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February 12, 2003
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Second Baby Shower, Biking, and Lists

Jet had a hard time sleeping last night. It wasn't that he expected anything, it was just that he kept waking up needing to know that someone was there. John was up with him at 11 and midnight, so when Jet was up at 1, I just went upstairs and went to sleep on the futon next to him.

Jet kept waking up, about every hour, and he'd come over and pat me to make sure I was there. Or he'd headbutt me and go back to sleep with his head against me, or he'd roll in close and hug my arm. But since I was right there, it was a very quick and easy thing, and he barely woke me up. I think I slept better right there, with him, even on the hard futon mat, than I did in my bed. I also felt virtuous, as John was going to have more sleep to deal with the upcoming weekend.

So I was with Jet from about 1 'til 6, when he finally woke up and stayed awake and wanted to nurse. He got his nursing in and we went downstairs and John came out soon after. So I went back to bed until 7, took a shower, and by the time I had breakfast, we were leaving at 8. John needed some extra time at work, and we were getting Jet from Joan an hour early so that he could make it to another, surprise baby shower for Jenny, at work.

Work was work, but I was totally discombobulated. I was confused about how much time I had before my meeting, when the meeting was, and then when I went to it I forgot the plates, napkins, and stuff I was supposed to be giving to a woman that was right near the meeting room, which was across the whole building. I also forgot my badge, so I couldn't just go back for it without someone to go with me, so I just decided to do it after the meeting.

As I was coming out of the meeting, Jenny was there to greet me! Woo. She had heard my voice and wanted to talk a little and thank me for going to the baby shower. And by the time we were done talking all the guys that I'd met with were gone, and I had no way to get to my side of the building. Oops. Jenny was a sweetie and took me over to the carding door, and got me through to my side of the building. Hee.

Of course, I went to my desk and then returned with the utensils, plates, and napkins for the party. This time I remembered the badge too, and spoke with Debbie in whispers so that I wouldn't alert Jenny to the fact that I was back again. Whew.

I worked some more, and the went to get John when it was twenty 'til noon. Time to rescue the baby. When we arrived in their driveway, though, it was empty and the house was dark. Oops. John called Joan with the celphone and found that she was just two minutes away. So we just waited and got to load a sleeping Jet into the car.

He'd just gone to sleep when they'd gone to get Alex. So he got to sleep all the way to work, and we tucked him out of the way in his seat. When Jenny arrived, there was a shout of "Surprise!" and a ragged chorus of "Happy Birthday to your baby..." after which I heard this querying noise from the general area of Jet's seat. I went over and he was wide awake, trying to sit up in spite of the straps holding him into the seat. So I released him, and he wanted up, immediately. I picked him up.

I then went through the lunch line with him in one arm and my plate in the other and if he reached towards anything I put it on the plate along with the things I wanted to eat. So by the time we were done, he was quite willing to stand between my legs and eat off the plate on my lap along his side of the plate. Carrots, celery, potato chips, and some pasta salad. I also had a Southwestern egg roll, half a sandwich, and some other salads. When we were done with that, Jet ran off to John to eat some cake. Eventually, I saw him with his own plate of chocolate cake, eating away at it quite happily with a fork. I was very impressed that he wasn't using his hands at all.

After he'd eaten, he found out that Anika and Quinton were there, so he and they started to play. Soon the three of them were running around tables, climbing the fireplace, and chasing each other around with lot of screams of laughter, giggling, and jumping up and down. They were just jumping up and down for the fun of it, I guess. *grin* Jet got a good twenty minutes of that before we finally had to leave to get me back home in time for my meeting.

When I was done with the first meeting, I nursed Jet, and we both napped until the beginning of my second meeting. I let him sleep in the bedroom while I slept out on the couch, so that I could use an alarm. Of course, I woke up two minutes before the alarm, and went upstairs and set myself up for my second meeting while John tore stuff down, and finished with his meeting. He went downstairs to work in the relative quiet without me o my meeting and the speaker phone.

When I was done with my meeting, I got to work for a while, until I heard the door right beneath me open. So I closed stuff down, went downstairs, and, sure enough, Jet was up. So I changed into my biking shorts, and took Jet downstairs with me while I rode the exercise bike. I needed it badly. Jet had a blast. He slid, played on his big, electric choo-choo, and he climbed up on the couch to watch SpongeBob Squarepants, and eventually came over to me and asked to be picked up. So he got to sit on the handlebars of the bike and watch the TV while pushing various status buttons on the exercise bike. He seemed to enjoy the vantage point and had no complaints about the hard bars under his butt.

When I was done, he asked to ride the electric choo-choo while it was running, so I supervised, and let him turn it on and off. He loved it. Recently, he was just chasing it around when it was running, but toight, he seemed quite happy to actually ride it. So I was glad he'd gotten back to that.

When I went upstairs, I set up boiling water for spaghetti, set up meatballs and sauce to simmer, and went and took a shower. John finished cooking things while I was lotioning up and doing the last of the packing.

I love List Pro. I love ListPro a lot. I love ListPro and how I can have a 100 item list and it'll allow me to just have it show the unchecked items, and how I can shrink hierarchical lists with a single touch. It's just so nice for packing, especially since I'm the kind of person that goes over things a thousand times ad still isn't completely sure it's right. The only way I can be totally sure is with a list that I can physically mark off when I physically put it in the bags.

So I have. And I did. And there's less than a screen's worth of stuff to do. Woo hoo!

We had our spaghetti dinner. Jet didn't touch his food, probably because he was starving before I went downstairs and I gave him part of a protein bar. So he's got stuff in him for growing, but he didn't eat dinner with us. Ah well.

He's also like his father in that he completely refused even a taste of my tapioca pudding. Just not their thing, I guess.

Jet and I wrestled, we talked, we played with stuff, and John got to do some more work. But then John got down and played with Jet as well, and when it was time to go to sleep, John did the honors. It was kind of funny having The Producers on TV while we were putting Jet to sleep, and he watched it with steadily closing eyes until it was 9:50 and he fell asleep in John's arms as John rocked him after milk, his pajamas, and brushing his teeth.

We'll see if he stays that way.

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