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January 31, 2001
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Home Asleep

I did better today.

When John saw me get up and we had breakfast he asked, "Are you going into work today?" I got grumpy and said, "Don't ask me that, you should say, 'You look awful, stay home.' When you ask, I wonder if I really shouldn't be going in." John took it in stride and said, "Okay, you're staying at home today."

I felt awful. I stayed home today. I slept. Lots. When I wasn't sleeping I was in bed with my Visor reading Dave Weber's The Apocolypse Troll and I loved it. He's really good. I really liked how the book progressed and the way he made consequences for the choices of all the characters. The first three chapters were really, really intense, and I loved it.

I did get up for lunch. Soup and crackers and cheese, some protein, plenty of liquids when I added eating a grapefruit and drank plenty of OJ. Then back to bed again.

John called at 5, and I said I'd be asleep when he came home, and I was and he did. He got to ride his exercise bike and when he showered, I showered too and felt better for it. He pulled together dinner from the last of the first pan of lasagna, and it was good. I felt much better for the full day's sleep, plus sleeping from 7:30 last night on. Still not well, but much better.

So I stretched myself a little and made brownies. From scratch. With mac nuts and Callabaut chocolate and Velhrona cocoa. It was fun and smelled wonderful really quickly and then we ate 'em while they were still gooey and hot and perfect from the oven. Happiness is so simple to find for me.

John was a sweetie again and just went upstairs to sleep and said that tomorrow will be what it will be. No planning what I was going to do, but he needed to be up at 7:30 to get to a meeting. So I set my alarm for 7:30, and we'll see.

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