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February 11, 2003
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Wandering Around the Church

I'm pretty tired today, and possibly sick. Though, last year, I had a couple of weeks when I felt the same way. It might just be the way my allergies express themselves here. So it might just be my allergy time. But my throat has the same almost-sore feeling that it's had before. I don't want to be sick for the visit, but I'm stressed from getting everything ready for the trip.

I took Jet to Joan's at 8, and had plenty of time to get cash and a latte before getting to work and my first meeting. The second meeting ran long, and I was ready to go home when it was done. Jet had come home asleep, so I had a quick lunch and went to sleep with my watch under my pillow so that the alarm wouldn't wake Jet up.

I got up in plenty of time for my 3 o'clock meeting, which ran the whole time, so John and Jet went off to Jet's swimming lesson with Alex and Haley. I worked until they got back, and when they did, we headed into town. John had a meeting with guys at church, so we all went so that we could have dinner together, afterwards.

Jet and I had a great time just wandering around outside and inside the church while John met. Outside there was a lot of crunchy snow, and Jet liked walking through it. Inside there was the quiet room, toys, and the church school rooms. Jet liked exploring everything. Eventually we even went back to the Eurovan, and got inside and listened to Jet's CD for a while. Jet was listening intently and then he started to grunt. So I asked him if he was poopy and he said, "Yeah."

So I took him back to the quiet area and changed him. There were people there from the Hispanic church that borrows our areas for their worship. So Jet wanted to watch what was going on. I figured they were setting up for a service of some sort, so decided, eventually, that we really shouldn't be there. It took a little persuading, but when I had, we met up with John and his meeting. It was already 7, and I was hungry, so we wandered in and out of the four people meeting a few times and they figured it out.

The Family Affair was closed after 2. So we went to the Pumphouse instead. The food was good, the music not too loud, and Jet ate plank fries, salad croutons, and drank milk. I had a buffalo burger that was medium, and it was lean and wonderful and smothered with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and BBQ sauce. I really enjoyed it.

Jet went to sleep on the way home, and we got him to bed, no problem. He didn't even wake up when we changed him into his PJ's. I hope that means he'll sleep well tonight

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