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January 16, 2002
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Another Good Workout

10:25 pm: Right at the moment I'm pretty tired but happy. I ache a bit, but I'm clean and I'm in my sleep sack that John gave me for Christmas and I'm comfy and pleasantly achy from the water exercises. I ate some soup and crackers before swimming and then had a bit of mu shu chicken after, which was yummy.

Swimming with Joan was fun. We got to talk and to laugh and the workout was pretty solid for forty five minutes, and I'm feeling it. As usual, I think I'm actually going to gain weight from the exercise, but probably lose a few inches around the waist, which would be very welcome. I can feel my muscles responding again, and my lungs waking up and my blood's flowing again and going, oh, yeah, this is what it's like, again!

I miss the shape I was in when I was playing soccer. Between the knee, the pregnancy, and the move, I have slipped far, but it's still a long way down back to the place where I began. When we went cross-country skiing I wasn't feeling too bad. I think I'd feel a bit better now. Just having *something* on a regular basis is probably going to do me some good.

John's gotten the exercise bike into his daily routine, now, which is very keen. What's better yet is that he's combined watching Jet with biking, as he's made the downstairs area into a sort of safe play area for Jet, and the two of them go down there when John gets home. Jet has a blast exploring the 'new' place, and John can watch him and talk with him and interact with him while he's riding. So they have a good time and John gets exercise and I get some time to work.

Work was okay this morning. Bill was in a Mood, but we got through the staff meeting okay. My 1:1 was filled with half a dozen things that all needed to be done yesterday, but we figured out how I could at least get a few things done tomorrow. There's a big deadline at the end of the week, but that should work out okay. There are two major projects that I have only 5% to do to finish them, and I wanted to get them done before I leave for San Diego next Wednesday.

That'll be an interesting push. One of the things is going to involve spreading about 25 sheets of paper out so that I can do some quick checks on differences between a very large number of files with strange section formats. It'll probably take me less time to just spread them out on the floor and eyeball them the one time than for me to write an algorithm to do it. I am hoping that I don't have to ever do it again after I get the one set of data I need from all this. Of course, next year, I'm going to regret that I didn't just write it in Perl.

Lunch was at KT's and it was just relaxing to talk with Bob, Cary and John. Bob's going to setup the seafood restaurant lunch this Sunday. He said lunch was a better time to go, and I finished, "Because the prices are probably better...?" and he laughed and said, "Mei said not to *say* that! She doesn't want me to emphasize that!" But a good deal is a good deal. I told Bob about the scallop lunch that John and I had split, with plenty of food for the two of us. A deal is a deal.

I really liked having that handed down from my parents. Saving money is just fun, and I really get into it and really enjoy a good bargain, especially when it's also a good value. Besides, the only way to get rich, really, is to be knowledgeable about how to save money, even the small things add up. When we go grocery shopping, I love checking the percentage of savings we got, and I like to get better than 15%, and I get really happy when we hit 25% or over. When we spend a $100 a week on groceries, that's $25, which is good enough for pizza one night or a breakfast out. Over the course of a year, it averages out to $20*52 weeks = $1000 dollars, which is nothing to sneeze at. Given our part time jobs, it's been even more rewarding.

I guess that's one of the reasons why I like the Fredrick Rec. Center, too, it's a pretty good deal.

Jet was great today. He was up at 5, but I got him back to sleep at 6, and then he was up at 6:30. John had slept from 9:30 on, so he got up with Jet, and they had a good time this morning. Jet had had a hard time really settling in for the night, was up a few times until 11, but then he slept right through 'til 5. It was a nice chunk of sleep.

Jet played hard at Joan's, so when I got him at 1, he was just asleep, and he stayed that way until nearly 2. I was able to change him before my 2 'o' clock meeting started, and he nursed quietly while I listened to the meeting. After that, he was very happy and played upstairs with everything in the office and then in the hallway while I worked. I was doing stuff that had big delays between each step, so we got some play time in together as well. That was cool.

I really like setting audible tones for when a step's done, so I can just play while the machine is working. I also get to think through the next steps while watching Jet, and it's good time for just thinking through consequences. That was useful as I caught a couple of problems before I actually got to them. That made things easier further downstream. Yay for thinking!

My teeth are much happier today. The bottom teeth don't ache the way they used to. The top are doing just fine. I am going to try and sleep without Motrin tonight, for the first time in a long time. Between the night guard, my having swum, and feeling pretty good about Jet, I think it'll be a peaceful night for me. I'll hope, at least.

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