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February 9, 2003
three years ago
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10:14 pm: When I got up this morning, John told me that Isabel was sick. She'd thrown up repeatedly this morning. By 10, he was able to reach a nurse at urgent care, and she recommended that they bring Isabel in. So they did.

Jet and I played at home, nursed and he napped. I got to work on my brag book for the DunDraCon trip and I was really, really glad of the rotary cutter I'd bought at Costco a while back. It was really easy to cut apart pictures after I'd printed them on my printer I really enjoyed doing that. It was kind of hard, though, to pick exactly 40 pictures for the whole last two years. I worked at it, though, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I could see why some people really like scrapbooking.

I made yogurt, too. And then I cut the stew pork for green chile stew. I threw a little oil on it, salt, and then started peppering it and the top of the pepper grinder came right off. Someone had loosened it, I guess, and the damned thing came right off and I had a pile of pepper in raw pork.

I couldn't get it all off the meat. It would just ruin everything, and since it was sale pork, it was getting dark. It was also only two dollars worth of meat, so I finally had to just throw it all out. It made me less busy, which wasn't all that bad a thing.

When Jet got up, we nursed, and then I made myself a bit bowl of the frozen ramen, and I put it up on a bread box. Jet sat on the counter and the two of us had a competition eating the noodles from the bowl with chopsticks.

I think Jet won.

Especially if we counted all the noodles that ended up in his lap as well as the ones inside him. We got most of the noodles in his lap inside him, too. And that was good, too. Jet also really liked the thinly sliced green onions and started pulling them out and eating them directly. Hee. Yay! Green vegetable in the boy!

He also drank nearly all of the soup, too. So he definitely had a great lunch.

Everyone came home then. So I made John and George ramen lunches, too, with the roast pork, green onions, and a bit of pickle. When they were done, brushed their teeth, they took over for me, and took Jet outside.

It was blowing like crazy, and it was COLD. They bundled Jet up, and he asked for mittens and his boots, so he was really good to go. Later, John told me that Jet had to walk through every snow field that he saw, and then, when John showed him how to toss the snow piles into the air, he had to throw EVERY snow pile into the air that he could see. Even when the wind blew the snow right into his eyes, he had to do it. The hood on his sweatshirt, under his coat, kept him pretty warm and mostly out of the wind, but when Jet came back in he had really rosy cheeks from the cold.

I was crazy. I packed for DunDraCon. I just started throwing things into the suit case, and checking things off my lists as I threw them in. There are a few things that are going to have to wait on whether or not I get the gumption up to do something other than just sit around in the evenings. We'll see.

I also got distracted. While I was looking for my copy of Shadowrun, I found a copy of Kingdom Come, which I bought, long, long ago and hadn't read. I read it. I cried a lot. I miss my comics, in some ways. In others, it was an expensive habit that rarely gave me what I wanted. This, though, gave me what I really wanted. Hope is such a precious thing. Inspiration rarer yet.

When I 'came to', it was nearly 6. I went down, made a quick dinner of roasted, herbed chicken breasts, Stove Top stuffing, and nuked frozen peas. Simple, quick and easy. Everyone liked it. Right when the food was ready, Isabel tottered upstairs. She said she felt much better. So I made her some oatmeal, and she ate a little of that and stayed at the dinner table as Jet roamed around trying to pull anyone away.

Finally, Jet sat at the table himself and ate about half a cup of stuffing! So he liked that a lot, and ate big chunks of it greedily for a while, but when he wasn't hungry anymore, he just stopped and went back to playing and trying to get someone to play with him.

When Isabel did finish, she lay down on the couch, put a blanket over her, and, unintentionally, went to sleep. Jet went around, laughing, thinking she was playing a game, but when she didn't respond to him at all, he peered at her, gently patted her cheek, and then came to me, wide-eyed, "Asleep!" he said, and checked on her now and again, to make the same pronunciation.

While John and George talked about firewalls, Jet got me to draw him five different choo-choos, one impressionistic, one Monet style, another in big slashing marks, another in pastels, and finally one that was just tossed together willy-nilly and he eyed it reproachfully and then asked Daddy to draw one. Hee. So I got a break and finished my first, green, fine wool sock. John had bought me a pair of fine wool socks while they'd gone to Woolrich while I was at the baby shower. I'll have to try them on tomorrow.

I packed a little more. Then joined the boys for dessert. They got ice cream. I got tapioca pudding, as I liked it and I needed to finish it before I left.

It was plenty to get Jet running again, but by 10, he was pretty tired and he went to sleep pretty easily. Then we chased Isabel downstairs, and George went willingly as well. Their flight isn't until 11, but we're trying to get them there before 9, so they should leave sometime after 8. I had some herb tea, though about the coming days, and I'm afraid of them. But I journaled, anyway, and went to bed and thought a lot.

I'm afraid of weaning. I'm afraid of being away. I'm afraid of hating people. I'm afraid that I've forgotten how to travel. I'm afraid that I won't have any knack for gaming anymore. That I won't 'like' it. Bah.

All silly fears, really. I'll do fine. What happens happens, and it won't be as bad as I fear, and strange and wonderful things will happen and it'll work out. If I do dry up completely in the coming weekend, then it'll probably make life easier for me when I go on the week-long cruise. If I don't, then I'll be able to enjoy nursing Jet for the two weeks until then. It's all going to be okay in the end. However it works out, it'll be okay

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