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February 20, 2003
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Pancakes, Tamales, and French Fries

8:33 pm: I was home today. Jet was up every hour from about 1 am. I got him once, John got him twice, and then I got to nurse him. He went back to sleep and I just slept with him and he slept until twenty after seven, which isn't too bad. John got to sleep in until 8, which made it so that he was significantly more coherent than if he hadn't.

I made myself some British style pancakes after they'd left for Joan's. I needed that. I just ate them with sugar and tea. It was very satisfying to just do and I started earlier than I usually do on the mornings that I have to myself. It was good to get work started by nine.

I had a meeting at nine thirty and at ten thirty so I didn't have very much concentration time until after Jet got home and went to sleep. But then he was asleep for a bit more than an hour and a half so I had a good chance to concentrate.

When he got up, we had lunch together, I steamed a couple of sweet corn tamales and we ate them together at the table. He ate a bit more than half of one. We then played. I drew a train for him on his white board, we drove cars, and we chased each other around the house. We made granola together. Jet had fun measuring things out into the bowl. I mixed up the liquids and added them to the rest. Jet had fun turning it all out onto the cookie sheet. That was fun.

Around 3:30, Jet decided he wanted to go upstairs and play with the Sesame Street Toddler software. The only problem was that there was something weird about the installation, and I had to uninstall it and then reinstall it before it would work. Jet was really frustrated by the whole thing, and started crying every time the computer shut down or he could see the Sesame Street icon on the screen and we couldn't get it to go.

Blah. That was pretty hard.

After it was up, though, it was pretty fun. Jet drove by pointing, and I did the mouse stuff and got him to click every once in a while. He loved it. So that was cool. I need to get the software that Scot gave him up on the machine and see if building trucks would motivate him enough to do the mouse work himself.

John got home soon after that and took Jet to bike with him. John also made a dinner of fish sticks, crispy fries, and vegetables. Jet ate the fries happily enough, but refused to eat the fish. I'm still not quite sure how the heck he can tell the difference between chicken nuggets and fishsticks, but, evidently, he can, and he prefers the nuggets.

After dinner, Jet had a bit of a hissy fit after I wouldn't give him more granola after he spit some out. So when he got up at the counter, he started throwing things around, so he got put on the floor. So he went over to the recycling bin and pulled every blessed bit of paper out of it and flung it behind him. The last was relatively undestructive, so we let him do it to give an outlet for his frustration, and that worked.

He's been perfectly calm for the rest of the evening, and doing fine. He ate ice cream with us, no problem, he wrestled with the Boppie and liked getting wrapped up in a blanket and playing peekaboo. And he's presently playing with his Matchbox cars and the Mountain.

We're having our herbal tea early, and I'm trying to write a little earlier so that I can just go to sleep when Jet's asleep. He didn't do the 2+ hour nap, which might be why he's crabbier tonight.

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