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February 10, 2003
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John's Parents Leave and I Catch Up

8:37 pm: For some weird reason the clicking has turned on for my keyboard and I can't turn it off, it's driving me insane...

... just a minute...

... no good. I can't find the documentation. Grr...

... whew. The web site had it. Thank God. Program plus the pipe key. Weird that I hit it somehow.


A tiring day. John left at 8 with his parents, and I was left with getting Jet ready and off to Joan's. Turns out, though, that Granny had instilled a new morning ritual, and Jet wanted to pick his own clothing. Twice. I didn't get him to Joan's until nearly 8:30, which is when they had to leave with Alex to get him to school on time. Alex greeted me with a, "We were wondering what happened to you!!"

Haley just started yelling, "Jet's here! Jet's here! Jet's here!" Jet was just as glad, too, he was really happy to see her, and he settled right in.

I wish my work was as easy to settle back into. The junior engineer on my new project scheduled a meeting from 10:30-11:30 late Friday, forgot to send me an email about it, forgot to talk with me about it, and didn't manage to even CHECK my damned calendar about it. Yes. I am angry about it. So the first thing I have to say when she calls me up is, "I have to leave at 11, it's in my calendar. I'm sorry about that, but it's one of my inflexible times." And so I did.

Fuck work. Fuck reality.

I'm tired and bloated and having my period and I'm glad it's now and not while I'm at DunDraCon.

My hands hurt, though, and my parents are asking me for an update to the journal so that they can learn the latest about Jet, and I'm about ready to kill something over it. Not them. It's a reasonable request and they didn't put a time limit on it, and I probably don't have to kill myself to do it immediately. It's my internal growl about it all as I know I'm behind, but there's so fucking much to catch up on after all the stuff that was going on for the last month.

I'm tired, too. Did I say?


I took the afternoon off. I got Jet at 11, he napped, I worked, and when he woke up, I nursed him and we went off to McDonald's, nearly got blown out of the parking lot, but it was sunny. He got a four piece McNugget Happy Meal, and liked the Tonka truck the best. He ate fries, didn't even touch the chicken, drank all of his pop, and stole some grilled chicken off my sandwich. I gave it to him gladly. He was just curious, I think, but he ate a few pieces, and then started throwing them around.

He did hoard the fries, though, and protested when I threw away the ones he was starting to just play with. From there we hit Safeway in Fredrick and got a few things that we had to get before I left. Cream cheese for bagels and lox, some stuff for a surprise shower on Wednesday, and a few other things that John had asked for.

We got home, watched cartoons, drew, drove cars, and played in Jet's Bob the Builder Tent. Jet now has an unfortunate tendency to put the tent over his head and then just start running. In any direction. He usually trips over something, bonks himself, and comes out smiling. He seems to like it enough to not stop himself, so I just have to stop him for him. It's dangerous with all the things that are around.

So we jumped off the couch, instead. Hee. And he got to do horsy rides with me, which he really liked.

He even lay on the changing pad to be changed when he got wet! Jet fights the changing table tooth and nail, but there he was actually lying down to be changed! I was impressed.

John came home, made dinner, and I ran upstairs to get work done and try to at least get the daily stuff under control. My hands now hurt, though. Ah well. Jet's also crying for me as he didn't see much of me last week, and now he's not seeing much of me at all, poor guy.

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