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February 8, 2003
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Baby Shower and Casa Alvarez

10:18 pm: I thought I'd try, this morning, to pump and see if I even had the technique anymore. It would also help with the first time in the morning nursing thing. I thought. I even tried taking a bath, but the hotel bathtub's drain plug leaked like crazy, which was really sad. I didn't like that at all. So I got less than a couple of teaspoons of milk and I figured that I'd get better at it with some practice, but it was mildly disappointing.

We went to Le Peep for breakfast. It's a very popular breakfast place that has branches all through Colorado. They're pretty good, and I got the blueberry pancakes with a small cup of fruit and a bit of yogurt on the side. I seem to have made plain yogurt a part of my regular breakfast, and it was nice to be able to ask for it and get some. Not a lot, just a little. Mmm...

When we got back to the hotel we realized that I hadn't sewn the buttons on, so we took fifteen minutes and I did that while John checked out using the TV. We sipped the complimentary coffee, watched or listened to the TV, and I got the very cute buttons onto the very cute sweater. Yay!

When we got home, everyone was doing quite well. Isabel said that Jet had only gotten up once, and had gone right back to sleep when she'd come up to take care of him. Yay!

I nursed him to sleep. John wrapped the present, and found a map to get me to the baby shower, and when I got Jet squared away, I ran of to the shower. I think that John's parents napped, too, and they were planing on going out and doing something together when Jet woke up.

The shower was fun. There were other engineers there, with their own sense of humor and what's appropriate, so I didn't feel entirely crass. It was good to be mostly among my own. There were other women who were a mite shocked and bemused by some of us, but that was okay. Jenny had a great time, and loved all the presents, the attention and the gorgeous brunch that everyone put together. The hostess had made two quiches and baked French toast with pecans, others had brought a layered fruit salad, and a beautiful cake. So we had plenty to eat.

There were two games, which weren't embarrassing at all. One was just a memory game, with twenty things on a tray. There was another for identifying baby foods. Hee.

The present opening had Jenny squealing with delight and cooing a lot at how cute things were. The cake was a gorgeous six layers of chocolate with a berry filling, and beautiful decorations. Mmmm....

By 2 I was ready to leave, though. Just too much socialization for me, as I presently am, so I headed home. No one else was home, so I took the opportunity and started picking and eventually printing and cutting pictures. The rotary cutter was wonderful. It made it really easy to cut close, straight, and perfect for all the pictures I was doing. The brag book that Kathy had bought me could take 38 pictures, and distilling all the pictures of the first two years down to 38 was pretty hard.

I managed it, and started just rolling through them. When I was halfway done, everyone else came back home. John had gone to downtown Erie and looked and it turned out that Mina's was still not open. They'd hoped that when they closed the old place that it would only take a week to open the new, but it looked awful optimistic, now, as they weren't half done with the interior on the new place. Oops.

So John called Sudipto and we figured out what else we wanted to do.

Jet was pretty crabby, as he'd only had an hour's nap. So when we decided to go to Casa Alverez we decided it would be okay if he fell asleep. We brought his car seat in with us, and the waitress upended a wooden high chair to cradle it, easily. So Jet slept the sleep of the young in the midst of all that noise and commotion.

We had a great time. I ordered the whole, fried tilapia, and I loved it. It was crisp on the outside and tender on the inside and very tasty. I had it with rice and beans. When Jet did wake up, he got my separate plate of rice and beans, and ate away at the rice. He really enjoyed that.

It was great just talking with Sudipto and his wife, Kakali, as they're both very into their culture and keeping as much of it as possible alive here in the U.S.. It was fun and very informative to ask them about their food, bread, names, regions, languages, schools, and Kakali's teaching of traditional Indian dances here in the U.S.. It was really fun to talk with them through a lot of that and learn.

Jet was asleep for most of that, and then he ate. But when he was done with that, he started running around the restaurant John chased him for a while. We then decided to go home, as the food was long gone, and we were able to go.

When we were home it was obvious that Jet wasn't going to sleep any time soon, so we made bagels. Jet wanted to get into the middle of it, so I let him have one of the balls of dough. He rolled it around, slapped it and plunked it, happily, on the baking sheet as I was working my way through the other balls. I'd re-roll his ball every once in a while and he'd do it all again.

When we were done with all that, I guess Jet was still wound up. Isabel and George went to sleep, but John and I stayed up with him, and he didn't get to sleep until an hour later than usual. Given that his nap at the restaurant was an hour long, it made some sense. It was, however, tiring.

So our first trip away from Jet was very successful, and I'm glad that it was so easy. It should make life easier on Mom and Dad, I hope, when they come to take care of Jet for our cruise. It's good to know that Jet can be so easy to take care of and that he doesn't freak out when we're just gone.


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