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January 25, 2000
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Hot Wings

Work work work.

I did take a lunch break and ate instant mashed potatoes with chives and cheddar and was content. But work is pounding a bit. Something I was close to touching broke big time and only after talking it over with a number of other engineers did it become completely clear that it wasn't in my code. There are other bugaboo's hiding in my code, but not something that actually breaks other folks stuff, so that's good to know.

Nice thing is that the boss let John and I have Monday as comp time, I guess he's seen how long we've been at work, and it's really good way to get acknowledged that way. I have to say that I hate how deadlines get to me, but I'm also glad that I work them, still I also feel, sometimes, like I *have* to deprive myself of some things. Which isn't a way to make myself happy.

Geoff and I are doing pretty well, talking-wise when we can. That's good, though a bit stiff today as I have my deadline and I'm very aware that he has deadlines too, and it's very tempting to just spend time with him rather than doing what I need to do. So tearing myself away made me unhappy but also like work was a dutiful thing rather than tackling work the way I should be.

Anyway. I didn't get very far, either. Life.

Jason and I have been talking, for a few days before my trip and today for a bit, about chicken wings. His parents used to own a pub and they used to do it the old-fashioned way, i.e. marinate 'em in hot sauce overnight and then deep fry 'em and then bake 'em with more hot sauce slathered on. He does a less high-fat method, which includes a dry rub, hot sauce and just baking, no breading or frying. So I decided to try that out as I'd gotten a couple of spice rubs from Penzeys, one a southwestern one with smoky chipotle and the other a spicy rib rub from the mid-West.

So I went to the grocery store on the way home. This morning, John went to work really early and I just couldn't get up, so he drove himself and let me drive myself, so on the way home, he's home first to get some of the exercise biking in while I went shopping. We have no milk and I really wanted chicken wings. As I'm wandering through the store Ray is there with his cart full of things as it's supposed to snow tonight and he wants to get the shopping out of the way so he doesn't have to do it in the cold. I thought that wise, but we have so much food at home I didn't really have any call to get more stuff. So I bought like a pound and a half of wings for a buck, and eyed leg quarters for fifty-nine cents. That's a really, really good price, but if I were into bulk poultry I really should be eating the roast turkey from the freezer. I also bought more tobasco and then took the whole mess home.

John was mostly finished with his bike riding, but still needed to shower, so I had plenty of time to prep the wings, cutting 'em apart, tossing the tips, then rubbing them all over with the spice rubs. One hand for the shaker, the other for the joint, and then I set them all in the baking pan and slathered them with John's hot sauce and some tobassco all cut with cider vinegar. I think I cut it a little too far, I'll have to watch it a little; but the rib rub turned out to even be spicier than the chipotle rub, which surprised me. Then again I might have been more hesitant applying the chipotle rub. I'll have to experiment a bit more next time; but the wings baked on one side, then I turned 'em over and brushed more hot sauce on and baked 'em on the other side until the skin was crisp and the air reeked with hot vinegar scent.

We had salad, veggies, and mashed potatoes with the wings, so it was a complete meal, unlike some of our previous experiments. It was also a very good one as it was hotter than any of the marinaded wings. I'll have to try this again with John's hot sauce less watered down.

After dinner we went through all the Montauk stocks and did some profit balancing with Yahoo! I don't think Yahoo! is going to maintain its current valuation very well, even with the split coming up, so it seemed wise to take at least part of it out in profit taking and put it elsewhere, balance the portfolio a little. By the time John and I were through with the sells and had planned our buys it was late enough to get to sleep.

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