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February 19, 2003
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Lunch with Bernd, Hungry Jet, and Swimming

9:36 pm: I didn't want to wake up. I'd gotten up at 5:30 to nurse Jet, and stayed up with him until 6. He didn't go back to sleep, so I got up with him and took him down and asked John if he wanted to take over, or if he wanted to stay asleep.

John got up and took over, and I went back and slept like the dead for another two hours. I needed it badly. I probably should be going to sleep early tonight, too. So I'm drinking my Sleepytime and hoping it'll counteract the swimming.

Turns out that Bernd is in town, so we told him about our lunches and got folks to go to the Double Pepper for lunch. Bernd met us at work, and John showed him around while the rest of us went and got tables at the place. It wasn't crowded. The tequin pepper plant was right by the front door, so John was able to ask about the care for it. The lady said to just let it grow as big as you want it and then start pruning, and that it's very important to get all the small branches at the bottom. So that's easy.

I just have to transplant the big one that I have into a bigger pot, I think. I gave Cary the smaller one that still looks very healthy and happy. I was thinking that I'd love to start plants from seeds for people. John's boss had seen me with the plant and asked me if I'd started it from seed and I said that I had. That would be something that I can do, no problem, and that would be fun and interesting to sell to people. There are folks at the farmer's markets that sell nothing but sprouts, grasses, and organic seed for that. It would be interesting to figure out where to get organic food seed.

Anyway. Bernd liked the tour, liked the food, liked having conversations with our friends at work, and got to see Jet asleep at Joan's. Jet had just fallen asleep, he'd been great on Haley's trip to the doctor. Haley's having some stomach problems and they were going over her with an ultrasound. Jet mostly just sat quietly and waited with everyone else, and was quiet and serious about being there. So he was great.

Afterwards, though, he was really hungry. They'd gone to McDonald's and gotten a ten piece chicken McNugget for the kids, and Joan had said to Haley that she'd gotten chicken for them. When they went into the house, Jet started reaching for the bag saying, "Chicken, CHIcken! CHICKEN!!" and started crying when Joan told him to just wait a little bit. When they'd all sat down, Jet ate four whole nuggets!!


He hadn't had much breakfast, and he hadn't asked for a snack, so I guess he was just hungry. I think that's more chicken than he's eaten at one sitting in quite a while. Joan didn't even say if he had fries, too, and I suspect that he did.

He was also tired from his early morning, and when they went to get Alex, he fell asleep on the way home. He napped for a bit more than two hours. Bernd caught a nap, too, while I was in a meeting and John was in a meeting when Jet woke up. So I went down, nursed Jet in the bedroom, and then we got him some milk. That woke Bernd up and at first Jet was kind of shy, but after Bernd got to chase him around for a little bit, he warmed up and they were soon playing with cars together. So I was able to go upstairs and work for a while and catch up for yesterday.

It was good to get things done, but mildly frustrating to not get as much done as I wanted to get done. It'll be an early morning tomorrow, anyway. So I should have a chance.

Bernd went back to his lady friend before dinner, and I went down to say bye for a bit. He and his friend will be in Boulder on Saturday, so we'll probably go out to dinner with them and they'll get to see what dinner is like with a two-year-old. Hee.

Dinner for tonight was frozen Ling Ling potstickers. I think I've resolved to eat things from the freezer for a while. It's just good to empty it out, and get through some of the older stuff. There's lots of food in there that isn't getting any better, and we might as well get through it. Jet really likes the tamales, so I should just go through some of those, too, as I have plenty of them. I wonder if tamales would be as good if I beat regular corn or canola oil into them instead of shortening or lard? It would be fun to make the sweet corn chile bean tamales that the Boulder Market sells. I really love those things.

Anyway, it as a quick, easy dinner. Jet got a couple of potstickers onto his plate, and he was intrigued and tried biting whole ones. But he was mildly disappointed by them as it was hard to get through them. I fed him a bite of one of mine and he liked it well enough, so I cut his up for him, and by the time I had to leave for swimming, John was able to feed him bites with chopsticks and he did really well with them.


Swimming was good. I used the last punch on my card, though, and Joan's been talking about going to Curve three times a week for a month, for $30. I would prefer to go to the Longmont Rec. Center, and she found out that Ray's discount doesn't work for her. Just like John's and my discount doesn't work for Jet. Dang. So she's got this other plan, and I don't really know what's going to happen to the deep water aerobics.

I'll find out when it's time. In the meantime I might just pay for the lessons one at a time, and go with John and Jet to the Rec. Center.

Joan did say that I probably should try Jet out at the acrobatics center for toddlers in Longmont. He has great balance, and he loves trying tough things. It would be cool to see if he'd like doing it. I bet he'd love to walk a balance beam and stuff like that.

It's good to be back. I enjoyed the exercise a lot. The tea, however, really is helping me relax and feel tired again, and John's having no problems putting Jet to sleep. Yay!

Time to get back to the old routine for a while, at least, until it's time to pack up for the cruise.

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