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January 14, 2001
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Putzy Sunday

Maybe the party took more out of me than I thought. I didn't get up until 10:30 and then it was 'cause I was, as usual, hungry. At least, this time I had the energy to make John and I banana-pecan pancakes and bacon, and we tucked in happily while listening to NPR and Car Talk. I like those guys.

Then it was football, only two games today, on the way to the Super Bowl. Sadly the first game was a 41-0 blowout. Uck. So even halfway through, I got distracted and read a lot of my new ebook as well as various other books lying around the house. John managed to focus a little and we actually went through the booklet that had the whole birth plan to lay out. So we went through all the questions, the stages, and the things we expected. There was a whole page of questions about what unexpected things to think about and that was very useful, as much to figure out everything we both agreed on.

It was really funny reading the question of, "What if the coach doesn't agree with the mother on what drugs to take?" Both of us just laughed, as it's very clear to both of us that I'll do the deciding as I know how much pain I'm in and we both knew that I knew just as much as John did about the side-effects, benefits, and possible problems. The whole thing will likely be a see-as-we-go kind of thing and while I do want someone to tell me when active labor is probably about over and transition is about to happen it won't, necessarily, be to take something then.

We'll see.

There's some part of me that says if women have been giving birth without benefit of drugs for most of the existence of human kind, I'll likely be able to; but I also understand that I don't have to and it'll be interesting to see how it all goes.

John then left me to my own devices again. I went down into the basement and rode the exercise bike for thirty minutes. It felt pretty good to do, though my right knee ached a bit after and my hips and pelvis felt a bit funny. Maybe it's just all that extra weight on my pelvis while I'm seated on the bike. I might have to watch that. I didn't go so hard that I was sweaty, but I did go hard enough to feel worked out a little.

Afterwards I got out the Jade Puchong I bought last weekend and my greener oolong Yixing pot and I brewed a pot and dumped the caffeine after smelling the almost clear liquid. The second pot got just the thirty second steep and was nearly as clear, but the taste!! That surprised me. It had a really strong, sharp, clean taste. Like a green tea without the sweetness or an oolong without any smokiness. Oddly clean and clearer than anything else I've ever had. That was the first steep. It mellowed a bit with further steeps, more like normal oolongs but with that mix of green freshness all through it.

Very nice.

I also ate the last of the ribs while John ate the last of the pizza for lunch. Yum. Of course, since I hadn't eaten a grapefruit from breakfast, I had one for dessert for lunch.

The second football game was a bit better. I curled up with John on the couch for part of it and fell asleep, snoring pretty loudly from what he said and from what my throat felt like after. I just slept for the latter part of the first half and got to watch the rest and it wasn't quite as sad as the other game. Still, it was a pretty overwhelming win by the Ravens. Their defense is really impressive. I really like that they rarely miss a tackle in a league where missed tackles seem to be more the norm than the rarity.

I enjoyed reading bits of my ebook while I watched TV, too. It does a really good job of holding my place, and I really like that.

John got to talk with his dad and mom during the afternoon. They talked a lot about the recovery of the kids and that it's been hard, but they're making really great progress given the amount of hate indoctrination their mother's fed them about their dad. It didn't help having the FBI crash into their house to arrest their mom right in front of them. While still traumatized by all that, they'd been hiding under a desk and the counselor that Dave had hired to talk with them was trying to just get connected to them. He was showing them pictures of a new cousin of theirs, adopted from Russia by the girlfriend of one of John's brothers and telling them that they now had a new cousin. He asked them what they thought of Granny and Grandpa's family and our niece had said, "Well, they didn't treat us very nice... well... other than the new cousin and Fezzik."

I just started crying.

Even with all that other stuff going on, they remembered Fezzik. Even after all the things their mom had made them repeat and believe, they remembered Fezzik as being loving. Fezzik was a connection back for them.

The kids have gotten a long way since then. The counselor specializes and has a lot of experience with the kinds of hate indoctrination most kidnapping parents use to control the kids they've kidnapped. So he just got them to think about what they'd been taught and what they'd actually seen and experienced. The kids are now interacting favorably with their dad, talking with him a lot, figuring things out, really enjoying a lot of their time with their grandparents. They even hugged Granny and Grandpa when it came time for them to leave, so a lot of the indoctrination has been broken in good ways. There's a lot more to go, but it's been a good start.

But I cried a lot from missing Fezzik. It's going to be really hard to have a puppy while I have the baby to take care of, as it's two babies at the same time. And, honestly, no other dog will quite take Fezzik's place. It'll be its own creature. So probably best to wait until I really can make the time and attention for a puppy. Still, it's like the house is missing something all the time. Feeling this way, I'm really glad that Cera got a kitten very soon after losing one.

I made tonkatsudon for dinner again. Kathy teaching me that dish was a real good thing. It's comfort food. Japanese chicken-fried pork with gravy and rice instead of potatoes. A bit less rich, but still filling and satisfying. I needed the comfort. I was pretty grumpy and sad and depressed before cooking, but after eating it was less bad. Some of it, though, is that everything aches, and the bad thing is that some of that ache and pain comes from my whole digestive system being the way it is. It's actually fiendishly efficient at extracting every bit of nutrition from everything I eat, but that has meant gas, mild constipation, and some heartburn if I eat too late at night. I'm going to be so glad when I have my digestive system back. I'm worried about my hands, but I just don't see that there's really anything I can do about them, either. Just hope they come back, afterwards.

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