked by John. So I have some hope that Jet won't tire my parents out to nothing in the week they'll have him.

It's progress. I'm glad he's making it.

It's funny. John and I had this joke, a month ago, when Jet was getting up four or six times a night, "We have this thing in the house, AND IT DOESN'T SLEEP!" What do we do?


Today, at dinner, John said, "You know, it's a lot better now that It Sleeps." I nearly choked on my soup and everyone looked at me while I giggled.

Yes. It now Sleeps. Well enough that I'm pretty sure Jet won't destroy my parents when they come to take care of him. Tonight's kind of a test of that. We'll see how it goes, tomorrow.

Since I have a baby shower, for Jennifer, tomorrow, we had to do a few things on Our Night Out. The first of which was going to JoAnn Fabrics and buying some Cute Buttons for the sweater I knit the kid. We were all gussed up for eating at the European Cafe, and it was kind of fun to walk in and get looked at and then go to the button aisle and pick the cutest, smallest buttons I could find. We found some pretty amazing purple and pink hippos and elephants. So we got those.

Then we went to the European Cafe, and had some dinner.

It's almost typical of Boulder 'upscale' restaurants. High prices. High sounding entrees, and then when they serve, though, it's basically diner proportions with good but not great food. I think that the only place that actually lives up to its billing and expenses might be the Dandelion, and everyone in Boulder just says that they're too nose in the air to be worth the money. It's kind of funny, as the Dandelion's proprietor once said that no one in Colorado has any taste, and as bigoted as that might sound, I sometimes agree, as there are ALL these restaurants that charge too much, serve stuff that isn't meticulously Right, and they're all in business because people can't tell the difference.

But, in many ways, it's the only game in town. And it was near the fabric store and our hotel and I was mildly in the mood for what they might be able to do for me. They do have great bread. I got a duck liver pate appetizer, and got this huge platter with enough pate for four people. Oops. It was good stuff, with slivers of black truffles through it, and plenty of crackers, capers, pickles, and truly ripe tomatoes. But there was way too much of it. The tomato, seafood soup was chock full of mussels, but it was just tomato soup with lots of mussels, nothing astonishing or exquisitely complex. There was also so much of it that I left half of it. John's caprice salad was only a third buffalo moz, tomatoes, and basil and the rest was a rocket salad that he actually enjoyed. So I'm glad of that.

I ordered, for my entree a ruby trout with crab and lemon butter sauce, with rice and grilled vegetables. I got what was probably the equivalent of a whole rainbow trout covered in a quarter pound of crab. I didn't mind the crab, but the entire fish was a bit much. I only ate two-thirds of it. I didn't regret not eating the Whole Thing, and enjoyed the really nicely caramelized, grilled vegetables. They were worth eating. The rice was okay, buttery and the grains were very much individual. I could tell someone had parboiled them, and then steamed them for presentation. It was interesting to actually be able to just know that from the chew. It was good.

Best of all, though, was simply the chance to just sit and talk with John again. First time in nearly two years that we could just talk with each other, face to face without being pulled away, interrupted, or having to take care of something or rescue someone. It was so nice to just sit with John and get to know him again. Wow. It was also mildly odd to realize just how long it's been since we've done that.

From the quality of the dinner, we decided to skip dessert, and John got the bill and we left for the Pearl Street Mall. We had wrapping paper and a shower gift card to get, so we went and found some parking. When we stepped out of the car, the wind whipped in and it was COLD. Turns out, it was 0 out. Whoo. And here I was in a dress and just my rainbow Indian Blanket coat, and John was in a lighter jacket and dress pants. Whooiee. We finally ducked into a game shop, just to get out of the wind. When the proprietor asked us why we were there we both said, in chorus, "Because it's COLD out."

He laughed.

I did find a new baby card that could be easily modified for a shower card. So that was cool. We bought that and eyed the games with an eye for our nephew and nieces. Lots of interesting stuff there. From there, we trotted for the Art Co-op, but the wind was starting to die down, so by the time we were told that there was no wrapping paper there and that there was a Paper Doll up the walk a block, we had no problems taking that walk. The Paper Doll had some delightful baby foot paper and I found a beautiful silver and blue curled ribbon thing that I really liked, so I got that as well. All in all, between the buttons, card, and wrapping paper, I'd spent infinitely more than I'd spent on the sweater itself. Unless, of course, one counted my time on it in dollar amounts. Which one wouldn't, I don't think.

With our errands done, we thought we'd reward ourselves with sundaes from Ben and Jerry's, but when we walked up, after seeing people in there all evening, it was CLOSED! Bah! Humbug. It was just past 8, and they were shut tight. Ah well. So we had to walk to the car, and we thought about getting something at the hotel after we'd checked in.

On the way to the hotel, though, I was just staring out the windows and suddenly realized that there were neon lights blinking, "Belgian chocolates" at me. Woo. At 17th and Walnut, there's actually a Belgian chocolate shop! Turns out that a little, old couple from Belgium makes the chocolates and they owned the shop up until last year, and they sold the retail side of the business as they wanted to just concentrate on making the things. So there were 5 Kilo bars of Callabaut in the shop, and other things that looked very much like the chocolates at Bernard C.

John and I bought a small box of eight.

We took them back to the hotel with us, checked in, made decaf coffee, and curled up together and had chocolates and coffee. The rest is just for us. *grin*

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