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February 27, 2003
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Packed Day

10:50 pm: Today was an extremely busy day. John took Jet off at 8, and I had my breakfast after they left. I worked for a bit, had a 9:30 meeting, worked a bit more, got Jet, got him to nap, and then worked a bit more. He woke up fifteen minutes before my 2 o' clock meeting, and I got him a smoothie before it started.

He loved drinking it, and asked for the whole thing. So he got a whole banana, some blueberries, a good blob of yogurt, and some cranberry juice. All in one shot. He drank the whole thing, too. I was pretty impressed.

He watched the Wiggles while I met and we solved problems and it was cool. Then we packed up for the Longmont Rec. Center, and since it was snowing outside, I put him in his boots and thick, winter coat. It was a good thing, too.

I had no problems driving there, but it was coming down so hard that by the time Jet managed to walk to the front door of the place we were both covered in white snow. Brrr... I signed us both in, and we both got soccer ball stamps on the backs of our hands. Jet held his hand up to mine to compare, and he smiled on seeing that they were the same. He happily went into the day care area, and I went, got changed, and started in on an exercise bike upstairs.

It was surprisingly crowded in the workout area. I guess it's the after-work crowd. But all the elliptical machines were being used. When I was ten minutes through the bike workout, one of the ellipticals opened up, so I took it on, and went another twenty minutes on it before going the round of weight machines. I upped the weights on all of them, and did just as many reps. It felt better to work harder at it.

I'm just a little sore from last night, but Joan was right, it's not really enough anymore. I need to do harder stuff, just to make sure I actually work hard at it. The deep water aerobics have really improved my swimming, but they're getting easy to do. Joan's switching to a local Curves, and I'm going to be doing this with John.

John showed up halfway through my bike setup, and he cheerfully ran a mile before doing his weight workout. I think we're both getting trimmer from doing all this, and it'll be good to have this as a regular routine once we're back from the cruise.

The elliptical machine had this gorgeous view to the West, but today the mountains were completely shrouded in a thick blanket of falling snow. Big, fat, fast flakes were filling the sky like a broken down pillow. I loved the view.

When we had our hour's workout, we went down and got Jet. He was happily building things with giant Legos, but the moment we said, "You want to swim?" He dropped what he was doing, waved bye-bye to the teenage girl who was taking care of him, and trotted for the door. He charged out of there, and went running down the hallway. He even turned toward the locker rooms, but headed for the men's locker room instead of the family cabanas.

Oops. I got him before he went through, and once redirected, he headed, happily, for the cabanas to get changed, and then we jumped in.

His love for the little slide is mostly burnt out, I think. After so many visits where it was the only thing he'd do, he doesn't do it so much anymore. Instead, he bounced around the whole play pool, exploring how to walk through it, and getting in and out to explore the current pool and the rest of the place. He really liked the fountains, and had a blast trying to cover one up. Hee.

It's a bit harder tracking him as he wanders about. John and I talked about a problem at work, that I may actually be very interested in tackling, as it's a much better fit for what I want to be and what I want to do than what I'm doing now, even, and far, far better than the coding job Jayashree keeps kind of returning to as my 'future'. I really have to face the fact that I really *want* it to be my past. That, alone, is a great thing that talking to this other guy has done, in and of itself.

We tracked Jet as we talked. Unlike the exercise areas, the pool was relatively empty. There weren't the crowds, which was very nice. I really liked that. I bet that in the summer the workout room has fewer people, too, as they can do all this outside, instead. I like being well away from the sunshine.

After an hour's swimming, both John and I took quick dips in the hot tub and then we all hit the showers. Sadly, kids under five aren't allowed in the hot tub. I think it's kind of silly, in that so long as you don't keep them there long, the heat can really be good for the long trek to the showers.

But Jet did fine. The cabanas were empty, and we loaded everything into the nearest one and it was easy. When we were done, we headed out, and I picked Jet up and carried him through inches of slick slush out in the parking lot. The snow had stopped. It was relatively warm, and so everything was actually melting! It wasn't just sublimating and going directly to air. I was amazed and gratified to smell the water in the air.

John slipped several times getting to the car. His Birkies are pretty worn smooth. So I was glad that I, with my heavy tread outdoor mocs, was carrying Jet. He didn't seem to have any desire to get down into the slush. I got him safe and dry into the Eurovan, and we took off for Sakura.

It's been a while since we've had Japanese food. I'd been craving Japanese rice and food for a while, since I'd started reading Lone Wolf and Cub. I asked for a roll with saba and green onions, an order of unagi, and a tonkatsu dinner. It was way too much food. John had a tempura dinner along with two orders of nigiri sushi. So he fared a bit better. Jet demolished a bowl of rice with teriyaki sauce. He just went at it with chopsticks and as soon as they gave him a spoon, he dug in and ATE. Hungry boy. He ate a good two-thirds of the bowl of rice.

He wouldn't touch any of our food, though he nibbled a slice of my tonkatsu. He also ate three chocolate kisses from our bill and drank a bunch of pop from my glass. He also got milk for himself, and drank the whole glass by the time the evening was done. I was very glad of that as it probably means he won't be hungry tonight.

We then took him to Safeway, and he just hung in the seat without saying a thing, fighting to get free, or anything. He just watched everything and looked exhausted. But he stayed awake while we shopped, and John got him into a disposable diaper as we were about to leave.

Most of what we got were things that we needed to put together dinner for the family that had lost their son and some guests they had. We wanted to get it all together.

Jet fell deep asleep on the way home. I drove carefully through thick slush. The roads were nigh on deserted, but the night was warm and nothing was freezing back up. I was glad of that. So we got home. John went to sleep after I put Jet to bed, and I was mildly foolish and stayed up, reading Lone Wolf and Cub.

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