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January 26, 2001
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Not Yet

I am tired. Bah.

The missing sleep from last night was bothering me a bunch all day and at work I can't nap. I am so looking forward to just sleeping in tomorrow, if it's at all possible. John wasn't nearly as loggy. He actually sounds pretty chipper today and is doing well. I went to his closet this morning and borrowed his alligator shirt. It's a shirt his brother gave him from New Orleans that's got alligators all over it, and since it's an extra-large it fits me perfectly as maternity wear. I actually look pretty nice in it with the green leggins! Amazing.

Breakfast was really good. The grapefruit and the coffee cake were yummy. I just felt mild nauseous from the lack of sleep and the food on the way to work, but everything eventually settled down. No more contractions, but I was very, very aware of just how close I am to delivering.

I, quite literally, have one thing I have to do for work before I go. Problem is that the definition of what it actually is is waiting on a meeting for this afternoon. So I wait.

Lunch was at China Gourmet and we had Bob, Chad, John, Andy and I. Andy just joined in October and it was good to talk with him as he was the developer of a piece of software the Synario stuff has used for years and years. He'd always impressed me and he seemed pretty happy here at Xilinx, too. So it looks like he's having fun getting back into big company development, and he's now heading a group with a bunch of people to do stuff with. It sounds like he'll have a good time with that.

Bob had, during Mei's family reunion, brought 28 Chinese people to China Gourmet and they'd done the big banquet thing. He'd discovered several dishes on the Chinese menu that were only written in Chinese, and they were actually quite good. One was a very fancy fried rice dish with lots of stuff in it, so we ordered that, one of the specials was a crispy sweet and sour fish so we got that as well. Crispy duck and hot pot veggies filled things out and we ate happily.

My review went well. We came up with a very workable setup and now I get to do it. I'm likely bringing my machine home this weekend to see if I can't get it done before Monday, as I have a feeling I'm popping sooner than I like. Then I can just kind of glide through the rest of the work things that are pending and desirable, but not quite as necessary...

So this is just a short update to tell people that I'm well, I haven't popped quite yet, but the Fish is wiggly and things may come.

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