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February 5, 2003
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Snow Adventures: Garbage Truck and Missing Swimsuit

9:11 pm: One of the scariest things in the world is the vision of a giant garbage truck barreling down on our tail while it's snowing out and we know that there's ice where we are and down the hill towards the intersection with Colorado State Highway 52. It's even worse when the truck slides gracefully sideways, and ends up right on the spot we used to occupy.

John got us off to the side enough that it missed us completely, he knew enough about the straightforward momentum of the thing to just gently touch the Passat to the side. If he hadn't we would probably have been pushed out into 50-70 mph traffic. That's what scares me. The trucker was lucky enough to have gotten his truck straightened out enough and pumped his brakes enough that he didn't go out into traffic, but it was a very near thing. I was glad that he took a moment to recover and let us make our desired turn onto the highway. As we pulled away, I saw him behind us, going far, far slower.

It really wasn't much better tonight, either, and I added to the low drama by forgetting my swimsuit when I went to swim by myself tonight. With Joan gone, I couldn't just hitch a ride with her, and I was all nervous when I found out that it was snowing again. I took the Passat and got John to tell me that he wouldn't be mad if I crashed the car. That was good enough to get me out the door, but it was snowing hard when I went out, thick, fast, heavy snow. There was so much snow that I had a hard time seeing. High beams only made it worse, so I just kept the beams low and drove slowly. No one was behind me, and I could just keep it slow.

I was glad I did, too, as at the same intersection where the truck almost took us out, it was icy again, and I was able to stop in plenty of time. It was very eerie driving without being able to see any other lights, other than the headlights of the cars coming at me, and a few tail lights in the distance. I took that slow, too, half thinking that I should turn back because if it was going to snow like this the whole way, I was doomed when I came home. But I fortified myself with the thought that it was only supposed to snow 2-4 inches all night, and the weather here is never the same.

But when I got there, it hurt to find out that I'd forgotten to pack my swimsuit. I was willing to rummage in the lost and found bin when one of the ladies at the front desk took pity on me and lent me one of the display suits in their glass case. I told her that I didn't have the money to buy the suit on me, and she said that it was okay, they'd just put this one back in the case. I boggled mildly at it, but decided it was a great deal and was very willing to do that. Better than wearing a suit that no one really knew if it was clean or not.

So I did.

It was about a size or two too small. I managed to get into it, just barely, but I didn't rip any stitching, and it actually had better seat coverage than the suit that I now own. Whew.

So I swam in it and wondered about the morality of the loan, but they were all saying that it was okay. I'm too used to all the department stores saying that one can only try the suit on with underwear and if it's used, they can't take it back. But it's a display model... etc... and I'll wash it with anti-bacterial soap. I really want to return it, as it's too small, but it's so nicely made... I may have to try and buy one there that's actually in my size. The display suits aren't usually sold, which is why the girl lent it to me, but it still felt mildly odd.

Ah well.

I did forget about worrying about it while I was swimming. It was nice for a while. Then I managed to get out of the pool and out of the suit before everyone else hit the showers. I'm really surprised I don't have athlete's foot by now, with all the time I now spend in various public showers. Anyway... I double checked with the lady at the front desk and she was fine with me returning it clean and dry.

Then I went out and tackled all the snow that had accumulated on the Passat. It was a good inch, but it was powdery dry, so I was able to just brush it all off while I warmed up the engine. That was nice, and then I took my slow way home.

The visibility was much, much better than on the way out. The roads, however, were in worse shape. It was in the low 20's so any snow that was melted by passing cars would freeze again quickly, especially on the bridge over I-25. It was nasty to see people sliding around like in a rink, but everyone was good about keeping enough distance and going slow enough to be able to react or get things under control in time. That was very, very good.

I was, however, very glad that I'd brought my toothguard for swimming. I wore it for the drive home and my jaw doesn't feel like a clenched fist. Whew.

I took plenty of time to slow down enough for my turn off the highway, and then the way was pretty clear. I liked that, and I got home in one piece only to be grabbed by the hand by Jet and hauled around the livingroom, the kitchen, and then the livingroom again. Hee. He was running like a happy baby.

He'd had a great day. He'd taken a good nap while Isabel and George did some errands, then joined us for lunch at the Royal Bengal Restaurant. He ate a huge plateful of basmati rice, a big chunk of naan, and tasted a bit of the hotter sauces but just said, "Owie." and left it alone. He then went with George and Isabel to Safeway to do some grocery shopping, as John and I went home to work.

We got a lot done. It was really nice to just get home and work, but my afternoon schedule got completely juggled. So I ended up going downstairs and nursing Jet for a second nap so that I could do that before 3. John and I both had meetings at 3 and I got to use my Christmas present from my parents! Yay! The headset, adapter, and my celphone worked great for the meeting. I was really happy with that and really, really happy not to have to old the celphone to my head for an hour and a half.

Yeah. John's meeting was from 3-4, and I had a second meeting from 3:30 to 4:30. So I was very, very glad of the headset. Yay! We may actually come close to using all our minutes this month, for the first time in years and years. Hee.

Isabel and John made macaroni and cheese from a box and John grilled some Costco sausages outside, in the snow, as well. That plus a salad and we had a nice little dinner after the huge lunch we all had. Jet didn't touch the mac and cheese, but he did eat a good portion of a piece of George's bread. He liked that a lot. I was glad of that.

Then I went swimming. They had a nice, quiet evening, ate popcorn, and enjoyed a very playful Jet who seems to have found another gear. He's going really fast around things, and he loves, now, having someone chase him around and around. It's pretty neat to watch him go, go, go!

He's still so small, but he's so happy and active, and it's cool knowing that the doctor was really happy with how he's grown in the last six months. Yay

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