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January 10, 2002
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Craving Chinese Food

8:37 pm: We woke up to a world blanketed in four inches of pure white snow. It made the whole world soft and fluffy and gorgeous. It had snowed during the night and changed everything.

Jet had also had a very interesting night. He actually slept all night, again! So it's three nights in a row that he's actually slept through the night without getting us up once. I was pretty amazed. There seems to be absolutely no correlations with anything we've done. It's like Jet just learned how to sleep al night and just decided to do so. No amount of Tylenol, anti-gas stuff, feedings, or anything else made the difference. Jet just slept all night for no other reason than he could, I guess.

Since it was the third night in a row that he did that, I wasn't totally uncomfortable with milk when he did get up. It helped, also, that since he did go to sleep late last night and ate off me just before going to sleep that it wasn't quite as long as it would have been if he'd gone to sleep at 9.

So I got up when he did, fed him, was far more comfortable and I went back to sleep while John played with Jet and fed him breakfast. I got up eventually and had breakfast, and John took Jet off to Joan's while I tried to finish off straightening the house before working. The maids were going to arrive sometime today, so I thought I'd do as much as I could. It was a good thing, too, because the maids arrived just as I left to get Jet.

Jet was asleep at Joan's, and she'd wrapped him up nicely and strapped him into his seat, so I could just load him up and take him home. He was deeply asleep when I got home, and since I wanted to make sure the maids didn't wake him up, I took Jet into the basement and put him there. I then ran and got the monitor and put it next to him and took the remote with me up to work some more.

I was really swamped with stuff, and it wasn't getting any better. I was also sore from last night, and tired and I kind of wonder if with the lack of breastfeeding at night if my usual hormones are finally getting back up to a level where they're going to effect my moods again. It's going to be very interesting. When Jet woke up at noon instead of the 1 I was expecting, I was kind of disappointed, and he wasn't going back to sleep. So, instead, I changed him, played with him a little, and fed him solids before I had my own lunch.

I reheated some of the potato and leek soup from last night, and toasted a cheese sandwich. Jet kept looking at my sandwich, so I gave him a piece of it. He carefully pulled it apart and ate the pieces he pulled off it. So I gave him another. He ended up eating about an eighth of my sandwich and two half jars of baby food. So he had quite a good lunch. Afterwards, I took him upstairs and let him play upstairs while I tried to work.

I did okay, but it was hard to concentrate because Jet kept wanting to play with me. Eventually he started to concentrate on his toys or on the things that were around up there. He was very fascinated by his humidifier, and he kept poking at the face of it, trying to get it to go on. He also liked pressing his face against the railing. He took his bath toys out of his bathroom and dropped the rubber duck down into the kitchen by accident and he pressed his face against the railing to see what had happened to it.

Jet still doesn't seem to be afraid of heights. The books said that he'd get that when he was six months old or more, but he still doesn't seem to have any sense of self-preservation where heights are concerned.

I played with him, too. We were on the floor, crawling around each other for a while. I played with toys and he'd come and steal them to play with. We crawled around the upstairs and we did races down the hallway. It was a lot of fun. I decided to just take the time for him and work whenever he did get tired.

Of course when he did really get tired, John came home and he woke up to play with Dad. John was great and took Jet into the basement with him as he rode the exercise bike. So I finally got some time to really think again. Then I took Jet and nursed him while John showered and Jet fell asleep while eating. We wanted to go out to eat, so we tucked him in the car seat. Jet woke up and stayed awake while we went out.

In Fredrick, on the way to the pool, I'd seen a Chinese restaurant, and we wanted to try that. Sadly, for some reason, it was closed today. So we had to go back to Erie and eat at Lui's. Our hearts were so set on Chinese food that we couldn't just eat at the diner that was on the way. Lui's was okay. They weren't that busy, so Lui had the time to really do things well, and I didn't have any complaints about the chow fun or the kung pao chicken. He also had the time to come out and talk with us and play with Jet.

Jet was kind of scared at first, perhaps because of the hat, or perhaps just because Jet was really tired. We couldn't tell, but when Lui came over with two trucks that could be ridden or pushed, Jet got really happy and tried to push them around or sit on them and play with all the buttons on the control panel. Joan has one of those trucks as well, and I think Jet was really excited to be able to play with something he only sees at Joan's. He even danced alongside it, trying to lift on leg, trying to get on it without help. He couldn't quite to the balancing trick on one leg, though, so he ended up pushing the truck sideways until they ran into a chair. Finally, I put him on it, and he banged all the buttons and leaned on the steering wheel. Happy boy.

He was pretty tired when he got home, and John had fun chasing him around the house while Jet wore nothing but his diaper. Got Jet all wound up and then tired out as well. Jet was wound up enough that when he finally settled to nurse, he bit me. I yelped, Jet let off, and then just wiggled intensely for five minutes before finally relaxing and dropping off. I'm going to have to remember to not nurse him until he's a little calmed down again. Or maybe it's time to start thinking about weaning him so that by Dundracon we might actually have that down. There would be no way I'd be able to go to a gaming convention with a breast pump and actually expect to *use* it all day.

So he's asleep. With the lack of naps during the day of yesterday and today, maybe that's half the trick of him sleeping long at night. We'll have to see. I somehow hate giving up my two hours in the afternoon, but for a whole night's sleep, it might well be worth it.

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