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February 28, 2003
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10:10 pm: A tiring day. Jet got up at 5, and I took care of him until after 6, when he feel asleep in my arms. I set him on the couch and he didn't move, so I went back to bed; but he got up a few minutes later. John took him then, and I slept until 8, after John took Jet to Joan's.

I'm to blame for part of it as I was reading Lone Wolf and Cub until late. It's addictive.

My unconscious mind was also working over a bunch of things. The information about another job that I really am attracted do, and the moral question of how to broach the subject with my boss. Finally, I just took the example given by Itto, the advise that John gave me last night, and I spoke of it with her, directly. There isn't a job opening, and there are things that I can do with the group that I'm in. I have some fundamental frustrations, though, and I was good and I actually communicated those to her, directly, rather than trying to make them indirect, hiding them and just eating the frustration.

So it is. It's not Lent, yet, but I decided I might as well do it. Just be brave and be moral and just say what needed to be said. I feel good about doing it, though I have probably caused her some worry. We'll see. My review was also today, and she really liked how I'd written the self-assessment so that she could mostly use it to base her recommendations off of them. I'll see how she does with the writing of the review.

The morning went pretty well. I got a lot done. I also managed to find and buy a back-up/replacement keyboard for myself. They'd been on sale last year, just before the whole line of Handspring Visor products had gotten discontinued. Now they're rare, so finding a keyboard for less than $100, including shipping, was pretty good. I love this lightweight setup so much that now that my old keyboard is starting to fail, I needed a replacement.

After getting Jet and putting him to sleep, I made whole wheat dinner roll dough and set it to rise. I also started a big pot of brown rice. A bit before 2, I formed them, let the oven heat up, and baked them. John started the casserole, and just as I got the rolls put together, Jet got up from his nap.

So I nursed him while John got started on the artichoke heart casseroles. When Jet got off of his own accord, I then gave him a big bowl of brown rice, poured some tonkatsu sauce on top and he dug right in. He loved the stuff, and shoved big spoonfuls of it into his mouth. I reheated my leftovers and ate with him, sharing the sauce with him. It was fun to eat with him. He sat on John's chair with a phone book and had at it.

When we were done. John was mostly done with layering. There were mushrooms to slice and saute, so I set Jet up with a Wiggles tape, and let that go. He was rapt with watching it, so I did the mushrooms while John mixed the sauce and finished everything else. I got the mushrooms cleaned, cut, cooked, and layered on top. We popped them into the oven, and let them go.

I went back upstairs and worked until we were going to leave. And we started out a bit later than we should have. Jet took a bit of persuading to get into his traveling gear, and we were off. Luckily, they weren't waiting for us, they just had a sign out to leave it on their covered porch. So we did. No problem with lateness. I was glad of that.

From there we headed over to the Twin Peaks Mall and let Jet run and jump and climb and slide. He had a blast, and ended up coming over to us and jump, jump, jumped all over the cushions on the seats around the play area. He bounced like crazy, and nearly fell off a couple of times, but I stayed with him and caught him when he did lose his balance, but let him do what he wanted to do. No other way he'll learn how to balance while doing that but by doing it.

When we left, Jet ran for the high chairs, and then gestured for a snack from one of the places around there. Hee. That's what Joan does every week. So we got him a churro, and he ate big bites of it between encouraging us to eat it, too. He's started that lately, asking us to eat a bit of whatever he's eating. Perhaps to prove that it's okay, perhaps because he just wants to share. I'm not sure which. It's kind of cool.

He was fascinated by the video game parlor, wanted to ride every coin operated toy, and loved riding the choo-choo. It was fifty cents a shot, which is extravagant, but I let him ride it twice. We even had to find the operator of the place to have him start the thing when I put new quarters into it. He came out and did it. Jet loved it.

When we walked through the mall, we saw a used video game store that had one of the dance mats for the Playstation for only $18. It's the cheap, plastic one, but to start it's okay enough. They didn't have the game, though, so we didn't buy anything. John and Jet played with the demo XBox. Jet was fascinated by it and wanted to hold a controller. We may bring the Playstation up, now. Even if he's just holding the dummy controller, he was fascinated by the games.

From there we headed home, and I just toasted the last of the Gardenburgers, and we ate them with the meatless casserole on top. It was good that way. eight of us really like Gardenburgers in and of themselves. The Morningstar burgers actually taste great, so we'll likely be getting more of those. It's good to go meatless every once in a while, and with the freezer emptying and Lent coming up it's a good excuse.

Jet wouldn't touch any of that, so I thawed and toasted some Foster Farms mini chicken corndogs for him. He started chanting, "Chicken! Chicken!" when he saw the bag. They do, indeed, look a lot like chicken nuggets, as they're bite sized. But after eating the coating off the ends, Jet peeled the rest of it off, and then ate all four of the little hot dogs. That's more meat protein than he's had in quite a while, and on top of the brown rice, a giant strawberry, and a smoothie, today, he's done pretty well for himself.

I'm glad. It's good that he's eating more things as this week is going to be the week that Mom and Dad arrive, and it'll be good to give them plenty of alternatives.

I read more Lone Wolf and Cub and dealt with Jet in the office while John worked some more and cleaned up the mountain of dishes that we'd made along with the gift dinner. Then John took him while I finished another two books. Now I'm halfway done, and I've read a good deal of the latter half of the series already. It won't go any faster, though. I want to get through the whole arc.

It's very impressive. I can see why some folks call it the best graphic novel in existence.

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